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Dear Santa,

We the Undersigned really think you should consider relocating to Hans Island. After all, with Global Warming, the polar ice cap where you are living now will melt soon, and Hans Island is nearby.

By moving to Hans Island, you would really be helping out Hans and Hans, who are the only residents of Hans Island. They are lonely, and would be happy to have some elves around. They would even help make toys. And with more people (and elves) living on the island, it would help with their Sovereignty issues. Like you, Santa, Hans and Hans are neutral in the war between Canada and Denmark. If you and the elves were living on Hans Island, it would increase the security and happiness of the Hanses greatly.

Thank you Santa! Please make the Christmas wishes of Hans and Hans come true!!

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Latest Signatures

  • 01 October 201550. Flemming M
    It's about time Denmark stops being a colonial power
  • 15 September 201549. Peter B
    Hey, I sure as hell don't want to live there. Who better than Santa?
  • 12 August 201548. Hans G
    I want to apply for one of Santa's Elf positions.
  • 22 February 201547. Hans D
    A copy of the Petition might be addressed to VŠ±clav Klaus, President of the Czech Republic, whom many Czechs would like to see spending more time outside his home country. As a gesture of good will towards the Hanses, he may bring some Pilsener and compat
  • 17 February 201546. Rohit P
    Hans must be independant!! I've decided to have my honeymoon there! We want no Canadian or Danish peeps... The Hans brothers, are of course invited to the wedding, details of which shall be sent later.
  • 05 January 201545. Mark B
    I don't know what's going on but I'm all for it.
  • 01 January 201544. Bryan B
    Viva Hans Island Libre!
  • 22 December 201443. Will Hill
    I support this petition
  • 29 November 201442. Rory K
    I support this petition
  • 17 October 201441. Rob O
    I support this petition
  • 13 September 201440. Neil P
    Free Hans now
  • 21 August 201439. Jennifer A
    come on, santa! do it for the kids!!
  • 31 July 201438. Hanne Meza
    Ya, bring him in -I am a Hans
  • 25 June 201437. Baz T
    Please Santa protect these desperately pathetic drunken folk of Hans Island from the evil Danes and Canadians; each countrys blood soaked past to vile to mention. I'm British: you dont find us sending our armies out terrorising people do you? PS Highly re
  • 02 May 201436. Brian Glenn
    santa... save us
  • 15 April 201435. Nicole E
    C'mon Santa, after so many years, don't you think it's time for a change?
  • 11 March 201434. Cody S
    Hans Island for life!
  • 08 November 201333. Deryck A
    Keep Hans Island free of the meddling of tyrranical governments!!! Setting up an offshore tax and gambling haven might be a good idea. [from Deryck Aubrey: born in Pembroke, Ontario, Canada; lived in Canada, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and India;
  • 28 October 201332. Michael B
    I support this petition
  • 30 September 201331. S Teve
    Hans Island must be liberated in a good ol fashioned Maoist Revolution
  • 19 September 201330. Ole B
    Go for it Hans & Hans we will always support you regardless. Thanks for showing the frue colors of your flag !!
  • 14 September 201329. Andre C
    I think the Turks and Caicos have a prior claim to Santa's second workshop!
  • 04 April 201328. Sren Gay
    one of my ancestors was a Hans
  • 14 March 201327. John K
    I support this petition
  • 05 March 201326. Nbody Chase
  • 26 February 201325. Keegan C
    My heart goes out to these two poor souls trapped between the vile aggression of the evil Canadian socialists and the barbaric Viking Danes. The horror! Only by bringing the world's favorite fat man to their island, and his elves with them (rumor has it t
  • 16 February 201324. Jake G
    forget Canada and Denmark, give it to Santie Claus

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people in Canada and Denmark and other interested nations


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