This is a petition in support of the 'Black Money Movement' letter that I sent to African American members of Congress and to Senator Barack Obama in September of 2005. This letter made headlines in Atlanta in Emerging Minds and the 'Black Money Movement' has been consistent with gathering many supporters.

The letter proposes that those members (and others who will receive the next batch of letters) make efforts towards changing the face of our currency (or at least one bill). It is my belief that this country's proclaimed success as a flourishing 'Superpower' owes the credit to the African slaves (my ancestors and yours). It is also my belief that the 'power' behind the U.S. currency would not be as such, had it not been for my ancestors. Therefore, I pose this question- Why are they not on it?

Seriously, it's time to stop playing around with these people. We have had all the marching and singing and begging that any one people can stand. It's time to hit them with the hardcore. It is time to address the most intrinsic issues of the problems that we have today. And now we don't want to ask for anything, it's time to just take. Asking obviously does not work. And with that, we need to unify on all of our issues- not just this one. I ask that you please erase the fear and the doubt- there is tremendous strength in unity and in our people, but it seems that we have lacked the necessary tools. Why? Because we have undoubtedly been under the tutilage of and influenced subliminally by an oppressor who took the chains off of our hands and wrapped them even tighter around our minds.

Since there is a 'fallacious' mindset in this country of progression and unity and the potential for the elimination of racism and an 'illusory' proclamation of equality- there should be no reason for the President, any U.S. officials or U.S. Treasury Officers to not take this seriously and grant this request. They use multiple avenues to try to give the illusion that they want to 'work together.' We have talked enough and listened to enough empty promises, lies, deceit,and have been coaxed into indulgence in every other political agenda but the ones that are truly liberating for us. (Below you will find a copy of the letter. Well, now it's time that we DEMAND that they SHOW and PROVE.

Much Peace and Many Blessings,

Zekita Tucker

Dear Representative:

In the history of this country we have seen slavery, war, economic depression, great civil movements, and now globalization and rapid technological advancements. The one very important thing that has not been seen is the faces of African Americans on Americas most valued possession- U.S. currency. Many African American leaders, Congressperson(s), the Senator, and average citizens struggle each day with the ills that their communities endure on many socioeconomic levels. There are many fresh and innovative ideas to ignite social and economic progress in these communities, however, most of the tactics that are implemented only deal with the surface and not the most intrinsic/ underlying problems that we have suffered and continue to suffer through today.

1) Separatism- our inability to be cooperative, economically and fundamentally in our communal structures.

2) Unfavorable Self Restitution- believing that we restore our dignity and determination by attempting to catch up with Americas mainstream by using superficial avenues rather than education and intelligent economic strategies. The people that suffer the most tragic results of this are members the poor African American communities- by digging financial pits that cannot be sustained by their income(s).

3) Deep Rooted Slave Master Worship- this is done by glorifying the men who are now the faces of American currency. In African American communities people are mugged and even murdered for money. It rules our country and it is every Americans motivation.

African American communities who are less fortunate than most Americans live in poverty and in some cases shame because they lack fundamental resources to achieve at least some level(s) of what they deem as success. One pertinent reason is because there is a lack of educational and financial competence. They suffer from a trickle down effect of poverty and illiteracy that was imposed (historically) by white supremacists, slave masters, and social separatists; some of which have faces that appear on the front side of every U.S. bill of currency.

It is an extreme psychological phenomenon. The faces of the men who control the most mundane facets of our lives (because we need money to survive) maintained that control during their lives and now even in their deaths. I propose to all African American members of Congress, the Senator, and the leaders of African American organizations that one sure and most absolute method that will aid in the social, educational, and economic recovery of the African American community is to work to change the face of our currency.

It will give the African American community greater morale, strength, and hope. Putting faces of the co-founders and builders of this great American structure will remind us of our contributions to this country. Put some black faces on the money! Or at least try. Each man whose face is on our currency has made exceptional contributions to this country and aided in its history and so their descendents get tangible evidence and bear witness to it. But to the African American people in history who made even greater contributions by being the profitable foundation (hence our powerful U.S. dollar) of this American soil, get recognition in only the social sciences but not in the global arena representing the strength and power of this great nation. Two kinds of people built this nation both the African slave and the European enslaver, so why then dont they both get represented on our most treasured possession? Again, I humbly propose all African American members of Congress, the Senator, and leading organizations, if you sincerely care about the problems of African American communities, put the first foot forward on this issue and stand up and be heard. In your current position(s) you have Americas ear. You have the power.

This letter has been sent to all parties listed above; Congress, the Senator, and leaders in African American organizations and some personnel of the U.S. treasury. And it will be followed by signed petitions from black communities throughout the country.


Zekita Q. Tucker

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