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dear credited reader/ petitioner,
I am here to day to petition on the subject for better rates of pay in our UK cinema's, every weekend hundred of cinema's around the UK are batted close to death buy paying patrons (god bless them all), and within the cinema walls are the workers, all cinema workers have to be highly trained within the business before becoming there most productive, many of there jobs include;

1 cleaning every screen up after every single showing, most of which are left in a awful state by our paying guest, often with damaged chairs which we have to repair on a daily basis.

2. we have to clean the toilets every 15 minutes and ensure that everything is in working order (toilets are also left very messy by customers)

3. we endure long anti-social hours (workers who have a close shift often stay till 2 o'clock in the morning if not later)

4. we have to endure many abusive customers who complain about mainly petty problems like 'why haven't you got a box office anymore' they often swear and push us around like we are all lesser figures.

5. we have to use the new Vista operating system which is not by any means perfect and often crashes much to the dislike of both us and the customers.

6. cinema workers in the UK have no major union, thus we are pushed around and have no solid place within the business, we are considered just numbers to the company.

7.the music played in the screens before films start is often the exact same music for up to 12 months, the same cd is played over and over again,

8. our cinema like a few others is falling apart we have to close off large sections of the cinema when it rains, and guess who has to clean up the rain water afterward, you get the idea.

9. our cinema like many others has no security anymore and thus no protection from criminals or drunks or people who want to pick a fight.

10. workers on concessions are subjected to very heavy pressure from companies they have to keep hold of lots of paperwork during their shifts they have to be almost bang on the dot when it comes to cashing in there tills, any mistakes and they get a verbal warning.

11. All workers are expected to know everything about every film in order to sell tickets, on the subject of selling every worker is trained to up sell to every customer in order to make more money for the company
If we are caught not up selling to customers we are disciplined.

there are other points too like we have to re-stock everything we use, but I feel your probably getting bored so the above should be enough

here for example is my current rate of pay at the cinema,

1. i earn 3.80 an hour (under 18) others like me earn as low as 3.35
over 18's earn between 4.45 and 4.90 an hour depending on there experience
and over 22's earn the basic rate of 5.35 an hour

2. each staff member gets 30 minutes un-paid break per 4 hour shift worked
this is governed by the managers (they tell us when we can go on a break)

3. the company optionally give out sick pay, for 1 day you will get no pay regardless of a doctors note, any longer than that and they will consider

4. we get 4 weeks of holiday a year, this is also governed by management, they tell us when we can go on holiday, no holidays are handed out when children are off school or bank holidays. This is extremely unfair on some as lots of workers are either parents or full time education,

We do get some benefits but these are limited to both funds and time.

Anyway I am campaigning for better pay here is what I would like to see:

1. Wage increase by at least 20p an hour to push it over 4.00 for under 18s

2. For over 18s a 25p increase is required to push payment up to 5.15 and beyond

3. Pay increase for over 22s should be lowered one year to over 21s like the rest of the UK.

4. Over 21s pay should be raised by 15p to at least 5. 50 if not more

5. breaks can be reduced down to as low as 20 minutes as long as they are paid breaks.

6. Holidays can be chosen when ever they wanted, but workers must work at least 2 busy periods (half term, Easter e.t.c) the stick to the same 4 weeks holiday a year

7. A poster be placed on the wall which reads please keep our cinema clean, thank you

8. The music be changed fortnightly in the screens to keep all of our floor staff happy

These are all of the demands British cinema workers just like me would like our companies to honour, and we would also be honoured if you could sign this petition agreeing with us. this petition is mainly to help floor staff at uk cinema's.
thank you very much for reading
G (I cannot sign my name in fear of being sack for gross misconduct)

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