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Nevada State - Public Safety Department Of, Board of Parole Commissioners
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Re: Richard A Sparks (ADC ID#041214 / NDOC ID#23842)

To Whom It May Concern:

We are writing this letter in support of Richard Sparks, who is currently an inmate from Nevada being housed in Phoenix, Arizona. We are the friends and family of Mr. Sparks and his wife Ruth Sparks.

Richard Sparks has been incarcerated for 13 years; his sentence was 10 years to life with possible parole after 10 years. He was never notified in a timely manner of his first parole hearing held in 2003 and was not able to prepare his case for the board to ask for eligibility for parole.

We believe that Richard has paid his debt to society and has done more then his fair share of time.

Since Richard has been housed in the state of Arizona he has been working up to six days a week supporting him self, doing everything that is expected of him such as groups, therapy etc. Richard has acclimated to his life and prison, stays to himself and does not cause trouble.

The Richard Sparks that entered prison 13 years ago does not exist any longer; he is a changed man. He is not a threat to society now and never has been. Richard is ready to maintain his freedom when released by staying employed, clean and sober and abiding by all laws. Richard has a wife and 3 children to come home to and take care of. He also has family that is more then ready to be supportive every step of the way. Richard has a whole different outlook on life and just wants a chance to show society that he is a changed and a better man. When Richard returns home, he will be living in a home without alcohol; he has every intention to keep his treatment going such as therapy, AA, NA, any thing that he and family can go to for support for as long as needed or for the rest of their lives if needed. Ruth (Mr. Sparks wife) and her 2 children live in Mesa Arizona and are active in Value Options and Richard will receive their help finding employment and making a smooth transition with the help of Value Options.

Richard has worked as an inmate for less the .50 cents per hour and he realizes that this will make him appreciate working on the outside at higher wage. He has learned the value of hard work and the benefits of said hard work.

Richard is currently at the Aspen/SPU unit through Arizona State Prison Complex in Phoenix and is being treated for depression; this is something that he has been dealing with since he was very young. He was in classes for emotionally disturbed children as a child and did not have a Father that was a good role model; but as a lot of sons do, he wanted to please his father and wrong road or not, follow in the fathers footsteps. Richard does not blame anyone for the choices he has made in his life; he takes and has always taken full responsibility for them. He has made many improvements since he has been housed in Arizona being able to work and such helps a lot. He knows that there is a lot more help out there that he could be getting but cannot as long as he is denied his freedom.

The benefits of bringing Richard home would be to help lessen the stressful life he is living through incarceration and it would help to lessen the stressful lives of his family at home. Having Richard home for support, emotional, financial and parental will be a big help to not only Ruth and the children but will go a long way in making Richard feel important, needed and productive.

Richard can get much more in depth treatment on the outside to keep him sober and from ever going back into the corrections system. He has done many classes and therapeutic groups inside and has several completion certificates and also received his GED. He has worked steady since he has been in Arizona and has received no major disciplinary write-ups. Richard keeps to him self and minds his own business and does his own time.

Richard plans to stay home with his family, find stable employment, and seek the treatment needed for his depression and sobriety.

He wishes to be the best possible husband, father, son and family member he can. Value Options will help Richard with finding employment, his experience with floors; buffing and striping them etc will work in his benefit when finding gainful employment. Richard will definitely not be falling any where near old life styles or habits. Richard and his family want to start anew and fresh as a family and are ready to do all that it take to keep us together.

Richard is a good person always has been; over time he has grown up and knows that he has made mistakes in the past and has paid for them. Our belief as his friends and family is that he will be a useful and law abiding citizen if he is given a chance to prove just that.

Richard is offered a job working for/with his younger brother in Kentucky as a helper in plumbing business. This will give us both a chance to get set up and a stable life for our selves and family and give him some very good experience for a more permanent full time employment
There is a letter enclosed of verification of employment from relative in Kentucky.
Please bring Richard home give him a chance and be here for his family that need him so badly.

The Undersigned

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    This man has done his time, let him help raise his kids in the right manner. location way to contact email
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    He has served his time please give him a chance. We need him home so we can be one big happy family again we are missing a piece to the puzzle and DAD is that missing piece so please please let him come home location way to contact E-mail
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    he is my dad and i love him i just dont like his wife but i do think he served his time and i havent seen him since i was a baby except for visits and i dont appreciate me being in the petition because it says he only has two kids and he has three which i
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