Bring back or give away the official Sonic Adventure Website and scripts, and the Sonic Adventure 2 scripts too. sign now

This petition is about bringing back the official SONIC ADVENTURE DREAMCAST WEBSITE (, or to sell their ranking CGI scripts to another owner. And to also give out the backups for the chao upload scripts, black market, and BBS scripts from the Sonic Adventure 2 website to another owner to host on a website.

When the Dreamcast first launched, Sonic Adventure was one of the launch titles for it. During this time however, the Internet option was not unlocked until the website was put online; this didn't take long.

When the official english website was launched at 9/9/99, it only had a few features worth looking at. The website had their first VMU download, which was the Dreamcast Launch Party. The first download wasn't much, it was just someone to show the people what would be possible in the near future...

A few days later, Sonic Team opened up their scripts, capable for chating through BBS, and we were also able to post chao, and of course chat VIA dreamcast IRC. It was great, because now we could talk with the other people.

But chatting, downloads, and hints aren't the reason why Sonic Adventure's website should still be up, it's the ranking that made it awsome.

Before ranking was available, Japan and Europe could now enter and play with USA players. After we all said our hellos to the other contries, it's time to welcome the competitions to our family.

When someone finished their time attacks for each contest, they could upload the ranking data and wait for someone to beat their time. What do you get out of this? Prizes were awarded to players who got the fastest time, including prizes worth $4000!

It wasn't long before people were able to cheat their way into competitions. The cheating got so out of control, that Sonic Team stopped giving away prizes and ended the ranking for some of the current contests once and for all.

After a while, Sonic Team gave up on the Dreamcast, and they actually posted an update for a little "Good bye" message to the whole community, then it shut down for good.

About 3 years later, Sonic Adventure 2's website was thankfully still here. Everything was working, up until this date though. The BBS, and the chao features were shut down, for no reason at all. It was a damn shame, because people were still talking and posting on the BBS, and uploading their chao data on the chao daycare center pages.

The Sonic Adventure 2 website is still up at:

Sega/Sonic Team, if you are reading this. Please listen to our demands:

You agree to all, or not some of the following:

1.)You give us all CGI script back ups to someone who will be able to keep it up for people to enjoy forever, for free, or by money, your choice.

2.)You agree to give us tools, or some knowledge, on developing new content. (Not needed, would be nice though)

3.)You would agree to allow us to edit or reverse engineer (AKA: update) and system and/or page as we please.

4.)Sell the domain at a more, reasonable price.

As for the people signing this petition, you agree that all or some of the demands are reasonable enough.

We hope that you will be able to offer our demands, we really, really miss this kind of Dreamcast fun. Not to mention that we still play the Dreamcast, even though you stop making games and content for it.


*For those who want to remember, or see what the Sonic Adventure website looks like, visit the following website at:*

Thank you for your time.

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