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It was on the 14th of May 1948, that the Zionist State of Israel was established in Palestine & was formally carved out in the Middle East, with the collusion of Britain, USA and the other European powers of the day. This day is poignantly referred to as the "NAKBA" or "Catastrophe" by the Palestinian people, who were subjected to a planned & systematic campaign of ethnic cleansing and genocide by the Zionist colonizers. More than 800,000 Palestinians comprising approximately half the population were driven out of their homes, villages, towns and cities due to the reign of terror unleashed by the Israeli militias.

India was one of the countries, which had always espoused the Palestinian cause, even prior to our Independence. Later as part of the founders and thus key constituents of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM), we continued with our principled support to Palestine and our unambiguous opposition and boycott of Apartheid Israel. But unfortunately there has been a perceptible shift in our foreign policy, more so in context of our solidarity with Palestine.

Amongst the people of the world, Israel stands largely exposed due to its recent genocidal wars on Gaza & in Lebanon & for it's continued brutal colonial occupation of Palestine. Israel has proved to be far worse than even apartheid South Africa in its treatment of the Palestinian people.
But yet there are far more governments and business corporations, who today have diplomatic and economic relations with Apartheid Israel than ever before, including our own. Much to our regret and shame, India is now Israel's biggest arms importer. Even in the areas of internal security, the Israeli agencies are now very active within the establishment. These are matters of grave concern for us.

Today the growing role of India is critical, both to the cause of regional as well as global peace and stability. We the people of India need to reclaim our roots and stand with the people's and nations, struggling for their independence from colonial occupation and thus our solidarity with Palestine. The people of Palestine continue to valiantly resist the occupation, against all odds and are the vanguard of the global anti-imperialist struggle.

We therefore call upon all those who are committed to the cause of the Palestinian People, to join & thus sign this global call for the Boycott of Israel.

Join the Global BDS Action Day, March 30th, in solidarity with the Palestinian people & for Boycott, Divestment & Sanctions (BDS) against Israel

The mobilization coincides with the Palestinian Land Day, the annual commemoration of the 1976 Israeli massacre of Palestinians in the Galilee in struggle against massive land expropriation, and forms part of the Global Week of Action against the Crises and War from March 28 to April 4.
We urge the people and their organizations around the globe to mobilize in concrete and visible BDS actions to make this day a historic step in this new anti-apartheid movement and for the fulfilment of the rights and dignity of the people and the accountability of the powerful. In our March 30th BDS actions, we will particularly focus on:-

Boycotts and divestment from Israeli corporations and international
corporations that sustain Israeli apartheid and occupation.

Legal action to end Israels impunity and prosecute its war criminals through national court cases and international tribunals.-

Cancelling and blocking free trade and other preferential agreements with Israel and imposing an arms embargo as the first steps towards fully fledged sanctions against Israel.

The time for the world to fully adopt and implement the Palestinian call for boycotts,divestment and sanctions is NOW. This campaign has to become an urgent part of every struggle for justice and humanity, by adopting widespread action against Israeli products,companies, academic and cultural institutions, sports groups, international corporations supporting Israeli policies of racism, ethnic cleansing and military occupation and pressuring governments for sanctions. It must be sustained until Israel provides free access to Gaza, dismantles the Apartheid Wall and ends its occupation and colonization of all Arab lands; recognizes the right of the Arab Palestinian citizens of Israel to full equality;and respects, protects and promotes the rights of the Palestinian refugees to return to their homes and properties.

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