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Thank you for visiting this site.

The intention of this site is to inform readers of the disappointing events that we Jamiroquai fans came across.

My name is Kimidon, and I run this weblog site together with Yuuki. Both Yuuki and I belong to the Official Japanese Jamiroquai Fan Club. For the past few months we have been struggling with a problem that occurred between the organisers of the fan club and we, the members.

Regarding this, we are posting the following eletter to the editorf to several magazines and newspapers, and so forth. If you consent to us, we sincerely ask that you undersign this statement.

Dear editor,

We would like to briefly introduce ourselves. We are members of the Official Japanese Jamiroquai Fan Club. (Jamiroquai is a U.K. band led by JK (Mr Jason Kay). The band received a Grammy Award in 1996, and appeared in a TVcommercial film of Sony MD in the same year.) This fan club is an official fan club organised by a company called K.K. Inspired (President: Mr Kim Takao). The company collects an annual membership fee of 5,250 yen from fan club members.

We are sending this letter to inform you of a very regretful event that we Japanese fans sadly came across.@On November 14, 2005, an event was held at a live house in Shibuya, Tokyo, which was exclusive only for fan club members.

It was titled:
JAY KAY MEETS: An Event organised by the Jamiroquai Fan Club

The event was introduced as follows:
This is an exclusive event only for fan club members to spend time with Jamiroquai at the live house DUO. Band members, including Jay Kay are holding the party at DUO just for you. The event program includes an interview with Jay Kay which may only be heard here, time for direct questions, an autograph-signing session, shaking hands with the members, and giving signed items to fans. This is a great opportunity for fans to communicate directly with the band members. At the previous event, Jay Kay Calling held at DUO, the band played four songs, including new songs, as a surprise event. This live performance can be seen on JK TV.

The entrance fee, including handling costs was 3,800 yen, and close to 400 fans gathered. The event was held on Monday, weekday. Accordingly, many of the fans who attended had to take annual leave or had to wrap up their daily routines to attend the event. Since fans were attending the event from different parts of the country, they had to come by air or Shinkansen, reserving rooms at hotels. We were all enthusiastic and had been looking forward to the event.

However the actual event turned out to be quite different from what was expected. After being packed in the live house for over an hour, the band finally appeared. What disappointed us more than the long wait was the fact that the performance only lasted for a few minutes. This was far from close to what was introduced as gspending time together with the band membersh.

At the end of the event, we seethed with resentment at the lack of explanation or apology for the disappointing performance. The only remark given to us by the event hostess was, gYou should feel very thankful for the band members that they could come to see you.h We were shocked at this remark which only made us angrier.

On man shouted with anger g I quit being a Jamiroquai fan!.h gThis is a fraud!h cried a girl. All of us had to leave the live house, frustrated with anger and regret. On some BBS or weblog sites, many Jamiroquai fans spoke of their sad feelings.

This event was held on the previous day of the beginning of the Japan tour. Due to their lingering resentment towards the group, some fans refused to go to the concerts. Others who attended the concerts also were unable to fully enjoy the performances, as they could not forget the sad feelings they had at the event. In this sense, it is no exaggeration to say that not only our right to enjoy the JAY KAY MEETS event at DUO were taken away from us, but also our right to enjoy the concerts that followed.

Accordingly, we set up a weblog site to deal with this issue. Through the gathering information, we learnt a very shocking fact: the organisers forced the event to be held, even though they had already known that it was not possible to realize the event that they had advertised.

The organisers must have known that those who attended risked their time and money for this special event. If we had known that the event was not going to be carried out as planned, we surely would have done something about it.

We have not yet been informed about the reason for the late arrival of Jamiroquai. However, whatever the reason may be, the unfulfilled obligation to offer the promised service lies with K.K. Inspired. And we the participants of the event feel that we deserve the right to seek a satisfying explanation and a sincere apology from the organisers.

In addition, the service offered via Internet, which is the domain business of the fan club, has been drastically delayed. The update of information was frequent only before the tour in Japan. Now that the tour is over, the site seems to have seized to function.

We have sent formal requests to Mr Kim Takao, president of K.K. Inspired, in request of an improvement in the services as well as an explanation. Though we have waited for 48 days, we have still not received a reply. Accordingly, in viewing their insincere manner against our requests, we have no other choice but to ask you of your attention as we speak.

We send this letter to inform the world of the existence of such an insincere fan club, even one that has been officially admitted by the artists themselves. This incident led us to lose faith and love towards the artists that we believed in. We feel sad that our love towards Jamiroquai have been taken advantage of, and we would like to warn others that such incidents could happen to anyone.

Truly yours,

Kimidon Yuuki

(Names that have been given on the Online will added here.)

The above is the statement to be sent to editors of magazines, newspapers, DJs and so forth. If you read through this and could consent to our statement, could you please give your name and e-mail address?@ Any such private information delivered to us will not be exposed. Anyone is welcome regardless of gender, age, or nationality.

Please be assured that any information given to us on the web site will never be disclosed or exposed to anyone for any other purpose than to be written down on the above statement.

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