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Dear Electronic Arts, DICE and partners,

We the undersigned believe in fair play and the true spirit of competition. In hopes to maintain these principles we publicly stand for any behaviors and conduct that exploits the basic rules of a multiplayer game. In addition we feel that it was the game developers intention to allow score manipulation by way of what we interpret as being loopholes in the Battlefield 2 game that would compromise the legitimacy of the multiplayer ladder board in this game. We justify this belief with the same rationale that the Supreme Court uses in interpreting Congressional action - if they didn't want it done, they would have done something about it.

Or more simply: What's left out, is left out for a reason.

The exploitation of loopholes and score manipulation is, we sincerely believe, not a violation of the End User License Agreement as this ability is plainly within the power of the game, as per its design. We are therefore - in regard to this issue requesting that Electronic Arts, DICE and partners take a more aggressive stance to encourage the proliferation and the use of super-ultra fun loopholes in the recent Battlefield 2 game that allow people to gain ranks by playing on opposite teams but with the same agenda. We are firmly against any changes to these, as they will be seen as a punishment against those with the creativity and ingeniuity to find and exploit the loopholes of the game.

People should not be punished for being clever and for finding ways around the rules. We are firmly against any action by Electronic Arts, DICE and partners to stifle such creativity.

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  • 19 December 201431. Zack L
    kinda like the Knife & Pistol Servers are being called "Cheat Servers" this is bs cause it should be allowed to play such maps as some of us like the competition of ONLY using knife & Pistols. presonally in these servers i only use a knife, it is
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