Ask The New Waitrose at Lutterworth NOT TO SELL or stock any tobacco now and forever for the ethical investor and the next 106,000 sign now


I am trying garner support for a Waitrose tobacco free Supermarket in Lutterworth, a joint peace making exercise between an interesting blend of local and international organisations and portray Lutterworth in good light using the people's conscience and voice to remind us of the nuance that is Lutterworth, Leicestershire England in a global economy full of self perpetuating violence and bad investments.
My reasons.
Very simply approximately 106,000 people every year in the UK die every year from smoking linked illnesses. People want to invest their money in ethical companies. Lutterworth needs to be different. There is not enough government steering for young people on this issue with British Supermarkets and not enough hope offered to the older people, straining their eyes for victory on this subject.
Tobacco plantations put development pressure on important areas of interest to conservationists, they threaten important habitats for wildlife, and they are probably not organically grown, so harmful to insect biodiversity. Or more specifically may threaten rainforest although I do not know the required absolute climatic parameters for growing conditions of the tobacco plant. (They) the tobacco investor put pressure on people to grow tobacco and work for them and possibly also in a world where there is sometimes little good food to eat and land might be heavily mined or recently cleared of mines and groups are deciding what is best for themselves and for that land.
I was working in a low paid job picking tobacco orders for Texaco filling stations which was very demoralising, and not really in the interest of the public majority. Like I reported, earlier, approximately 106,000 people die including brothers, sisters, mothers, aunts, uncles, fathers/dads grandparents and friends every year in the UK. For everyone this is a private tragedy.
Smoking in your house is a fire risk too- a potential cause of sudden unexpected death and also a tragedy.
On an individual and personal level.....
There is a lot of money leaving the UK in the form of international aid and in a time of recession it is probably a bad investment to spend it on tobacco. Treating someone to roast organic salmon steak with honey and mustard glaze and boiled potato is probably better. Tobacco IS TAXED LIKE ALMOST ALL OTHER EXPENDITURE. It might be good advice to rely on "other expenditure" if you are concerned about raising government funds from VAT rather than tobacco expenditure. It might be better to put this towards a family holiday a new washing machine a replacement part or fairly inexpensive overseas aid or even to the National Library for the Blind for example. Tobacco is taxed and the part the consumer pays is called(VAT) Value Added Tax (an ad valorem tax) and the government can put it on anything they like to raise money for things like hospital treatments, cleaners, caterers, testing kits, beds, education, public services such as buses, counselling, emergency services, social services, law and order and prisons, public libraries ,higher education (universities), public and private events like sports matches and sponsoring or supporting local teams through provision of facilities for lowering cholesterol to Olympic hopefuls looking for bronze, silver and gold to therapeutic sport for people recovering from mental illness etc.

If you feel moved or obliged to sign this petition for any kind of reason personal and private or openly then please do so. If you are a responsible adult you might want to sign it on behalf of a local organisation or business that you are in charge of or a member of. The petition is open to everyone but if you are under 18 years old, please get parental/guardian consent first. You may need the written consent/agreement of other members of a body/group/organisation/club/society/business to sign this petition on behalf of that name so..... therefore please check with the relevant authority of that body/group/organisation/club/society/business first and out of the respect of other members first. (After all they might not all agree with you).

PS For those who do sign thankyou so much, stay optimistic, you're a nuance on a new piece of paper in an otherwise grey ash tray, yellow fingered, neat pink scar tissue but colourful world!

PPS If you are really interested in giving up tobacco You could ring QUIT a UK charity their number to ring is "Quitline" is 0800 00 22 00 the other good people you can call if you are feeling suicidal lonely anxious or frightened are the Samaritans 24 hours of the day. Drinking cold water with ice cubes, eating celery, trying pieces of fruit are also said to have helped some people along with taking regular exercise.

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