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The web site known as is a web site which has become a major problem on the internet. This is a problem which is spreading to offline life. The web site offers a forum in which users can create petitions to try to remove material of everyday life from society.

Basically, a petition starts by someone deciding that there is something that offends them. They usually pick some violent web site or video game that has no effect on the human mind whatsoever, and these people pretend like these media are transforming the world's youth into a bunch of murderes.

Is there any validity in these claims? Very very little. Not enough to merit the start of a petition. Think of this: Video game companies often brag to each other about how they sell millions of copies of their games, and yet, only a few kids ever murder someone. Out of these kids, maybe 1 or 2 killed someone because of video games. Lots of kids say that video games are the reason, but they just say that, hoping that gullible parents will have pity on them and let them walk free. Basically, all those issues are started by middle-age men and women who suddenly realize that they have no lives, and need something to pass time. Banning something is a good way for old people to make themselves feel important.

So we know petitiononline is stupid, but why should it be banned? Well, the answer is very simple. I love the 1st ammendment to the constitution. It protects freedom of speech. If there was one thing I would have written differently, it would have protected people from petitions. What is really amazing is the fact that most people can just choose to ignore the "offensive material", but instead they choose to make sure that no one can view it. Not smart at all.

What made you start this petition? Well, I started it for a few reasons. One reason is that I am catholic (That is the most common reason for starting a petition:) ) I am pissed of at the reputation we catholics have recieved as of late for the general hate toward other groups. Most catholics (Generally old ladies, for some reason) are offended by stuff, and act like as if they know exactly what God wants "God wouldnt like grand theft auto", "The texas chainsaw massacre is a sin", and such threads. Do us all a faovr, and stop quoting god. The atheists dont enjoy it, and the smart catholics are embarrassed to be considered in the same group as you people.

Another reason I started this petition was because of the fact that no real issues are ever discussed. I suppose if the site ever took a turn toward seriousness, then it could be considered to be a good site, but it never ceases to amaze me that people know that there is a war in Iraq, and about the al-qaeda, but all they care about is stupid stuff like banning a web site. What stupid communists. Seriously: "I know that there are terrorist groups all over the world that serve no other purpose in life than to try to kill me, but I am just gonna go make a petition about something I saw on TV instaed." Doesnt seem like a very good idea to me.

One last note: Regular targets of these attacks include Newgrounds, ebaumsworld, and somethingawful. These sites were made by people who sat down at their computer and actually did something that makes a difference. They didnt just say "I will do some useless whining." Instead, they posted material, no matter what anyone thought of it. Comedian Mitch Hedburg once said "I'm against picketing, but I dont know how to show it." Now mitch, I know you overdosed on heroine, but if you can see me wherever you are, this one is for you.

P.S.Wouldnt it be ironic if this petition got banned? Heck, its already ironic.

Brian J. (Ownsyoudaily from the BBS.)

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