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To Whom It May Concern,

We the descendants of the people known by history as the Arkansas & Missouri Cherokee Tribes do hereby proclaim the following:

We are the descendants of the Arkansas & Missouri Cherokee Tribes. Our ancestors came to the Arkansas & Missouri territories to establish for our peoples' future a land to live in, free from war and violence as per granted to our people by Spanish Land Grant, and in accordance to federal treaty as entered into agreement by the rightful and legal representation of the Arkansas Cherokee Chiefs in the year of our Lord 1817.

Our ancestors settled in the lands acquired by our people by virtue of a Spanish land grant and the mutual agreement between our legitimate leadership of recognized Arkansas Cherokee Chiefs and the United States Government. We are the descendants and heirs of the Cherokee Indians whom was formally recognized by treaty that was signed by our leaders in direct government to government relations with the Kingdom of Spain, The Kingdom of France, and the United States of America.

In the year 1828 an illegal treaty was adopted by the United States and was ruled NULL & VOID by our legally recognized leadership, and said treaty was never authorized nor recognized to be applied to our peoples as it was ruled illegal by the Arkansas Cherokee Council Chiefs at our Arkansas Cherokee Tribal Headquarters.

The United States ratified the 1828 treaty without the consent of our legal representation of our Chiefs due to pressure of special interest groups among settlers of that time, and our lands were opened up to settlement which resulted in the loss of our tribal lands due to the ratification of a treaty not endorsed by our tribal Chiefs and Headmen. Our people were forced to either remove to Indian Territory and loose all their holdings without fair compensation, or remain on their land and be forgotten by the United States of America as a sovereign people as a result of treachery and deceit imposed upon our Cherokee Ancestors.

Our ancestors were then embroiled in a long standing legal battle for federal recognition of our lands as promised by the 1817 treaty, and at no time ever agreed, assigned, nor recognized the illegal treaty of 1828 as a basis for relations between our tribes and the United States Government.

As a result of these issues that resulted in needless bloodshed and brutal attacks on our people by the New Echota Leadership, our people suffered at the hand of violence by those whom purposefully killed and slaughtered our leaders and women and children in an effort to force them into submission to Chief John Ross. When the murdering became epidemic and innocents were being slaughtered by the New Echota Group, President James Polk intervened on our ancestor's behalf.

In the year 1846, President James Polk presented a bill to Congress to separate our respective peoples by a permanent Territorial Division between those Cherokee that were forced to re-located as per the 1835 New Echota Treaty, and our ancestors known as the Old Settlers, or the Cherokee Nation West, historically known as the Western Cherokee Nation.

Our people as Western Cherokees suffered inhuman and horrible discrimination forced upon our peoples during these times by the New Arrival Cherokees. Our Cherokee ancestors were forced to hide in the Ozark Mountains as a result of families being slaughtered by the Light Horse Police and the continued assaults on our people and the killing of our children by the abuses of political factions endorsed by the United States.

These events resulted in a hostile takeover of our lands and properties, which were sold without our consent by those people in league with Chief John Ross while he lived in Pennsylvania during the Civil War. Our council grounds and tribal headquarters were sold by the Ross faction after the Civil War in an attempt to appease the United States at the expense of our people. The Cherokees living on our sacred council grounds were forced to leave and our traditional leadership was forced to escape with their lives.

Our honorable Cherokee ancestors chose to remain living in our lands rather than capitulate to the leadership of Chief John Ross whereas he intended to subdue our people by committing acts of aggression and murder upon our peaceful Cherokee People.

History has proven by virtue of our historical acknowledgment by the Kingdoms of France, Spain, England and the United States of America that our people and the leaders of our people have continued to remain a unique people with a unique history whose leadership and territories were established West of the Mississippi River prior to 1835.

We the descendants of the Arkansas Cherokee attest and affirm that our people still exist, and that we as the descendants of the Arkansas & Missouri Tribes do to this day remain aware of our ancient culture and the history surrounding our people.

Be it known hereafter, that We The Rightful Descendants of the Arkansas & Missouri Cherokee People have since that time as is documented in federal records, neither accepted nor agreed to the tenants of the 1828 treaty, and that we affirm the fact that the treaty of 1828 is still an illegal document that was designed to deprive our people of their sovereign status as a people and lands and we hereby proclaim it as did our ancestors and tribal council ruled within their vested authority that the treaty of 1828 is NULL & VOID.

We affirm that our tribes protested the 1828 treaty and still do to this day, as our ancestors did in accordance with the wisdom of our ancient tribal counsel that ruled the 1828 treaty as illegal and proclaimed such by letter to Washington D.C from the only Legally recognized Chiefs of our Nation. We affirm that the treaty of 1828 was illegal and was an act of fraud and deceit on behalf of the United States so as to take our lands and disperse our people and destroy our way of life.

We the united families and descendants of the Arkansas & Missouri Cherokee Tribes do hereby affirm and embrace our ancient culture and stand in solidarity together and hereby refuse to allow the history, culture, and good name of our peoples to be exploited by groups claiming to be our people whom do not represent our interests either politically or historically in any way shape or form.

We the Cherokee People, do hereby proclaim that any and all groups committing fraud in the name of our beloved ancestors will be protested and eschewed by we the undersigned.

Therefore as concurrent with this ideal, we the Cherokee people and their Descendants do hereby affirm that we are a unified people by blood and ancestry and we do hereby proclaim the following in solidarity as one voice:

We the descendants of the Arkansas & Missouri Cherokee hereby proclaim that the organization knows as "The Lost Cherokee of Arkansas & Missouri Inc." with offices at 100 College St. Marshall AR, 72650. DOES NOT represent nor hold the ideas and interests of the families of the Arkansas & Missouri Cherokee Tribes whom sign this petition.

We the descendants of the Arkansas & Missouri Cherokee Tribes demand that this organization cease collecting funds in the name of our peoples for the purpose of profit, and to cease.operating in the name of our people by the selling and distributing of products utilizing the name of the Arkansas & Missouri Cherokee people in efforts meant to exploit our heritage and collect funds under the auspices of an Indian Tribe.

We believe our rights as a sovereign people are endangered by the above named group in their attempts to aggressively assert themselves as the legitimate voice of the Arkansas & Missouri Cherokee People. It is our belief that this group endangers the future of all Native American Indians by selling goods under the falsehood of being an established American Indian Tribe.

Please refer to the following statute concerning Native American Crafts:

104 STAT. 4662 . PUBLIC LAW 101-644-NOV. 29,1990

Section 1154 Title 18:

1159. Misrepresentation of Indian produced goods and products

(a) It is unlawful to offer or display for sale or sell any good, with or without a Government trademark, in a manner that falsely suggests it is Indian produced, an Indian product, or the product of a particular Indian or Indian tribe or Indian arts and crafts organization, resident within the United States.

We humbly ask that you as our elected officials uphold this law in regards to Native American art and crafts so that our childrens' children will have the opportunity to embrace our culture and to protect their future rights in regards to American Indian created arts and crafts.

We stand in solidarity against abuses of Native Culture with our brothers and sisters and publicly uphold the rights of Native American Artisans whom are required by federal law to adhere to the laws meant to protect our craftsmen & craftswomen. We uphold the rights of Native American Indians whom are registered with their respective tribes as according to federal law, and we hereby stand with our brethren in unity.

It is our solemn belief that false groups bent on exploiting the history of our people while claiming to be the legitimate heirs of our historical tribal council and leadership for the purpose of tourist trade without valid evidence, are engaged in an act of fraud by utilizing the names of our ancestors. It is our belief that such groups are potentially harmful to the future of American Indian people and a direct affront to the legitimate federally recognized Sovereignty of the Indian Tribes of America.

It is the desire of our united families to live in harmony and peace with one another by the sharing of our culture and the education of our children. It is not in the best interests of our peoples to be exploited and we protest such actions.

Several of the organizations representing our people have submitted letters of intent with the Bureau of Indian Affairs as is required as a first step in the process of federal recognition. Several of these organizations have sought the legal aid of counsel for the purpose of proceeding with the federal recognition process. It is our desire as a sovereign people to adhere to the laws of the United States and local law, and it is our desire to establish our peoples as honorable and respectful of the law.

We the rightful descendants of the Arkansas & Missouri Cherokee do hereby announce and proclaim that we are in no way affiliated with the group "The Lost Cherokee of Arkansas & Missouri Inc." and that our united families are not represented by the interests of said organization nor the city leadership in Marshall Arkansas.

We the united families of the Arkansas & Missouri Cherokee do not lend our name nor our heritage to the above mentioned group, nor do we acknowledge their counsel as being the voice of our peoples, nor do we affiliate ourselves or share in revenues received by this group for the purposes of exploiting our ancient heritage and culture.

We further proclaim that this group of individuals known as " The Lost Cherokee of Arkansas & Missouri Inc "does not represent the interests nor the ideals and traditions of our people whom have either previously applied for services from the Bureau of Indian Affairs or filed letters of intent to receive federal aid as noted within official records held by the Department of the Interior.

We the descendants of our ancestors formally protest and proclaim that the group known as " The Lost Cherokee of Arkansas & Missouri Inc" are not affiliated with our people, and we do hereby publicly announce that the continued representation of said group, whereas they publicly proclaim and advertise their organization as an continuation and direct lineal descendant of our ancient and traditional tribal council, is hereby denounced by the signers of this document as fraudulent and without merit and not based in legal fact.

Very Respectfully Yours,

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