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Allan Caesar III, known as Sonic The Hedgehog of's forums at Was banned from the forum admin Paul Bearer because one day, he took Sonic's remarks to seriously when he was talking to Wade about getting a new NoDQforums to overthrow PB. But Sonic was never really serious about it. He was just frustrated like everyone else was, that the guy who helps out's CAW Wrestling so much, cannot even get Moderation privileges in the forum topic that he works with! instead a nobody got the job. And everyone was pissed.

Yes, Sonic screwed up and went to far. However he is only human, and all humans make mistakes. Its part of life. ACWL, the CAW League that Sonic runs, was making a comeback, and Sonic loved being part of NoDQ Forums, and felt welcomed there. Then PB Banned him because of that PM. via IP.

PB then bashed Sonic, and talked shit behind his back, saying how wrong he is and what an asshole he is, to get the entire NoDQforums to hate him. This was a wrong and foolish action by the 16 year old forum admin PB. And PB may think everyone respects him, but deep down inside, he lost a lot of respect from people for not just banning Sonic, but for not giving Wade mod in NoDQ CAW forums. And allowing Bobby Spade to leech files as well.

Sonic has had enough, he has brought back ACWL, and wants everyone to know, they he is deeply sorry for his actions in the past. He cannot change what has happen, he can only move forward, and wishes PB would just do the same. Is it fair that one talks shit, gets banned, yet the other talks shit, and gets away with it just because he owns the forums? No it is not, 2 wrongs do not make a right.

Sonic once was a forum admin himself, he ran a popular teen group in 2001 called Real World Teens, and had over 10,000 members. and was ranked 1st place in Teen charts for 9 months straight, but all hell broke lose when Sonic went power hungry. Such as PB did when he banned people just because they spoke against him. Sonic realizes that there is such a thing as Freedom of Speech, just as long as you don't go out of the line doing it. Its one thing if a person thinks your an idiot, who cares? don't ban him unless he calls you one everyday and starts flooding. Give people a chance, if you do, they will give you a chance as well.

Sonic wants to come back and be part of the NoDQforums family again. he cannot stand the fact that PB hates him all because of that and other things in the past. Yes Sonic has fight on the forums in the past. and hes paid for it, but hes Sonic The Hedgehog damn it, hes Sonic The Hedgehog, however Bobby leeches on the forums, but he gets away with it? why? Because hes Bobby Spade Damn it, hes Bobby Spade.... okay that's not cool...

So people, its time for us to step forward, and uplift the ban that PB did to Sonic The Hedgehog, not only is Sonic quite possibly the most respected NoDQ forums member to be banned. But hes also the undisputed Best Damn Tie Fighter Champion of all time, and quite frankly, Don't you think he has a right to defend that score? Besides that, many people want him back. And we hope you do too.

Please sign this, to bring Sonic The Hedgehog back to's forums, and to bring back ACWL with him, once and for all.

Thank you

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Latest Signatures

  • 29 December 201550. Bob Shields
    sonic - ur a fag and i hope u stay banned. everyone hates you so just do the world a favor and give up
  • 12 July 201549. Allan Caesari
    Hey guys.. its yours truly... =) Please support me... thank you
  • 02 July 201548. Justin Douglas
    Free Sonic
  • 22 June 201547. No Onecantouchmydickexceptmygirlf
    sonic has helped me with problems so im helping him
  • 29 May 201446. Alex R
    I support this petition
  • 27 May 201445. Werewolf Walsh
    I support this petition
  • 28 November 201344. Adler A
    I support this petition
  • 15 September 201343. Erik C
    Allan is a big help in whatever he does and deserves to be brought back
  • 13 June 201342. The A
    The NoDQ Caw Wrestling wa the damn best thing I've seen in ages!!
  • 25 May 201341. Mike H
    He deserves another chance.
  • 22 January 201340. Driven Price
  • 19 November 201239. Luba M
    I've known Allan for a while, he's a good guy, you should let him back in
  • 22 September 201238. Charlie M
    Free Sonic.
  • 18 August 201237. Alec George
    I support this petition
  • 22 July 201236. Highliteofthenite Summers
    Youve been a good friend, and hopefully we can get u back into the forums.
  • 05 March 201235. Allan Cesar
    I came out to my parents last night on the phone. I had talked to my Mom
  • 07 August 201134. Wes Garcia
    u suck cock
  • 01 January 201133. Giggity Beltran
    I support this petition
  • 19 October 201032. Sonic Theh
    It's okay guys, I'm retarded, I don't want to come back.
  • 19 September 200931. Daniel C
    dude, we are all human. im gonna do something about this
  • 10 March 200930. Cool Ingram
  • 21 November 200829. Penis Humperm
  • 17 April 200828. Chris D
    I dont like you Sonic but I do want ACWL back and thats why I'm signin this. BTW, I'm Bouncer612 on the NoDQ Forums. If you want we can talk on MSN or AIM or something if you do come back. MSN SN is [email protected] /* */ and AIM is Bardock612. Stay Cl
  • 08 April 200827. Warlui Wilkinson
    I loved acwl and i'll help u get back to nodq somehow
  • 19 February 200826. Kevin M
    I support this petition
  • 12 October 200725. Xchrisjerichox Brewer
    I'm only doing this because I know his dedication to NoDQ Forums/ACWL.
  • 08 October 200724. Adrian F
    I support this petition

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