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We believe that Perkasie residents should have more than one transporation option availible. Currently, the only way to reach most of the surrounding towns and businesses is to commute by car. This is an issue for many different people and needs to change. Everyone should have freedom and options, and pubic transporation should be one of them.

Many of the areas surrounding Perkasie offer public transportation in the form of buses, trains and trolleys. Perkasie offers absolutely no public transportation options to local folks or non-residents, though it used to do so years ago when it was an active and bustling area. It is a quaint and pleasant town, but very few people are aware of it due to its lacking connection to the rest of Pennsylvania.

A train station that is perfectly capable of functioning is located in the heart of Olde Town, where various struggling small businesses are located. It has railway access to Quakertown and other surrounding towns that are much larger than ours. Freight trains still run on the tracks at times, and a passenger train is used on special occasions. A transport train used to run on a regular basis at that very station, carrying passengers from all around. Perkasie was much more financially stable during that time, and the local businesses werent closing every few months like they do now. We even used to have a hotel right next to the station, which attracted many people.

This created jobs, perked up the economy, and made commuting easier and safer for everyone. It also aided lower class families and those suffering from epilepsy to afford and obtain transportation to work outside of town without being dependant upon friends and family. Offering buses, trains, or trolleys as transportation options for people seeking transportation to and from Perkasie would do all of these things all over again.

We are in a time of financial strain on every American. More than merely lower class families would benefit from public travel options. It would decrease unemployment and provide affordable transit to many families large and small. Plus, the investment provides a 300-600\% return. It would reduce the limitations brought upon those incapable of reaching destinations alone or unable to balance long commutes and massive workloads with intense jobs. Those suffering from uncontrollable ailments such as epilepsy and mental disorders will be able to live more independently rather than relying on their parents forever. Laborers and students can multitask while going to and from work or school rather than cramming everything into minimal hours and burdening themselves and those around them with unnecessary stress, which will increase the quality of their work and their lives. Public transit is also quicker and more reliable than travelling solo. In 2007, Americans collectively spent nearly 4.2 billion hours trapped in traffic congestionan average of 31.2 hours per person! This is significantly greater than the 14 hours per person rate of 1982, when public transit was more widely used! Buses and trains reduce the number of cars on the road with every passenger, leaving more space on the roadways and fewer traffic jams to wait in! Who doesnt need more free time to be productive?

Additionally, public transportation is proven to be safer than commuting by car, not only for the commuters, but also for the environment. The use of public transportation in America reduces the emission of hydrocarbons by 126 million pounds, the emission of nitrogen oxides by 156 million pounds, and our reliance on foreign oil by 40\%. Buses omit 80\% less carbon monoxide than a car, mile for mile, and trains omit practically none. Cleaner air results in fewer asthma attacks and other preventable medical issues caused by unacceptable air quality. Approximately 200,000 people are spared death, injuries and accidents by traveling via public transit, and The National Safety Council estimates that bus travel is 170 times safer than commuting by car.

The benefits of expanded public transportation are huge, and I urge you to consider reopening the train and offering bus or trolley transportation to and from Perkasie. I would love to see this town spring back into life, be able to reach work on my own, and see less pollution in the area. I would be more than willing to work at raising funds to support this, as I am strongly supportive of increasing public transit options.

The sources of the information contained in this letter are listed below. Your own website lists many of the same facts. Please consider heightening these clear benefits by providing Perkasie and other similar areas with buses, trains or trolleys. It would be widely appreciated and incredibly helpful to many people. Thank you very much for your time.


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