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To: Teflon, Callaway and other Admin of Playpark Forums/AsiaSoft Forums

For many years, in PPF, the forums are all together. That include Backyard, Audition, MapleStory, GetAmpered, Cabal and many others. However, in 1 December 2008, the forums were separated and things were never the same again.

With the change, forum members either move to PlayPark Forums or continue to stay in AsiaSoft Forums. Due to different forum configuration, settings, rules, etc, forumites who like PlayPark Forums will move there while those who do not like will stay in AsiaSoft Forums or quit the forums.

Due to this, Certain forum sections like MapleSEA and GetAmperedSEA were flooded with off-topic threads due to displacement of forumites and unwillingness to move to the new forum in PPF. This results in unhappiness among players and the displaced forumites because of the off-topic and constant thread closing issue.

As a forumite, I'm disappointed that the Forum admins are not trying to solve this situation. Forum moderators were trying very hard to move forumites over, but to no avail.

The temperory backyard (for 1 day) in AsiaSoft Forum some time back ( shows that forumites prefer to use AsiaSoft Forums that PlayPark Forums, because some forumites requested for it to be permanent.

I will appreciate it if there's a backyard in AsiaSoft Forums because this will be able to reduce the off-topic threads in the Game Forums.

I hope that the forum admin will consider this carefully. Thank You

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Latest Signatures

  • 14 November 201550. Candys H
    yoyo wassup y'all! PPF/ASF Forum Nickname anonymous91
  • 28 August 201549. Xshira
    backyard. must. revive. )D PPF/ASF Forum Nickname xShirayuki
  • 09 August 201548. Mudkip Dunn
    iie hurd chiu riek me PPF/ASF Forum Nickname Mudkip.
  • 20 July 201547. Kristie Mahoney
    I believe TS mean create another backyard in ASF. Since he mentioned about temp BY.. PPF/ASF Forum Nickname iamnot123
  • 01 July 201546. Paula Mckee
    I support this petition
  • 11 June 201545. Chen Hubbard
    bring it back PPF/ASF Forum Nickname snowguy2068
  • 11 April 201544. Viola Morrow
    well,good idea! PPF/ASF Forum Nickname gamingliker
  • 22 January 201543. Madeline Grant
    I support this petition
  • 21 November 201442. Blanche Vang
    Must have BY in ASF. (woo) PPF/ASF Forum Nickname ScreamerZ
  • 17 July 201441. Shalalala Delgado
    GOGO POWA LANGER PPF/ASF Forum Nickname ShamanofSexy
  • 28 June 201440. Quinn D
    I would want to bring Backyard back to Asiasoft Forums. PPF/ASF Forum Nickname Clazziquai, Quinn_Delacroix
  • 04 April 201439. Brian C
    I support this petition
  • 24 March 201438. Maplex Jimenez
    I support this petition
  • 27 February 201437. Deadlyflares Harding
    Hmm.. Why not create another section just like backyard in ASF? It'll be better, i guess. PPF/ASF Forum Nickname DeadlyFlares
  • 16 February 201436. Lul Fischer
    lul PPF/ASF Forum Nickname lulmaolul
  • 31 January 201435. Teflon Adkins
    I will move it back to ASF in September. =) PPF/ASF Forum Nickname Teflon
  • 25 December 201334. Doggeh Cochran
    backyard ish fun. PPF/ASF Forum Nickname doggeh
  • 26 November 201333. Alfonso Lav
    Lol I dunno PPF/ASF Forum Nickname Dun wan 2 say
  • 25 October 201332. Xdynastyhoro Hull
    I SARPORK ! PPF/ASF Forum Nickname Gold
  • 07 October 201331. Swan Tate
    Divine bird is a swan! PPF/ASF Forum Nickname Cypheray
  • 03 September 201330. Ethan Cannon
    good luck PPF/ASF Forum Nickname noobelement
  • 30 July 201329. C Medina
    +1 PPF/ASF Forum Nickname c732n7
  • 30 May 201328. Pikachu Andersen
    i love the back yard PPF/ASF Forum Nickname AipPig
  • 25 February 201327. Brandon Spencer
    Sarpork! No more switching between forums. PPF/ASF Forum Nickname RoflCopter
  • 12 January 201326. Darigon Watson
    I sarpork j00! X3 PPF/ASF Forum Nickname Darigon Kogi
  • 11 January 201325. Bernadette Zhang
    Please get BY back in ASF. Too many spam in MapleGD PPF/ASF Forum Nickname KenKenChew
  • 04 November 201224. Chasity Kirk
    I badly need this backyard back PPF/ASF Forum Nickname Forumite

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