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Before you read this, let me introduce somebody. Vikesh Sankaranarayanan. A new student, nearly finished with his first year at my school.

It was almost 2 months ago when Vikesh Sankaranarayanan revealed to a stunned audience that he had the capacity to actually breakdance. It was unheard of in history--Vikesh breakdancing?

The setting was the Camberwell Grammar School social involving Fintona, Camberwell Girls' and PLC. Vikesh told me that he'd breakdance. I was off talking with some friends and dancing, and I see him near the end. "Breakdance, Vikesh," I say to him.
He replies saying that he already did!

No witnesses were seen or heard of. For the next 2 months, students at CGS were asking Vikesh to breakdance, but he'd always reply with something like "later". Naturally, disappointment sunk in. Did we miss a once in a lifetime opportunity?
We became desperate, even stealing his pencilcase and holding it for ransom. He wouldn't do it, so we were forced to give it back; we didn't want trouble.
The teacher of our class, told Vikesh to breakdance at the end of the week 2 weeks ago, but he forgot... and Vikesh didn't breakdance.

Vikesh and his friends have been playing games with balls near my locker, so everyday my friends and I approach the boy, and ask "Vikesh, why won't you breakdance?". He continues to play with balls, completely ignoring me.
At last, he promised to breakdance, but on one condition: It'll be on video on a CD. My friends and I reluctantly agree; just as long as we see Sankaranarayanan breakdancing, it's fine.
The day came, and Vikesh said "After exams." But we try to argue, "But we need your inspiration!"
At last, we've completed our first two exams, and I go up to Vikesh. "Where's the CD?" I asked.
"I gave it to some guy at the library."
Shock, and fear were the emotions I was feeling. He gave the CD to some random guy? What if we never see it?

The search began. Today, Monday 5th of December, we look for this guy, known as Victor. We find him, but he says "Vikesh never gave me a breakdancing video." We were heartbroken; Vikesh had lied to us!
We came to Vikesh again, aggrivated, and told him, "Victor doesn't have the CD!"
He says that Victor does in fact have it. While getting lunch, I see Victor and I ask him again. Once again, as I expected, he didn't have the CD.
We asked Vikesh again, whether he'd ever breakdance. Now he replies with, "F*ck off".
Why would he do this to us? Hadn't he promised us that he'd show us his 'moves'?
So, ultimately, these events have led me to start this petition. We need the support of the entire world to make this person breakdance. If it is given to us digitally, I will somehow put it up somewhere for anybody who signed to petition to see it.

So... sign the damn thing.

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Latest Signatures

  • 04 June 201550. Ben B
    i like Vikesh, but i think i might like him a lot more if he put on his great show of talent when he dances for Winston. Vikesh you will make CGS proud.... Go for gold son!
  • 02 March 201449. Tan Romero
    come on vikesh , you bb abuser, breakdance your as* off
  • 22 February 201448. Sankaranarayanan Kline
  • 12 December 201347. Jeffrey Houston
    YES! i know this guy... hes in malaysia
  • 27 November 201346. Jsun Barr
  • 28 October 201345. Vikesh S
    I REALLY WANNA DO THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • 14 October 201344. Jono Booth
  • 01 April 201343. Winston T
    Let's get this started.
  • 06 January 201342. Erko C
  • 04 September 201241. Jon L
    Just do the damn thing Vikesh
  • 29 June 201240. Durnea Sanchez
    I support this petition
  • 23 April 201239. Winston Kane
    Serious names and , people. We need to convince Vikesh.
  • 18 April 201238. Polson S
    lolz. who's getting the ambulance?
  • 29 March 201237. Winston Gardner
    i am winsty n i want vikesh to breakdance!!!!!!!!!!
  • 05 February 201236. Yoon Mcdaniel
    SIGN IT !!!
  • 17 July 201135. Ashutosh G
    Please show me, this sounds good
  • 24 May 201134. Darsh Bender
  • 11 August 200933. Garen K
    I love you Vikesh xoxox
  • 03 July 200932. Forest Lara
    break it down vikesh!
  • 14 May 200931. Hugh B
    VIKESH U DA BOMB, break it down with those sexy moves......oooooooo eeeeeeeeeee
  • 29 December 200830. Kumail Olsen
    damn u vikesh, just fukin break dance
  • 13 December 200829. Nina J
    I support this petition
  • 22 November 200828. Adam Cunningham
    Yo Vikesh my homie, lets see u break it down
  • 13 September 200827. Haskldjaskl Leach
  • 15 July 200826. Dean Nolan
    Breakdance Dammit!
  • 17 May 200825. Luke Mclean
    wat a... heart touching story.. lol gw winston
  • 23 February 200824. Chris C

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