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The changes to HorseLand have upset Me, and I'm sure MANY other players. We would like everything changed back the way it was. Dogs, cats, and other animals cannot have specific breeds, nor can we make up our own.

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Latest Signatures

  • 30 October 201550. Cassandra Oconnell
    ITS UNFAIR! I LIKED THE OLD HORSELAND! HorseLand Player Number 1608790
  • 21 September 201549. Ellis Fitzpatrick
    this whole thing needs to be put right and NOW!!
  • 08 December 201348. Jeana M
    I support this petition
  • 06 June 201347. Amor Barajas
    I HATE THIS! People can change the breeds and brands of your hard work. We will not allow them to do this. HorseLand Player Number 357195
  • 15 February 201346. Alex J
    I support this petition
  • 14 October 201245. Kellie Barajas
    I don't mind the breed changing so much (although I would still like to permanently brand my horses), but I think there should be a player/horse limit so that it doesn't get so overcrowded and slow!! Training and such takes hours and the points are half w
  • 28 August 201244. Dan L
    I support this petition
  • 09 April 201243. Skye Lucas
    Please, please...can you just ASK us before doing things? Is it so hard to just tell people what you think you're going to do? I thin kit would be easier thaj having tons of angry ELITES who've been here forever growling at you because you never ask what
  • 04 April 201242. Brittny S
    I really dont like the tax at all!but i didnt like it when i accidently changed my horses breed before i sold it HorseLand Player Number 1428061
  • 01 December 201141. Rose Off
    $198,000 is waaayyyy to big a difference. It's also not fair that premis get to vote for club prezzis and basics dont, yet basics are allowed to join the stupid clubs in the first place. If we can be apart of the club, then we should be able to play a par
  • 12 August 201140. Nightingale Stephens
    This is a horrible change. So many well bred horses now have breed gaps in their totally ruins the bloodlines... HorseLand Player Number 664320
  • 09 October 201039. Dreamy W
    I so much agree with you this is so so so stupid and i think horseland should change it!!!!!!!!!!! HorseLand Player Number 1685458
  • 29 July 201038. Freska Larsen
    this is a very stupid thing. there are so many complications with it! HorseLand Player Number 322152
  • 13 May 201037. Hayley Drake
    It was a GAME before theese changes were put in HorseLand Player Number 1716896
  • 20 March 201036. Heather V
    I support this petition
  • 11 February 201035. Lady R
    I hav cats, wolves n dogs please change back HorseLand Player Number 315536,251153,331270,342283,506741 all premis
  • 18 January 201034. Brazen Graphicsandd
    Horseland is loosing more and more players becuase of these stupid changes! HorseLand Player Number 2927370
  • 08 September 200933. Emily Ferguson
    i dont think thare should be anything but horses it is horseland not anilmal land HorseLand Player Number ~horselover~
  • 09 August 200932. Josalyn Hood
    make DL (DogLand) but leave HL for the HORSES! HorseLand Player Number 88798
  • 09 April 200931. Taken Rivera
    Yeah, i think that the changes HL have made are stupid and need to be changed back! I support the ORIGINAL not the NOOB Horseland!!!
  • 05 January 200930. Curliq Mcpherson
    I support this petition
  • 20 August 200829. Nichola Rios
    Bring Back Set Your Own Breeds And Just Have It So When You've Chosen The Breed They are Set! HorseLand Player Number 279630
  • 06 June 200828. Taylor Hawkins
    I support this petition
  • 25 September 200727. Babiling Brookes
    Basic players should be able to vote!! They should also be able to have a bigger pay check!!10,000 is not enough for us! I went from 10,000 to $25 from entering horses into shows!!!! In one day!!! This game used to be sooooo much easier and faster to play
  • 23 July 200726. Lindamouricz Shields
    I support this petition
  • 20 November 200625. Kassandra C
    I hate the new breeds thing and allowing dogs and cats. This is not Animal&! This is
  • 25 October 200624. Aria Barton
    I liked Horseland the way it was. i'm trying to get Basic Players to go on strike. I already have some. Msg me if interested. (premis may msg too.) HorseLand Player Number Omara

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