Antonio Quattrone Milan, Italy - Head Honcho Malaysia TELME Digital Network Marketing sign now

The Royal Malaysian Police Report - Telme (S) Pte Ltd (Mecotek Group Italy)

Sometime in October 2006, I was introduced to Mr.Antonio Quattrone ( by one Mr.Guido Piccinelli ( , whom I came across on the classified ads on the internet. We met at Dome Restaurant/Lot 10 KL , which became our regular meeting place , besides ,

(i) KL Plaza Condo ЁC 5 th Floor , Lounge/Reception Area

(ii) H132 , 13th Floor , KL Plaza Condominiums , 179, Jalan Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala Lumpur.

(iii) Telme PJ Office opened on 22nd March 2007 ЁC No.23-4, 4th Floor, Jalan USJ 9/5Q , Subang Business Centre, Taipan Triangle, 47620 Subang Jaya.

I joined Telme on 14 th November 2006.

These are the dates which I paid cash to Mr.Antonio Quattrone:

(1) 14th November 2006 ЁC USD35 (RM125) Team Member

(2) 29th January 2007 ЁC USD200 (RM700) Upgraded to Partner

(3) 12th February 2007 ЁC USD400 (RM1400) Top Partner

(4) 23rd February 2007 ЁC USD400 (RM1400) Upgraded to Team Builder

Total: USD1035 (RM3625)

(i) I personally paid cash to Antonio Quattrone and he set it up on the website (

(ii) Antonio Quattrone went back to Italy without saying a word on the 19th April 2007.

Telme (S) Pte Ltd - (Reg.No. 200602641C)

210, Middle Road, #09-01, IOI Plaza, Singapore 188994.

Beneficiary Bank Details

Beneficiary Name: Telme (S) Pte. Ltd.

210 , Middle Road , Unit #09-01 , Singapore 1888994.

Bank: HSBC (The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited)

Street Address: Commercial Banking Centre , 21 Collyer Quay , #08-01 HSBC Building , Singapore 049320.

Swift Code: HSBCSGSG

Account No: 260-480033-178


Online Order Address: Telme (S) Pte Ltd

1, Coleman Street , #06-04 , Adelphi , Singapore 179803.

Mr. Antonio is assigned by Telme (S) Pte Ltd to be the man responsible for officially launching Telme Malaysia in January 2007. When it didn't launch as agreed upon in January 2007, we demanded for an answer and we were assured that Telme (S) Pte Ltd had found a reliable local Bumi-Partner for a Joint-Venture to launch in March 2007.
We were convinced that the President of Telme/Mecotek Group Italy, Mr.Fabio Galdi will be in Kuala Lumpur for discussions with the Bumi-Partner to finalise the Joint-Venture.
Mr.Antonio assured me that I will be the 001 (1 st in the hierarchy in the Marketing Plan) in Malaysia. From then on, I introduced and recommended all my businessmen friends to join the TELME Business.
Those people whom I introduced and recommended to Antonio Quattrone were harassing me day and night for a refund because Telme (S) Pte Ltd did not keep their promise and honour their intentions as agreed upon, which was to officially open Malaysia Telme Office in March 2007. Therefore to uphold my reputation and good name, I am left with no choice but to make a Police Report whereby investigations can be made accordingly.

* Sila rujuk Polis Repot: THSL/029976/07 Tarikh: 30/10/2007

Officer-in-Charge: Deputy SUPT. Mahfuz Bin Dato' Abdul Majid

BP Bukit Perdana
(JSJK) Jabatan Siasatan Jenayah Komersial
(Internet Crime Investigation Unit)

Tel: 03-2616 3848/39 Fax:03-2616 3998

(1) When we request to see DS Licence and MLM Licence, AQ assured that when Telme Malaysia is officially launched in January 2007, the question will not arise, meaning everything will be in order, no problems with the local authorities, etc. Then the launch was postponed to March 2007? When we demand for an answer, he says that the company has found a reliable local BUMI-Partner for a Joint-Venture, and will let us know the name of the tie-up in due course. AQ also emphasised that the President of Telme, Fabio Galdi was in KL for talks with the Bumi partners to finalise the deal.

(2) Because of this issue, at the very beginning already I requested for more documents, testimonies, information regarding Telme & Mecotek Group Italy. So finally when I was adamant about this issue, AQ gave me his password & log-in name for me to access into his personal details and data available in the Digital Portal. ( I realized at that moment in time, I just have got to save all these data and info in the Digital Portal as well as his emails contents.


Chronology of Events - Telme (S) Pte Ltd in Malaysia

(1) Mid- October 2006 - Met Guido Piccinelli and Antonio Quattrone at Dome Restaurant / Lot 10 KL.

(2) 14th November 2006 - Joined TELME Business as Team Member USD35. Started to recruit Rajah Sekar (002) , Nordin Hussain (003) , Peter Lee (004) , regular meetings conducted at (i) 5th Floor Lounge/Reception Area KL PLaza Condo (ii) Dome Restaurant/Lot 10 KL (iii) H132, 13th Floor, KL Plaza Condominiums - Residence of Antonio and Guido rented for them by Telme (S) Pte Ltd.

(3) 1st-week December 2006 - Piccinelli went back to Italy, then Quattrone went back to Italy 2nd week of December 2006, for the Christmas and New Year Holidays!

(4) 8th January 2007 Monday - Antonio Quattrone arrived KL 2.00pm without Piccinelli, met him at KL Plaza Reception 5th Floor around 5.00pm.

(5) 29th January 2007 Monday - Paid USD200 (RM700) cash to Quattrone.(Partner Position)

(6) Wednesday 7th February 2007 - Rajah Sekar Upgraded to Team Builder. Discussion regarding Kota Kinabalu, Sabah Meeting tentatively 23/02 Friday, 24/02 Saturday, 25/02 Sunday, Promenade Hotel or Beverly Hills Hotel.

(7) Monday 12th February 2007 - Paid USD400 (RM1400) cash to Quattrone. (Top Partner)

(8) Friday 23rd February 2007 - Paid USD400 (RM1400) cash to Quattrone. (Team Builder)

(9) 25th February 2007 - TC Brian Yap Upgraded to Team Builder, Order N. J12068820070225201501 C.I. 120688

(10) 3/4/5/6th Mac 2007 - Quattrone went to Kota Kinabalu, Sabah with Monika Rusnakova and Shakeel Khan to meet Rajah Sekar.

(11) Thursday 8th Mac 2007 - Quattrone back from Sabah.

(12) Thursday 22nd Mac 2007 - Renovations finally completed - USJ Office Officially Open.(Soft-Opening in February 2007).
Address: No. 23-4, 4th Floor, Jalan USJ 9/5Q,
Subang Business Centre, Taipan Triangle 47620 Subang Jaya.

(13) 6th April 2007 Friday - AQ left for Koh Samui / Telme Holidays! Back next Thursday 12th April 2007.

(14) April 19th Thursday 2007 - AQ went back to Italy!

(15) 20th April Friday 2007 at 7.30pm - Hashim Samsuddin came for Telme Presentation by Monika Rusnakova.

(16) 2nd June 2007 Saturday - Meeting at Mr.Ghaus house in Shah Alam. Peter Lee, Calvin Ng & TC attended with Ghaus & Wan, and a few of Mr.Ghaus downline.

N/B: Between the time Quattrone left for Italy for good, I was harrassed day and night by the respective leaders and their downlines demanding for a refund, and WHY Telme Malaysia was NOT officially launched as promised and agreed upon?

(17) July/August 2007 - Reported to KPDNHEP and Securities Commission.

(18) 6th September 2007 Thursday - Official Complaint to ACRA Singapore, relevent documents and 2 CD's attached.

(19) 12th September 2007 - Ms.Tan Seow Pia/ACRA letter that cheating offences do not fall within ACRA's purview, matter referred to SPF.

(20) 17th September 2007 - SPF letter from SUPT.Abdul Khalik Abdul Latiff informing that ASP Shirley Chen is the Officer in charge of Commercial Crime Team, who will be contacting me for an interview.

(21) 1st October 2007 - Mr.Liew Choong Fai (Senior Investigation Officer) emailed me a set of questionaires which I replied on the 3rd of October 2007.

(22) 4th October 2007 - Emailed I.O. Liew 7 emails with attachments.

(23) 5th October 2007 - Emailed I.O. Liew 12 emails with attachments.

(24) Friday 12th October 2007 - I replied to the set of questionaires which I.O.Liew added on a few more structured questions which he wanted additional details or clarifications. He requested me to see him in Singapore before the 25th October 2007, so that he can pass me the 2 CD's, which I couriered to ACRA, otherwise the Police would destroy the 2 CD's. I replied to his email on the 18th of October 2007, saying that I was not able to come over to Singapore but likewise invited him to visit KL so that he can interview me personally and I could show him all the places that TELME meetings were conducted and also meet-up with some of the ex-TELME leaders as well. He didn't reply, neither did he inform when investigations would be completed?

N/B: I will wait until he replies, then on the 23rd of November 2007, I will enquire again!

Tuesday 20th November 2007 - (KPDNHEP) PutraJaya

Dear Valued Friends & Associates,
Please take note that the Telme (S) Pte Ltd cheating offence case is currently under investigations by the SPF ( ) . The I.O. is Senior Investigations Officer - Liew Choong Fai from the Commercial Crime Team, headed by ASP Shirley Chen. Inform all your leaders and downlines to lodge their individual and separate reports to the Singapore Authorities respectively, they may do so online - (

(1) In Malaysia please contact the Officer-in-Charge:

Deputy SUPT. Mahfuz Bin Dato' Abdul Majid
BP Bukit Perdana (JSJK) Jabatan Siasatan Jenayah Komersial
(Internet Crime Investigation Unit)
Tel: 03-2616 3848/39
Fax:03-2616 3998

Police Report IPK Jalan Hang Tuah , No.Report : THSL/029976/07 Tarikh: 30/10/2007 , Balai: Pejabat IPK KL

Chief Inspector Wong Peng Teck: 012-2211827 JSJK, BP Jalan Stadium

(2) Bank Negara (Special Investigation Unit) Tel:03-2598 8044 x8991 Fax:03-2598 7467 ( Cik Nur Shareena Bt. Rosli is the Officer-in-Charge.

(3) PutraJaya - Tuesday 20th November 2007
Kementerian Perdagangan Dalam Negeri dan Hal Ehwal Pengguna (KPDNHEP)
No.13, Persiaran Perdana, Presint 2, Putrajaya 62623 Malaysia.
Hotline: 1800-886-800
Tel: 603-8882 5500 Fax: 603-8882 5762

Tribunal Tuntutan Pengguna Malaysia
Aras 5, Lot2G3, Podium 2, Presint 2,
Pusat Pentadbiran Kerajaan Persekutuan, 62623 Putrajaya.
Toll-Free: 1800-88-9811
Tel: 603-8882 5822 Fax: 603-8882 5831

Met En. Riduan Bin Abdul Rashid around 4.15pm, explained to him the details of our Telme (S) Pte Ltd unfortunate predicament in Malaysia. He reffered to his Superior En. Rungit Singh (Pengerusi Jusa) and came back to me saying that KPDNHEP has got no jusisdiction to investigate because Telme (S) Pte Ltd is registered in Singapore. I countered by saying that it's because Singapore is our closest neighbour and it's well-known for it's very stringent and very strict rules and regulations that Malaysians are more easily influenced and convinced, when fraudsters like AQ portraying genuine businessmen, hold seminars and power-point presentations at hotels promoting their products and company's profile. Also AQ is very fond of commenting, when asked, "Why Singapore?" "Because it's internationally known as 'THE Centre of High-Technology Excellence".

Since this is the Claims Tribunal, at least take note of our case with Telme (S) Pte Ltd and refer to the correct department as a case study and also to inform and protect other unsuspecting naive and gullible consumers in Malaysia. En.Riduan says his boss En.Rungit recommended Mr. T.Pillay - Assistant Director (Legal) of Consumers Association of Singapore - CASE ( for us to pursue the case further.

T.Pillay - Assistant Director (Legal)

170, Ghim Mah Road, #05-01,
Ulu Pandan Community Building,
Singapore 279621.
Tel: 6461 1826
Fax: 6467 9055

Deputy SUPT. Mahfuz - Internet Crime Investigation Unit

Dear SUPT. Mahfuz,
Thanks very much for inviting me for the meeting this morning at your office in Bukit Perdana. (Wednesday 29th October 2008) I really appreciate all the help that you have given me this far, if there's any information that you may need in the course of your investigations, please do not hesitate to call me.

Yours sincerely,
*Brian Yap*
(017) 382 1189

P/S: Attached below was the letter I sent to you after meeting you in 2007!


Dear SUPT.Mahfuz,

Thanks very much for your invitation to visit you in your office at Bukit Perdana. I really wish that I could come over to pay you a courtesy call more often. I hope you can understand my current situation, SUPT.Mahfuz.

I sold my car for RM4000.00 to invest in the TELME Business which I sincerely thought that I could build a solid business of my own, and to sustain a stable and secure income for the future. Unfortunately things didn't work-out the way it was meant to be, which is for the Telme/Mecotek Group Italy to officially launch the Malaysian Telme Office as agreed upon.

Therefore, isn't it reasonable and fair that all the Telme Leaders and Members be compensated for their loss? Isn't it fair that they are demanding a refund from an Internationally-based reputable company like Telme (S) Pte Ltd?

If you don't mind, SUPT.Mahfuz, how about you requesting all the ex-Telme Leaders to visit you at your office, sir? Later we can proceed over to KL Plaza Suites Condominium, where I can show you where we normally conduct our meetings? Furthermore you may also meet up with my main core leaders like Rajah Sekar (002) , Nordin Hussain (003) , Peter Lee (004) , Dr.BT Lee, Anderson Wong, Mr.Ghaus & Wan, Calvin Ng, Steven Lau, and the rest of the ex-Telme Leaders?

By the way, approximately when will the investigations be completed, SUPT.Mahfuz? Perhaps by the end of December 2007? Or by the end of January 2008? Please advice, sir!
Warmest regards, looking forward to hearing from you soon, SUPT.Mahfuz.

Yours sincerely,
*TC Brian Yap*


Telme (S) Pte Ltd ЁC Mecotek Group Italy

Head Office:

Telme (S) Pte Ltd

210 , Middle Road , #09-01 ,

IOI Plaza , Singapore 188994.

(Chief Financial Officer , formerly General Manager : Steven Tong)

Europe Branch Office:

Telme Italia Srl

Via Andrea Vaccaro , 25 ,

80127 ЁC Napoli ЁC Italy.

(President / Chairman : Fabio Galdi)

Malaysia Telme Italian Sponsor - Upline - Counterpart

Name: Antonio Quattrone

Address: Via Raschi , 8 , Como - 22100 Como , Italy.

TaxCode: qttntn59pllc933i

Phone: 031572128

Mobile: 3386344925

Embassy of Italy in Kuala Lumpur

(The Ambassador : Alessandro Busacca)

Address: 99, Jalan U Thant , 55000 Kuala Lumpur.

Tel. 00603 / 42565122 - 42565228
Fax. 00603 / 42573199
Emergency H.P.: 006 / 012 3821200

Office of the Defense Attache'
9th Floor, Wisma Sin Heap Lee
346, Jalan Tun Razak - 50400 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 00603-21615194/21645420
Fax: 00603-21646802

(Defence Attache' : Capitano di Vascello Giovanni FERRARI)

Italian Trade Commission
Trade Promotion Section of the Italian Embassy
18th floor, Kompleks Antarabangsa Jalan Sultan Ismail - 50250 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 00603-21489433 Fax: 00603-21480098

(Trade Promotion Attache' of the Italian Embassy : Paola RONCOLINI)

* Sila rujuk Polis Repot: PANDANINDAH/017686/08 Tarikh: 23-09-2008

Mahkamah Majistret Sivil (MMS 8) Saman:77-143-2008
Tarikh: 19-11-2008 Masa:2pm Defendan: Daniel Oon Swee Lee

Re: Saman: 77-143-2008 Daniel Oon Swee Lee (DOSL)
Hakim or Magistrate Tuan Ahmad got in about 2.30pm. At about 3.30pm, came my turn - Saman: 77-143-2008 (DOSL) The defendant Daniel Oon Swee Lee did not turn up, as he refused to accept the A.R. Post and it was returned to me as "tidak dituntut". Gave DOSL the benefit of the doubt that perhaps he did shift to his new house in Rawang? The Judge Tuan Ahmad fixed a new date on the 8th January 2009 at 2.00pm and instructed me to serve the saman personally to DOSL. At around 4.00pm, I SMS DOSL re: New Hearing Date & Time. I also SMS DSP Mahfuz (Chief of Internet Crime Investigations Unit) the same.

Thursday: 20th Novenber 2008 At around 10:53am, I SMS DSP Mahfuz to inform him that since the Judge Tuan Ahmad instructed me to serve the saman personally to DOSL, I will do just that. At around 11:46am , after catching DOSL by surprise at his apartment in Pandan Puteri, and I was accompanied by the security guard (who acted as witness also) to serve the saman personally to DOSL. DOSL was very arrogant and said that he'll throw the saman away. I told him to read carefully first and said that I will meet him in court!

Mahkamah Majistret Sivil (MMS 8) Saman:77-143-2008
Tarikh Baru: 08-01-2009 Masa:2pm Defendan: Daniel Oon Swee Lee

* Pls. refer to websites:










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