Please sign this petition if you agree that the time has come for the Sydney Morning Herald to bone their Chief Rugby Correspondent, Greg Growden.

In the past few months there has been a lot of good things happening in Australian Rugby, such as the launch of our first national competition the ARC, which has been provided some of the most entertaining rugby I've ever seen. We've also seen a Wallabies victory over the All Blacks and of course the build up to a world cup campaign in which we are looking very strong at third favourite.

So, one would expect some positive press from the Chief Rugby Correspondent at the nations biggest and oldest paper? Not so! Instead we've heard about:
- hypothetical contract terminations from Matt Giteau and Lote Tuqiri, both of which were not checked with the players concerned, and both of which have since been denied by the players and their management
- rumours of discontent between coaches
- rumours of discontent between players and management
- rumours of discontent between players and players (Huxley)
- alleged financial mismanagement at the Force ad nauseum (does anyone seriously care)
- and from today's Monday Maul - "is this the Wallabies' A team? Or merely the Wallabies' A-frame team?"

In fact, the only positive thing to come out from Greg's column in recent memory was after the Wallabies victory over the All Blacks, that story being the quality of the pie cart at the MCG and how NSWRU would have to lift their game.

Enough is enough! His ramblings consistently give opposition teams motivation to step up against the Wallabies, and if the fact that our national coach would refuse to answer questions from him is not enough to realise his time has passed then I don't know what will.

Far be it from me to speak on behalf of the rugby public, here are some comments left on public websites recently regarding the man known as Grumbles Growden.
he hates Gregan .... thinks the ARC sucks ... is beating up a story about Wallaby disharmony ..... can't agree with any of the selections

Pretty hard to defend Pie Growden when it comes to reporting. He is always keen to fall on the negative side of a story rather than the positives. I can only assume he styles himself as 'chief' rugby correspondent for SMH and in doing so you would have thought he would have promoted all aspects of the game we love, when you consider that he's writing for an east coast audience in the toughest sports viewing part of the country.
The only recent positive report from him has been about the improvement of the pies and gravy at a certain sport venue in Sydney.

peter hughes
Growden is a GOOSE and has been writing crap articles in SMH for years.
Besides for his constant bullsh1t muck-raking the guy has little Rugby knowledge and zero rugby pedigree I'm aware of. Did he even play the game ??

Enough! Rugby supporters, we must silence this fool

he only does it so people can read his crap articles .. the guy has no substance or any evidence in his claims ..
everytime i click into i get really annoyed when his picture is right in the middle of the page

The Jackal
Is this for real or just another of Pieman's Mad Monday Bullsh1t??
I go on holiday for two days and look what happens. In the space of 48 hours, Gossiping Greg managed to bungle a story about Matt Giteau and then get singled out at a Wallaby press conference as a prize d1ck-head by the Australian Coach, thus causing an incident involving John O'Neil, CEO of the ARU. Great going Greg!

Greg, you may have missed it but you were the chief detractor and most of the 'stuff' that was written originated from you and your 'highly placed sources'. The one thing about Growden's follow up was the lack of out and out gloating. Is it possible that Greg's sensing he's gone too far? Am I hoping against hope?
The amount of hatred and bile directed at the ARU by Growden every week absolutely amazes me.
The biggest thing I find amusing, though, is the title on all of his article - "Greg Growden - Chief Rugby Correspondent".

How many club games does Growden get out to ? He hadn't seen Kurtley Beale play til he turned out for NSW - does that mean he never watches Australian schoolboys matches ?

It just sh1ts me that Growden thinks he's some gossip columnist with the inside word- a 'deep throat' if you will inside the ARU. Most of the 'secrets' he reveals are pretty obvious really.

Red Bull
I f**king hate him with a passion. He rates himself far too highly.

Fark he is a prick of the highest order.

Growden is known for peddling sh1t.

Aussie D
Growden's piece today was pathetic, even by his own paltry standard. Tired old jokes and no mention whatsoever of Wallaby squads or the S14 semis.
Chief Rugby Correspondent my arse. Talk about rugby you pistonwristed gibbon.

F**king oath - if that's the best he's got to offer, its clear he isn't getting out and about in club rugby circles nearly enough. Pinot-quaffing idiot.

Really, is this all that Growden can come up with?
What a load of trash. He is really trying to be clever. Leave that for Fitzsimmons.

I just read Growden's sh1te for the wonder of what he's going to come up with next! It really is beyond laughable, yet I still find myself chuckling...
There are over 70 replies to this article and they all have the same message: sack growden now!

stillmissit said | August 29th 2007 @ 3:18pm
To us outsiders who reluctantly read what [Growden writes], he is biased, uniformed and opinionated. He is certainly not the messenger or an in depth rugby reporter. He is the face of rugby we all want to turn away from, because of his lack of rugby knowledge. I suggest he would not survive if in another sport like AFL or League. The problem is that there is often no other rugby reports but Growdens in the Herald.

Scotty said | August 29th 2007 @ 3:40pm
I recently wrote a complaint to SMH regarding Growden, and actually got a response from the managing editor. The response backed Growden to the hilt, not surprisingly, however I was surprised when I found out that someone else had got the exact same response when making a complaint to SMH. So my theory is that SMH is getting so many complaints about Growden, that the SMH team have come up with a standard response! Disgusting.

Harry said | August 29th 2007 @ 3:49pm
As I said recently on another tract Growden has printed too much unsubstantiated, unsourced and qualitiative stories (I dont think they are news) recently with the result he has lost bucketloads of credibility and support among the average rugby follower.

naza said | August 29th 2007 @ 3:52pm
Growden consistently manufactures lies under the cover of his convenient unnamed sources. No wonder Connolly finds it distasteful for Growden to question the integrity of his players.
Instead of writing about rugby, Growden wastes column space with lame beat-ups, personal crusades against those who dont give good quote and tedious ruminations of board room politics.
Memo to Growden, Jenkins et al - youre not gossip columnists for Womans Day. Write about rugby for a change.
Memo to the SMH - bone Growden now !

Scott - The Emu said | August 29th 2007 @ 4:09pm
Growden has made two missions in life:

1. To sample the pies at every grade and subbies ground in Sydney, and more shamefully,
2. To rock the ARU as hard as humanly possible, operating independent of traditional journalistic convention.

Cougar said | August 29th 2007
Growden [is] like a bulldog eating porridge - crap goes everywhere and you dont care you gets a bit of a spray!

chiselhead said | August 29th 2007 @ 4:31pm
Greg does right some rubbish.

betterIwas said | August 29th 2007 @ 4:48pm
the the writings of the CRC have not been particulalry attractive or informative recently. Wish he he would lift his game. Used to be good but just gossipy lately.

Harry said | August 29th 2007 @ 5:00pm
Spiro I really hope you and Mr. Growden reflect on the fact that this threads comments are currently running 8 -zip against you and GG. As we all know, the scoreboard never lies and we cant all be Knuckles mum ...

BM said | August 29th 2007 @ 5:15pm (6 days ago)
Make that 9 zip!
The "high ranking ARU official" talking out of school is wearing very thin.

kenikenipat said | August 29th 2007 @ 5:16pm
the CRC starts reporting about rugby, youll start to get some sympathy.

Matt Rowley said | August 29th 2007 @ 5:30pm
Hi Spiro - how are you enjoying web 2.0?
Would be interesting if Gregs articles had the same feature.

swifty said | August 29th 2007 @ 5:42pm
On the other hand I reckon Connolly did the right thing by trying to ignore Growden - its something that a lot of people on this site have been trying to do for a while now.

Sportym said | August 29th 2007 @ 5:52pm
I think it is the Journos in Oz that have lost touch with the average rugby punter. Look at the replies to this article, not a single person so far agrees with your. Most want Growden to go, let me spell it out to you spiros, Growden is a cancer of Rugby in Australia, he has to go.
Memo to Greg Growden, Spiros et al: Write facts, write about rugby, good and bad.. and IMPROVE THE MESSAGE! There are good things happening in Oz rugby so report on those too! Send the MESSAGE that OZ rugby is a good thing. Right now all we are getting is that all is wrong.

Gerry said | August 29th 2007 @ 6:20pm
mark another one up against Growden...
Grumbles has been negative towards Australian Rugby for years..his journalism is not wanted in our code.
I whole heartedly support John Connollys stance in now wanting to have him at a Press Conference, and I think for the rest of his tenure he should just ignore any words that come out of Grumbles mouth.

Scott - The Emu said | August 29th 2007 @ 6:58pm
Growden continually writes articles (I wont say reports, that suggests an element of factual basis) about internal workings of the ARU or Wallabies, never quoting a source whose comments can be checked or validated.
If most rugby fans look at New Idea, theyd pan it as fanciful and ficticious, yet thats was the CRC gives us most weeks: a source close to the couple, such-and-suchs personal assistants nannys brother said..
A good mate of mine who has covered rugby for longer than Ive been on this planet summed it up perfectly: "Growden? Hes alright. Hes just a negative c*** who has never laced a boot, thats all."



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    yes i have to agree. i am actually surprised that the herald employeed me as i havent been to uni and have never played rugby
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    For the SMH to retain its place as a bible for rugby-loving folk, Growden must go.

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