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Dear Readers,
There has been a member on DA who has been causing much, much trouble over the past few years. What is DA? DA is short for Deviant Art, a community for people to make friends, and share art with others, and for them to improve as years go by. However, there has to be a few people on DA who are bad members, and this member is really bad.
I will not exploit his name, but he has been known as Bobby. This teen has been causing havoc on DA for a few years, and has gone through FIVE different accounts, the first four banned. He is now on his fifth account where he continues to make trouble.
What has he done? There have been many members on DA who have been given spam, flame messages, bashing, and so on from him, being rude to members and also having no respect for others. He does not have any sympathy for others but himself. When someone gives him criticism, which is giving helpful tips to ones need, such as writing or drawing art. As much as I know of, and of other members, he cannot draw quite well. Lately, he has stolen some art, and colored it in with Paintshop Pro. What is it he does you ask? He asks like a little five-year-old, and throws a temper tantrum and spams the members, even if its like Its good, but it would look better colored or The arm of your guy looks a bit off, but its still good.. He even gives people tips, despite the fact he cant handle any criticism.
Bobby cannot accept the fact that people have different opinions. There have been members who have opinions of what they like, such as pairings. One member is a big fan of Princess Peach, of Nintendo. This member pairs his own character with Peach. There are many members on DA who would respect this, however, Bobby does not accept this at all. He wants the original pairings Mario and Peach to be a couple. Seriously, this person here cannot accept the fact that he has a different opinion then Bobby. What does Bobby do? He complains about the pairing, and bashes the member.
Bobby has gone through many girlfriends, and has dumped al of them because of their breast size. He continues to fave (the term used on DA to add the persons picture to their collection of likes. It shows a lot about the person.) the pictures of breasts and tells others that it is not perverted... what? It IS perverted if youve been doing this for years and years. I knew him well once, and told me that the sight of porn (a use of nakedness or sexual results) would make him sick. And apparently, it didnt.
When someone would do something for him, he would never say thank you, or thanks, and never said please once to me. On a forum that we used to go on (while I was still friends with him), he complained that he didnt post porn on the forum and said he was given the blame. I asked a few members, and they said that he did post pictures. Apparently, he did post the pictures.
My friend known as Bayleef was friends with him at one point, and broke up with him after she was forced to be in a relation together, and broke up with him after she found him cheating with another woman. She was being treated like crap with him, and didnt care at all about her. When she had a problem, and told him about it, Bobby didnt care at all, yet he complained to Bayleef and I.
A few things more before I end this. After trying to ban him, he complained that people were bullying him. The hell people were. People were trying to tell him to smarten up and grow up because he was acting very childish, and acting idiotic. He tries to get people to like him because of his sob stories, like If you dont be friends with me, Ill kill myself or If you dont be my girlfriend, Ill slit my wrists in order to get people to like him. We shouldnt put up with this at all.
The thing also is that DA wont ban him for some reason. Many people ask DA to ban him, give them proof, and they wont ban him. I ask of you, is this really fair? No, it isnt. If you went to DA, and asked DA to ban him, they probably wouldnt. So because of this, this will help DA become a better place of having one bad member less.
So I ask of you to sign this. Because of your help, when there are enough signatures of not wanting this member to create even more havoc on DA any longer, perhaps he will be banned for good. And, other members wont have to put up against him anymore.

Thank you.

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