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To Barack H Obama, our federal government, BP oil. I am submitting this petition to you all in hopes of making you aware of just how many people would like to see the oil spill handled differently. What I mean by this is less federal intervention (red tape), less bureaucracy, and more response by our country.

What do I mean by less? Federal regulations state that anyone working on clean up of oil will work 10-30 minute shifts in a hour. (

So, in an 8 hr day we can expect one person to work 3-4 hours, what does this accomplish? Just recently the people of Louisiana were building sand berms to prevent the oil from entering into fragile marshlands and they were stopped by the Army corps of engineers (

A couple weeks back, ships in the Gulf that were sucking up crude oil were stopped by the coast guard. ( The reason being was that the coast guard needed to check these oil sucking barges to see if they had the proper amount of life preservers and fire extinguishers...!!?? So, while thousands of barrels of crude pour into one of the most fragile ecosystems on this earth, our federal govt. is worried about life preservers and fire extinguishers. Fast forward 5 years from now, the Gulf is a total dead zone, along with parts of the Atlantic due to the Gulf stream that carried the crude out through the Keys of Florida. Looking back, should we have worried about such trivial non tape if you will.
Please take a moment to listen to what this resident of Louisiana has to say about BP and the clean up efforts.(

BP seems to be the company that wants to try one solution for a fix, wait to see if it works, and when it doesn't, it's back to the drawing board. We wait a few days, then they come up with a new solution to cap the well, they try it, and the cycle continues. My question is, how does a billion dollar enterprise not have 10 back up plans after the 1st on fails? BP has received 80,000 submissions from outsiders on how to cap the well, how many have they tried, 4 or 5? It's painfully obvious that they don't want to cap that well, and rumors are, if they were to cap the well, the extreme pressure of what they hit would cause even worse damage. The drilling that BP did was experimental, of what I understand, and the pressure being released is somewhere along the lines of 60,00 to 100,000 psi. (
I think some greed along with incompetence lead to this disaster.

Now, to our commander and chief, Barack Hussein Obama. Since this disaster occurred, you have said and done very little, besides some golfing and dinner parties. You are the president of the United States of America, the most innovative and greatest country in the world, yet over 2 months into this mess, little has been done to correct it. I work 60 plus hours a week to just get by, the least you can do is forgo your extracurricular activities for the time being. This country, above all, the people of Louisiana and Florida, are looking to a leader, a bright shining star, to step up to the plate and coordinate a solid plan to stop the leak and clean up this mess. When I hear that you are playing a round of golf or enjoying your free time, I am just sickened. I know, if I were in charge, I would not rest until I contained this disaster, which you have not. All your lip service and strong words apparently havent corrected this situation. Get off your ASS up be a leader, not a lackey of BP.

I will not go into too many details about what I am about to disclose, but 2 facts

-Goldman Sachs sold $250 million in stock in BP before the disaster. ( BP chairman Tony Hayward sold a huge amount of shares before the disaster.(
What does it take to wake up this great nation? Isn't it obvious that BP knew this disaster was coming and these elitist scum got out of the BP market before this disaster happened........isnt inside trading a crime?

As I write this (6/24/10), this oil spill has been going on for over 2 months, feel free to click this link to see the oil pouring out. The average person will watch for 2 minutes, in that time, hundreds of gallons of poisonous crude oil will pour out into one of the most pristine waters on this earth (

The main stream media hasn't really covered the stories that are in this petition, they are good at keeping the public ignorant to what is really going on with the clean up efforts. I am sending out this petition in hopes of making people aware of what is really going on in the Gulf region My hopes are that the people that read this will be just as enraged as I am in what seems to be a lack of true action. This horrible disaster that is occurring will have everlasting affects on us all. Just because it is out of sight, this is something that should be on the minds of all of us. I know the day to day duties of life may distract us, but pressing our federal government and BP to let individual states(Florida, Louisiana, Texas) let them do what they may in their clean up efforts is key to controlling this mess. Red tape, federal regulations, etc. will doom us. PLEASE PLEASE sign this petition and send it to everyone, my hopes are that this piece can go viral and we can send a message to our government, BP and President Obama that this disaster needs to be corrected, and clean up efforts by the states need to be left unhampered. Some of the most beautiful moments of my life have been when I was ankle deep in the water of the Gulf of Mexico, enjoying a beautiful sunset, enjoying mother nature at her finest, my hopes are that this will continue for future generations. Sign this petition, let's make our voices heard.

Tony Cimbalo
[email protected]

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