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- John Thomas is a schizophrenic avoidant, antisocial, impulsive, self-seeking, obsessive-compulsive, narcissistic, passive-aggressive (one or combination) who needs antipsychotics, psychotherapy, antidepressants, anti-anxiety medication. His problems are based on his sexual, physical, emotional, verbal abusive childhood.

- University of South Australia is a public uni which means taxpayer money is used to fund this clown. Have him kicked out! Write to your local minister (state government) and petition to kick this clown out of the public university system. He's abusive, rude towards students, he's arrogant, writes his name in journals where he's contributed little. He dresses to class with a moustache, dirty clothing, and treats the university like working at the sewers.

- John Thomas never responds to student questions, worst lecture/tutor I've ever had

- John Thomas rocks 15 minutes late consistently. Sometimes he doesn't turn up at all.

- John Thomas' home page is: or John Thomas is a Professor of Applied Physics, Division of Information Technology, Engineering and the Environment, School of Electrical and Information Engineering, office based in Mawson Lakes Campus in F1-43. His phone is +61 8 830 23053 and fax is +61 8 830 23389, email [email protected] He is Professor of Applied Physics and Discipline Leader, Leader of the Laser Light Scattering and Materials Science Group ( Students include Miguel Montes, Davinder Singh, Langdon Davis, Roger Symonds, Zsolt Temesi, Paul Rogers, Lucy Tran, Suparno, Anthony Quinn, Damien Harris, Cynthia Piantadosi, Alex Gentlemen, Sharlene Lo, Shirley Chui. Also exchange students Paul Ubbink, Vincent Kuiper, Rudo Bouwhius, Jaap Blok, Pieter Mulder, Thomas Post. Staff at the University of Twente (, The Netherlands) laugh at this joker's incompetency.

- As a profile picture ( this clown sports a moustache and is seen blasting a fire hose across a dirt bed, demonstrating his anti-environmental tendencies.

- Professor John Thomas is the lone leader of Laser Light Scattering and Materials Science Group, likely assigned such position because of his domineering personality traits.

- John Thomas' inability to respond to student emails in an appropriate time suggests avoidant personality (insular paranoid), usually based upon abusive parenting childhood and negative internal feelings, contributed by schizophrenia. Possible cures listed are psychotherapy, antidepressants, antipsychotics and anti-anxiety medications.

- John Thomas' "talking to self" in lectures indicates unsociability, quietness, seriousness, eccentricity, nervousness, secretiveness, emotional coldness, which is characteristic of schizoid personality disorder. His avoidant personality is part of the WHO personality disorder trait. Obviously, his sense of superiority and "self-sufficiency" is derived. Cures are antipsychotics only. His self-imposed shyness and avoidant of interpersonal relationship is because of severe low self-esteem and lonely self-perception.

- John Thomas' disregard for students is lack of remorse and empathy for students. His use of expletives in the lecture room also demonstrates irritability, impatience, threat, aggression, verbal abuse, inability to control anger. His tendency to violate the boundaries and rights of students by scoring them lower than they should get marks is also questionable. The American Psychiatric Association calls this antisocial personality disorder.

- John Thomas and his constant promotion of his centre is impulsive behaviour marking his unstable self-image and sense of self. This may include chronic feelings of emptiness, and inappropriate anger. This s known as borderline personality disorder. Childhood sex abuse and physical abuse is found to have a strong connection with borderline PD. Abuse was found in studies to have been verbal, emotional, physical and sexual by caregivers of either gender. Some studies have also shown it may be genetic, meaning Thomas' parents may have also displayed this symptoms

- John Thomas and his constant promotion of the Laser centre is excessive emotional self-seeking. It is true this clown who comes to lectures dressed up as a tradesperson would be classed as a joke to consieered caring of physical appearane, but anyhow.

- John Thomas and his inflexibility is a symptom of obsessive-compulsive persnality disorder which is the obsession with rules and organisation. The requirement to have all students follow HIS schedule, HIS belief, HIS morals, HIS ethics, HIS values, and fears these standards will not be met because HE is king. Treatment is to reduce alcohol, ADD medicine, anti-depressent, medication in islation.

- John Thomas and his desire to give students low marks is symptom of narcissistic personality disorder, which is closely linked to self-centredness. The cause is usually overindulgence or undervaluation by parents, severe emotional abuse in childhood. Although stable condition, this chemical imbalance needs psychotic drugs to deal with.

- John Thomas is threatened by other indviduals who may seem better than him. This fear of competition, and his fear of intimacy is symptom of passive-aggresive behaviour, whichc auses procrastination, resentment. In order to fix this, he needs to discuss with his target victim (his students) and understand how his abuse is hurting them.

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