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Firstly, thank you for viewing this petition! This petition is for two reasons!
1) To show Blue fans unite and help each other when their help is needed.
2) To show Blue management and the lads themselves that they have very dedicated fans in Australia.

Blue have not visited Australia since 2001 but the fans have stayed strong supporting them. We think Australian fans deserve to get another visit from the lads to show appreciation. Therefore this petition is to make blue aware of how much Australia wants them back.

Please allow Australian fans their wish and arrange a trip to Australia for Blue.

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Latest Signatures

  • 23 June 201550. Latoya D
    I love Blue!
  • 09 June 201549. Annie Osborne
    I support this petition
  • 01 May 201548. Nicola S
    I support this petition
  • 25 April 201547. Blueicejes Forbes
    i think i have already signed this petition i dont think there is any harm to sign again i guess..... looks little desperated doesnt it.... well i guess i am speaking for all the fans to say that we are desperate to get BLUE back to australia and thats wh
  • 17 March 201546. Helen P
    us brits get alot of the guys, i think its only fair some other gals get at least a concert :) their loved worldwide u know ;)
  • 30 December 201445. Sendy Lopez
    I support this petition
  • 26 October 201444. Ahmad S
    plz plz plz let blue come to Sydney AUstralia they are my inspiration i will get all my friends to come plz they rule im also a singer in a pop rnb group plz blue management chek us out email me plz!!!!
  • 08 August 201443. Stacey F
    i have just started my own to get blue back to Australia. i think they need to go coz they have a lot of supportive fans out there. i am actually english, and am annoyed that they havent so imagine how the aussies feel!?!
  • 21 July 201442. Max Conley
  • 06 July 201441. Katie Petty
    Hello! I know that the Australian fans are just as dedicated as all other Bluefans all around the world. During the last three years, they have been showing their continous support, I think it would be nice if the lads would go back there, to show the fan
  • 02 October 201340. Kayleigh Whitehead
    GET BLUE BAK 2 AUS! wud b nice 4 em 2 go jst like once!
  • 10 August 201339. Caitlin Joyce
  • 24 November 201238. Sara W
    they havnt been here for 2 and a half years!! we all love em and need them to come back to australia!!!
  • 29 July 201237. Katie B
    I agree. It is about time that Blue came back to Australia, specifically to Melbourne. A lot of us fans have waited since we first heard about Blue when they came out here last time. A lot of us have been dying to see them live again. Hope they can come b
  • 11 March 201236. Amy Holder
    I support this petition
  • 12 February 201235. Claire Martinez
    I support this petition
  • 07 December 201034. Karin Myers
    plzzz blue come to australia!! the fans need you!!
  • 10 July 201033. Laura H
    I support this petition
  • 13 April 201032. Carly Neal
    go 2 ozzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! woooooh yeah
  • 12 April 201031. Christine Marsh
    This means a lot to us Australian Fans that people in another country want to try and help get Blue back down under. its GREATLY appreciated and we hope it will happen!
  • 14 January 201030. Steph Velazquez
  • 03 January 201029. Alicia Mcknight
    I want blue back in Australia because I missed out on seeing them at Rumba and at channel V and I would really like to go to one of there concerts and I would like to go to one of there signings if they do one. I have loved BLUE since All Rise and have no
  • 07 December 200928. Jozefina Levy
    I live in Australia and there aren't many Blue fans here at all!I'd love it if Blue came to Australai because I wasn't here in 2001 when thay last came!You guys are the best!We love you Blue!
  • 02 October 200927. Caitlin Nguyen
    I support this petition
  • 14 June 200926. Stefanie Branch
    I support this petition
  • 13 May 200925. Claire Newton
    agree wiv evry1 else go 2 oz plz b4 me m8 go's mental she keeps snapping at me lol saying i'm so lucky to live over here and i'm not even going to a gig but 'eh
  • 01 February 200924. Michelle R
    please give australia their wish, the deserve to see the lads as much as anyone.

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