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I am creating this petition not only for myself but for millions of people out there who actually adore you, mothers, daughters, sons, old and young who look up to you each and every day and believe it or not who respect you as an artist regardless of what the media has to say.
We are the ones who buy tickets to all your shows, buy more than one copy of youre albums when they are released. And buy every copy left in the store of a magazine that you currently grace the cover of. We are the true Britney fans who eagerly await for that new single to be released and scrounge for all the details of your upcoming video. We are the ones that defend you when the going gets rough and the ones to frown when we see you sad.
It seems as though lately your life has changed, new people are in the picture, and life seems to be just dandy for you. Us fans were actually very happy for you and we even graced the message boards in the fan club with tons of congratulation messages as well.
Why you may ask? Because we care about you and love to see you happy.
Unfortunately the message boards have been blasted by some negative energy lately, not only at your club but around the internet, and world as well. We all are dying to see ms. Britney up close and personal and we were eagerly waiting for you to make an appearance at the VMAs , so we would be able to watch you support yourself as an artist , and give out support as well. We were all glued to the tv to root for your video to win a VMA that was very much deserved. Unfortunately to our demise we realized that you were a no show. Which made us as fans disappointed in you because it was a big year for you. You were one of the ones who led the VMAs with 5 nominations how exciting is that? We were a little disappointed
Seeing as I myself live in Boston, I was also very excited to be going to see you at the ceremony for the Onyx hotel grand opening only to realize you were a no show . I was so sad, and so were a lot of other people who waited for an appearance by you. With all the promotion for the Onyx hotel I thought for sure you would be there to support that too.
Today I came home from work to see in the paper that you didnt show for the kids at the camp this weekend. Another no show, I thought this cant be right britney would always be there for the kids always, unfortunately I thought wrong , it looked like mommy came running to the rescue again. The kids at the camp were very disappointed, I know they had worked so hard to try to get all the steps down so they could just show you how proud they were.besides people like us fans do donate a lot of money together so we could see those kids happy , so all of us are a little concerned..
Its not that you have to prove yourself to us 24/7,and we dont hate you for falling in love, but we do think that we deserve a little more from you lately, we think that you should just show a little more appreciation, gratitude , and respect. I thought that the no show at the camp was just so totally not britney and I thought it was really disrespectful. Coming from not just me but everyone who cares about you, we just want you to maybe pop in the fan club and say hi once in a while, instead of having lynnes corner it should be britneys corner, let us fans know whats going on, show some appreciation, and just let us know that you care sometimes thats all we ask. Cause lately for the first time , we are questioning if you care at all. So im writing this petition to you britney,not to be mean , or rude in anyway, but just to let you know that all of us would appreciate a little kindness and possibly even an apology for just being blinded lately.

Kelly A/ The Official Britney Spears fan club/ And all Britney fans around the globe.

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