We write this letter to you in return of the recent Bill against video games which make it a felony to sell or rent any minor a game which contains "depraved violence". This is an issue which is not at fault of the video game industry, but at fault of the guardian supervision of children, of ages into the late teens. You can not fix this issue by cutting off an industry which is made for entertainment. You need to make an impact on the parental supervision of people playing these games. Right now movies which are PG-13 Contain Violence, Adult Content, Sexual Content, and Adult Language, yet they are still shown to children. There is no restriction on what movie a child can by, other than pornographic material. Although some movies these days are not far from being X rated, and children are allowed to watch them.

The Fact of the matter is we are looking to change a problem in the wrong area. If a person can not handle playing a video game and does not know the difference between right and wrong, then that person is not mature enough to play it. Parental supervision should pick up on that. If they do not understand that it is a video game and is not right to do what you do in a video game, while walking the streets daily, then that is a problem far worse than stopping them from buying video games.

Parents purchase their kids video games then, complain that they are way too violent. Well, if you think it is too violent why would they buy the game for their kids? It has ratings which are clearly shown. Many kids from the 90's grew up playing games like DOOM and Wolfenstein, but knew the difference between right and wrong. Youll always get the few and far between who take a video game to the next level, because they can. They are not under supervision, like they should be. So they go out and shoot someone and get cough in a bad spot. They have nothing to say & no way to get out of going to jail. As a last resort they blame it on a video game. The Industry which has even surpassed Movies at this point is for the entertainment of those who can handle it. If the person is a minor and can not handle it, then the person in charge of supervision should recognize that and not allow the purchase of a game they cant handle.

Next Generation video gaming technology allow parents to control what kinds of games are played on the console. Parents should be taking advantage of that. Why buy your kid something when you do not know what exactly you are buying? That is the fault of the parent for going out and doing that. This leads to issues and bills being passed against video games which are violent. Parents need to get involved & start accepting responsibility. We can not affect an industry based on creativity and entertainment, because you will do harm to those who play games responsibly. We are talking about the change of an entire new culture based on technology, a culture which many may not even begin to understand. This is bigger than anything the world has seen, technology and gaming is growing at a rapid rate. The industry is growing at an exponential rate.

"Other states have introduced similar legislation

and nine states or localities went as far as to

actually enact such legislation. However, in all

nine cases, federal courts have declared the

bills unconstitutional; finding that video games

are artistic forms of expression worthy of the

same constitutional protections as other forms of art".

"And since a statute that singles out

constitutionally protected speech is a violation

of civil rights, prevailing plaintiffs are

entitled to an award of court costs and

attorney's feel. Thus taxpayers would not only

bear the cost of defending an invalid New York

law, but also the cost of a successful challenge.

In the past six years, federal district courts

have granted over $1.7 million in attorney fees;

money that surely could have been better spent".

"Federal courts have also overturned this

legislation because of the chilling effect it

would have on the industry. They have noted that

such restrictions on violent content would result

in retailers and developers from steering far

clear of content that was the intent of the

legislation. The difficulty in defining depraved

violence would surely lead to ambiguity over what

would be covered by the bill. Retailers, in

particular, out of fear of prosecution, could

simply avoid carrying any video games with content that could loosely apply".

"Despite the backing of federal courts, it is not

prudent to keep relying on the courts to bring

reason to this issue. State legislators will

continue to introduce legislation; trying

different approaches to sidestep the First Amendment". - A Quote taken by International Game Developers Association (IGDA)

We vote you Decline such Bills, and protect the problem from being brought up yet again!

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