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It's time to change Acrophobia. For those that are not aware, Acrophobia was a highly successful web-based game created by Berzerk until it was bought out by the Flipside Network. I think the population of this game has severely declined because most of everything that the original version had was removed, and Flipside had stopped working on Acrophobia in 2003. I have a few suggestions here that may bring back the original environment of this game.

1) Voice-Overs

In the original version there were voiced instructions that would step a new player through the basic of Acrophobia. If you're not aware, there are a lot of people who come into rooms with no clue whatsoever how to play. In the original version, a player would come into a room and already know the basics.

Unfortunately, each time the game was started, it would treat the player as a new player. This means that even if the player already knew how to play, you would still have to listen to the instructions. I propose to bring the voiced instructions back, but allow the player to skip the instructions and head straight to the Lobby.

2) More Voiced Instructions

If you've played Acrophobia, there's a voice that says 'The Acro is...'. This voice was actually used a lot more in Acrophobia until Flipside took over. You'd hear the same voice narrating the progress of the game through the Voting Round, and even explaining the basics of the Face Off.

3) Face Off

There are not instructions for the Face Off either, so new players will be clueless, there use to be voiced instructions for the Face Off round too, but even that was taken away, making Acrophobia not as fun as it use to be.

The voice-over for Acrophobia, and most of the voiced instructions were taken away, making this game a lot less interesting. I propose that Flipside bring back the qualities of the original Acrophobia, because taking away the Sound Effects and Voices makes this game a lot less addicting.

4) Downlaodable Version

The original Acrophobia was a program that you could download and install that would take up the entire screen, instead of just a section on the screen. Maybe have a web-based version for those that like the current version, while also having a downloadable version for those that want to experience Acrophobia as it was originally.

5) A few other suggestions...

You Pick the Letters - Have a few rooms where the user who won the previous round chooses the letters that players have to use, allowing only a certain amount of 'Rare' letters (X, Q, Z, J), and Uncommon Letters 'K, Y, B, H', Etc.

Seven Letter Rooms - The original version of Acrophobia had 7 Letters, as opposed to the 5 Letters it has now. My suggestion is to create a few rooms that are more difficult that would allow more advanced players to really get into the game.

Chat Room - Have a chat room in the Lobby that will allow other players in the Lobby to communicate while they are not presently in a game.

Queue - For those that want to enter a certain room, have a function that will allow users to wait in queue for the next available spot in that room.

Face Off Poll - Use the results from the Face Off Poll already. It's been on there for several months, so either take it off or put it to use.

Tie Breaker in Face Off - Presently if there is a tie in Face Off, that's it. The game ends in a tie. My suggestion here is to have a Tie-Breaker Round in the event of a Face Off ending in a tie. The player who gets the most votes would win the game. In the event of a tie, the player to submit their answer the quickest would win the game.

The game has lost a lot since it was given to Flipside, and I think Flipside has just given up, but I encourage that the following Petition is looked at, and taken into consideration.

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