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Whereas in October 2008, the Niagara Health System Medical Staff Association passed a non-confidence vote in the NHS leadership by a vote of 136 to 76 this past October;

Whereas in the quoted words of NHS board chair Betty-Lou Souter said the association's tabling of the motions "is disturbing and a cause for concern.

Whereas the Niagara Health System has continued to viciously attack Niagara residents right to healthcare and access to such by continually making access harder, and more expensive without providing alternatives or solutions;

Whereas previously the non amalgamated health system was in the green, since the inception of the NHS it has been in the red;

Whereas according to the ONA (Ontario Nurses Association) website, because of this censure, the ONA urges prospective nurses to refuse employment in the NHS hospitals, therefore strongly showing no confidence;

Whereas The NHS had previously described the new healthcare complex as a local hospital for the communities of St. Catharines, Thorold and Niagara-on-the-Lake. However, with its original regional services, and the proposed changes outlined in the HIP, the new health care complex is clearly a regional site, serving all residents of Niagara;

Whereas McDonalds restaurants of Niagara Falls are now collecting donations 10 cents from each cup of coffee for the new NIAGARA REGIONAL HOSPITAL ;

Whereas recently the NHS has had to seek legal council on other non legal happenings including but not limited to the extensive overture of position of one Dr William Shragge whom was in contravention of previous board policies to only sit as COS for 3 years with a 1 year break;

Whereas Sevenpifer herself said the NHS faces a $17.8-million deficit on a budget of $370 million as it closes out its current fiscal year March 31. The health system has already identified it must cut costs in the coming fiscal year by $11.4 million;

Whereas to do so she suggests the following alternatives: permanent elimination of 30 jobs currently not filled and by eliminating 55 to 60 other positions, 30 bed closures immediately, 82 beds to be closed over the next four years, Revenue generation includes standard parking fees for staff and visitors at all hospital sites expected to generate $500,000 annually. Staff parking this month will increase from $12 a day to $16, climbing to $18 by October, Implement paid parking at Port Colborne General and Fort Erie General up to 10 dollars per day or 5 dollars every 12 hours and implementing the HIP plan which will cause the rural and outlaying communities of Port Colborne, Welland, Fort Erie, Niagara Falls, Wainfleet, Niagara on the Lake , Beamsville, Grimsby and West Lincoln to lose their maternity and paediatric units, and to be combined into a St Catharines Centre of Excellence Regional Hospital, and closing the rural Emergency Rooms of Port Colborne and Fort Erie, putting the lives and well being of patients in those communities at risk.

Therefore, the undersigned petitioners firmly call for the resignation of Niagara Health System CEO Debbie Sevenpifer IMMEDIATELY, as this region has spoken in non confidence in her leadership of the healthcare system that is supposed to support us and be accessible to us. All of the above mentioned infractions have been instrumented by CEO Debbie Sevenpifer with blessings from her board of directors. This being said:

We the undersigned, IMMEDIATELY AND FIRMLY call for the IMMEDIATE resignation of Niagara Health System CEO Debbie Sevenpifer, the ONA, the Niagara Health System Medical Staff Association, and now the general public have no confidence in her abilities to lead us into the future as shown by her actions in the past.

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