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Animal Abuse/Neglect in Forsyth County, NC! Ask Forsyth County Animal Control to Prosecute Animal Abuser!

On March 26, 2000 accompanied by the Forsyth County Sheriff's Department, Operation PEACE! representatives went to the residence of Mr. Willard S. Hauser of Tobaccoville, NC. Mr. Hauser had six dogs, two goats, three cats and approximately twenty-five chickens on his property. There was also a raccoon in a small cage with no food or water. The top of the cage was crushed in and the coon could not even raise his head or stand up. When the deputy asked Mr. Hauser why the coon was in the trap, he replied that he "kills them and eats them on a regular basis." Based on the recent rabies epidemic in North Carolina, this is a health hazard to Mr. Hauser, any animals residing on his property and all Forsyth County citizens. A volunteer with Operation PEACE! gave Mr. Hauser $40.00 in cash so that he could buy groceries and get some decent food to eat.
The dogs and goats were all chained, with no food or water and three of the dogs had no shelter. Two dogs, "Bo Bo" a shepherd mix, and "Blackie" a hound mix, had a large amount of "fatback" (with maggots) in their doghouse. "Bo Bo" was also limping due to a piece of glass in his front paw. Mr. Hauser, when asked by the sheriff's deputy about food and water for the animals, replied that he "could not carry water to the animals" and that he gave them "fatback" a lot. Every animal was suffering from dehydration and malnutrition. One goat had a "wire collar" around his neck which had began to grow into his skin. One hound dog was suffering so severely that he could barely stand or walk. When the deputy made the comment that the dog looked almost dead, Mr. Hauser replied that he "knew that the dog had not eaten in two weeks" and that he "knew the dog had been sick for a long time." Mr. Hauser also made the comment that he took "turns" feeding the dogs because he could not afford to buy groceries for himself, let alone the animals. Another dog, a hound, approximately 11 months old, was covered in sewage from the nearby runoff from Mr. Hausers residence, which runs into the creek along the edge of his property. This dog's stomach was green, with mold growing from his neck to his pelvic area. His collar had also begun to grow into his skin. There were two black long-haired chow mixes chained, also with no doghouses. One was coughing a lot. Another young hound mix was chained to a "structure" which had wire and glass surrounding it. This dog had numerous scrapes and scratches, and had an extremely tight collar on.
All of the dogs cowered when they were approached. Mr. Hauser told us that he "hit the dogs with a stick" because they "wouldn't hunt good." Two of the dogs were rushed to the emergency clinic, where upon the advice of the veterinarian, one was humanely euthanized. This poor animal was suffering from cancer, congestive heart failure, full-blown heart worms, malnutrition, dehydration, etc. The other dog was transported to a local veterinarians office for medical treatment. The other four dogs and the cats were also transported to a local veterinarians office for medical treatment. Four out of the six dogs had heart worms and all of the animals according to veterinarians were suffering from malnutrition and dehydration and almost every worm known. Mr. Hauser told us that he knew he couldn't afford the animals, he KNEW that they were sick and that he would give the goats back to the people that he acquired them from and that he would NOT acquire or harbor any more animals. Mr. Hauser willingly surrendered the dogs and cats.
After much medical treatment (including heartworm treatments), emotional and major financial expense, four of the five dogs (one dog is still undergoing treatment) and two cats (one of whom had kittens two days after they were rescued) are now healthy and happy with people who love them.
When volunteers with Operation PEACE! went back (accompanied by two sheriff's deputies) on July 28, 2000 to speak with Mr. Hauser after receiving reports that he had in fact acquired more animals (puppies and goats), they found two puppies (approximately five to six months of age) chained with no food, water or shelter and five goats four of which were chained with one running loose, two turkeys in a pen and approximately forty to fifty chickens and chicks. The puppies' ribs were showing and they cowered as they were approached. One goat had some corn stalks and none had water or shelter. Volunteers with Operation PEACE! watered all of the animals, which were still drinking when they left approximately ten minutes after providing water for the animals. Mr. Hauser had two neighbors on his property who were feeding the chickens. One of the neighbors informed Operation PEACE! that "Animal Control had come out and vaccinated the puppies for rabies" for Mr. Hauser. Operation PEACE! representatives asked the neighbor if the puppies were in the exact location and condition that they were in at this time (with no food, water or shelter) when Animal Control came out, and he said "yes," that they were in fact "exactly as they are now when Animal Control was here." The representative asked him if Animal Control did not tell Mr. Hauser that he had to provide food, water and shelter for the animals and he said "no, they just came out and vaccinated the pups for him." Mr. Hauser is also breeding "fishing larvae" on his property and the entire residence is infested with mosquitoes and fleas.
The Forsyth County Ordinance Amending Chapter 6 of the Forsyth County Code, (attached and highlighted) adopted by the Forsyth County Commissioners on November 8, 1999, state that Abuse is defined as:
1)Failing to provide an animal with adequate food and drinkable water at suitable intervals sufficient to maintain the animal's health and well-being; 2)Overworking or overdriving any animal causing physical pain, suffering or death to the animal; 3)Cruelly beating, torturing, molesting, harassing, injuring, tormenting, poisoning, baiting, or mutilating any animal causing physical pain, suffering, or death to the animal; 4)Failing to provide adequate medical attention for any sick, diseased, or injured animal in order to prevent physical pain, suffering, disability or death to the animal; 5)Keeping any animal under conditions which cause physical pain, suffering, disability or death to the animal or which increase the probability of the transmission of disease; 6)Failing to provide an adequate shelter for an animal wherein the animal can be protected from extremes of weather (heat, cold, rain, sun, etc.), physical suffering, and impairment of health, and which is large enough to allow the animal to make normal body movements; 7)For animals which are kept outside, under weather conditions which adversely affect the animals' health, failing to provide a shelter for the animal which is surrounded on three (3) sides, covered by a roof, and has a floor (excluding barns), and which is structurally sound, maintained in good repair, and constructed in such a manner that it is water and wind resistant;

Animal Control sent Operation PEACE! a three sentence letter stating that they will continue to "monitor" the situation and that Mr. Hauser is meeting "minimum requirements".No animal deserves to suffer the way so many animals have under Mr. Hauser's ownership. Mr. Hauser has not been fined and those animals were left there chained to a pole with no shelter, food or water. Mr. Hauser obviously needs help, he may choose to live his life the way he does, but those animals HAVE NO CHOICE! Mr. Hauser has now acquired even MORE animals that are starving and who are chained in the elements.

We sign this petition, demanding that Mr. Willard Hauser be prosecuted for animal cruelty and ask that all animals be removed from his property and that he not be able to own/harbor any animals in the future. Thank you.
The Undersigned
in support of
Operation PEACE! crusading to Putting an End to Animal Cruelty & Exploitation! P.O. Box 1268, Rural Hall, NC 27045

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