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We the undersigned request that The New Bill is abolished completely and that The Old Bill is brought back on television.

How much worse is The Bill going to get. The storylines are utter crap and the characters are so unbelievable its untrue. Ever since the Don Beech corruption scandal in October 2000, the programme has been full of bent coppers, psycho coppers, coppers with dark secrets from the past, not to mention the number of hunks and babes who can't act their way out of a crisp packet. The programme has never been right since DS/DI/DCI Frank Burnside, DS Ted Roach and one of my personal favourites WPC/WDC Viv Martella all left the show in the same year 1993, it started to go off then. By the end of 1999 though it had gone completely stale and something needed to be done to get it back on track. Unfortunately this is not the right way of going about it and by axing Chief Superintendent Charles Brownlow, Chief Inspector Derek Conway, Inspector Andrew Monroe, everybodies favourite Sergeant Bob Cryer, Sergeant Matt Boyden and PC/DC Jim Carver its made matters worse. Instead of axing these six from the show, all they needed to do was bring Frank Burnside and Ted Roach back alongside them all and make better storylines for everybody who was present and correct at the Don Beech corruption scandal. Instead, the Bill bosses decided to change the whole format of the show and introduce what is nearly a clean sweep of new characters. DC Mickey Webb was another great character, in fact in my opinion the best character to come to Sun Hill since Frank Burnside departed. He to eventually left the programme. Mickey was one of the few better characters left in the show but sadly departed and rumour has it, it was because actor Chris Simmons who played Mickey Webb was sick of the soap storylines he was getting. Mickey was an aggressive, tough talking, no nonsense copper (the best) and his greatest achievement was nailing Superintendent Tom Chandler, who I for one couldn't stand the bloody sight of. At this moment in time, DCI Jack Meadows is the best and the only real copper left at Sun Hill police station. The sooner Mickey comes back he and Jack can team up again. Jack and Mickey had a great working relationship and it isn't the same without these two together. Besides Jack Meadows, the only other good characters left in The Bill are Sergeant June Ackland, Sergeant Dale Smith, PC Tony Stamp and PC Reg Hollis. God forbid if anything was to happen to Jack, June, Reg, Tony and Smithy because that would be the final nail in the coffin where The Bill is concerned.

The only way to get the programme back on track properly is to:

1) Reduce the number of episodes they do a year. The Bill should be like it was from 1984-1987, when the programme was on once a week for 60 minutes and it was only on for so many weeks on the trot. It wasn't on all year round to start with and this is the biggest problem with The Bill, it is on 52 weeks of the year. There is never a break from it.

2) The show must go back to its old style.

3) Bring back Peter Creegan and Michael Chapman. These two were the second and third Executive Producers and they were Executive Producers of the old school.

4) Bring back the old scriptwriters who wrote the scripts from the start on 16th October 1984 - 20th August 1998. The old scriptwriters would once again write quality scripts, providing and only providing, they are given plenty of time to plan things out thoroughly. No scriptwriter is capable of writing a decent script if they have to keep churning material out at the rate at which they have been churning it out. Its a wonder the writers haven't all got writers cramp. Since returning to the hour format on 25th August 1998, right up until the present day, two episodes a week have been going out on the air both of which are 60 minutes long which is the equivalent of doing four episodes a week each of which is 30 minutes long. Its all rushed and things need to slow down.

5) Bring some of the old characters back e.g. Chief Superintendent Charles Brownlow, Sergeant Bob Cryer, DCI Frank Burnside, DI Roy Galloway, DS Ted Roach, PC/DC Jim Carver, DC Mickey Webb to name but a few.

If The Bill is not careful, it will be another long running programme taken off the air for good.

Please take this petition very seriously.

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