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We the fans of the WWE believe that it wasn't right to release Jeff Hardy. He may have been late to a few shows and he also may have been losing intrest but if he wa one of your superstars you should have read the he himself said "The Passion is returning" so he should have been let go. I don't think that was a good idea. So we his fans still support him and we have made a petition. Please take the time to read this because if you care about the fans you should care about what we have to say!!

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Latest Signatures

  • 21 November 2015100. Katherin A
    Jeff Hardy is the most hottest guy i have every seen.
  • 11 November 201599. Trevor D
    Come back,if you dont ill hunt you down till the day you die!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • 10 November 201598. Aaron S
    Jeff is a legend and has given everything to the sport i hope for him to return
  • 20 October 201597. Matt T
    Power to the Fans!!!!!!
  • 22 September 201596. Ashley Dalton
  • 04 August 201595. Heather S
    I l;ove Jeff Hardy 4 ever
  • 18 June 201594. Eva Daugherty
    I think he should come back because he is an awesome wrestler....
  • 13 April 201593. Brandy Grimes
    I'm still writing in no matter what. We got to spread the word to everyone. Did jeff leave by choice?
  • 24 March 201592. Jonathan W
    You Should of fired Teddy Long & Jazz & Rodney Mack Jeff is the most extreme wrestler there is
  • 18 March 201591. Jessica Walters
  • 10 February 201590. Melody B
    Bring him back..the fire was definitely coming back in his eyes
  • 12 October 201489. Tanya K
    Out off all the wrestlers there on Raw and SD Jeff was and will be one of the best there is. He shouldn't have been left go. He put high flying to the X treme more then Matt
  • 09 September 201488. Tammy M
    I love jeff hardy, and he is the best and he is my hero, and i hated to see him go and i want him back in the WWE
  • 28 July 201487. Jill W
    No .. the name Jeff Hardy is enough!
  • 23 May 201486. Celina Mullen
    Jeff was the only reason i watched wrestling now i am starting to lose intrest. i haveall his merchandise it would rock if you brought him back!
  • 22 April 201485. Carolyn Davies
    Bring Jeff Hardy Back PLEASE!!!! we miss you jeff.......
  • 08 April 201484. Amber Lee
    HE IS FINE.......
  • 07 April 201483. Nansea S
    I have to say that w/ Lita back - I want to watch but not as much if Jeff were back on TV. When I knew Jeff would be there on TV , I would watch non stop , well now Lita there but I WANT JEFF!!!!!!
  • 01 April 201482. Stacy J
    Jeff Hardy = Hot!
  • 29 March 201481. Carson Baileyj
  • 10 February 201480. Rey Love
    jeff is one of the best superstars i hav seen in the wwe n he deserves to stay there plus ur stealing his dream dont u think thats unfair. Would u feel bad about getting fired n not dont u dream cauz some people fired u.......u would be pretty pissed so g
  • 31 January 201479. Adrian G
    Bring bac jeff he was awsome man!!
  • 02 December 201378. Matt H
    I miss how Jeff would fly from ladders and smash Buba Ray threw tables
  • 24 November 201377. Kayla Coffey
    Bring Jeff back.
  • 19 October 201376. Aaron K
    Jeff Hardy makes RAW, pulling him out will help kill both raw and the WWE
  • 03 October 201375. Byron R
    jeff hardy was a great wrestler & i think he should be brought back to the WWE
  • 28 September 201374. Sheridan M
    Jeff.. Jeff.. Jeff.. who else better than him? Bring Jeff back!

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