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As we all know, iRO has a bot problem, and now more RMT [Real Money Trade] is beginning to show in iRO, the community would like something done about it, correct?

Well please take a moment to read this:

Gungho (jRo) vs. Bots and Tools

jRo, while not very widely known, has been slowly working towards becoming the most broken RO service. Heavy reliance on marco and tools, with near epidemic ammount of bots, were destroying jRo. Highly botted maps were seeing a bot to monster ratio of obscene proportions, of nearly 3 players/bots to 1 monster. The market has been inflated to obscene rates. Seeing players vending hundreds of cards at a time is nothing special. In one case, I saw a person vending 160 khalitzberg cards, at the bargan bin price of 30m (cheap for jRo). All of this powered by a massive wide spread phenomenon of RMT. Ragnarok in Japan has become so big that Real Money Trade has become real big business. Books and paperback guides on how to make money from online games are available in bookstores.

(Note: Gungho is the company that manages Ragnarok in Japan)

Background of the Problem

(This section describes the background of the illegal activities which have been plauging jRo servers. I go into alot of detail, so if you don't want to know, just skip this part. To the best of my knowledge, the items I mention by name are not compatable with iRo. Do not expect me to answer any questions about these in particular.)

Tools and bots have been two very separate but important problems. Tools modify and enhance the RO client. Most people here are probably not very familiar with them like they are with bots however. Tools have long been a commonly accepted part of jRO community. Many tools were based on the old ROaddr protocol, which allows anyone to easily code a program that shares memory with RO. ROAddr required a configuration file specific to the RO exe you were using, which you would have to update usually on a weekly basis because of constant exe patches. These tools are usually simple, ranging from exp monitors, full GPS tools (tools like ROGIS, ROGPS which allow a user and all thier friends connected to view thier online location, hp/sp, and exp rate), kill trackers, etc. More advanced tools based on ROaddr could allow for greater functionality, such as AROSE, ROLK and RO++. AROSE greatly modified the ro hotkey system allowing for 9 hotkey bars, each of which were accessed by holding the ctrl or alt keys. I have heard of many tools like AROSE with similar functionality. ROLK and RO++ which was a combination exp monitor, automatic mvp timer, auto-screenshot, kill monitors, automatic chat logging, etc. Some might have even heard of a tool based on ROaddr called AutoIMO, which was originally a tool that was originally made to help pump potatos (imo = potato in japanese) but was made to work on iRO.

Another class of tools were those built to hook into RO's memory space. These include a small number but very popular group of tools. ROSCEM was a tool that allowed you to write scripts, and completely customize the way RO handles hotkeys. You could bind any keys to anything, create new hotkey bars, link them using ctrl/shift/alt as you like. RTX, commonly known as RO Timer, was a tool designed to show your cast time, skill durration, safety wall/firewall hits remaining, aftercast delay, etc. All these were shown within the RO client using its own drawing functions. RTX even had an advanced mode which allowed you to record packetlogs, which allowed you to effectively create replay files for Ragnarok, which were actually launched using an impressive in client tool. All this without actually making any changes to the actual RO client. The last popular tool was RoFX, a tool designed to show spell coverage, exp/weight monitoring, actually show which cells were affected by skills/magic (even with effects off), and some more. All of these tools would automatically hide themselves from RO screenshots, were you to take some.

There were also some very shady tools. Some might have heard of the infamous TrippleStrafing tool, designed to cast doublestrafing faster than normally would be allowed. TrippleStrafing however is one of the many obsolete 'darkside' tools which were replaced by the cheat tool jaugernaught known as AreTool. AreTool is named as a play on words... kore means 'this' in japanese, and is a popular bot tools. Are means 'that' in japanese. AreTool was everything nasty you could ever imagine with a client modification. AreTool was as close to botting that you could get without actually being a bot. AreTool allowed you to automatically pump potions based on your hp, automatically swap armors to the correct element for any spells it detects being cast at you or what monster you're fighting, automatically target monsters near you, allows you to program it to speedhack certain no-delay skills (DS, mammo, etc) and even autotarget bosses with them. Aretool would allow you to automatically see hidden players and monsters and target them, and would allow you to view damage in woe. There are many frightening abilities that AreTool has, not covered here. Its not pretty.

Most people are pretty familiar with bots by now, unfortunately. Unlike tools, which are ment to give players an edge in game, bots are designed to give non-players a source of money and leveling, without playing the game. Almost all bots for RO at this time are based on some variation of a tool called Kore. There's currently two flavors at this time, the standalone version, that can be run without any user interaction, and the less popular inclient ran version similar to the aformentioned tools, where you could take control of your character at any time if you need to. The versions that run with the client are popular with those who simply are lazy and want help leveling thier characters. A bot farmer cannot run multiple clients to any efficiency. The standalone version basically looks alot like a regular text mode application, just running whatever script you give it and providing feedback. Most bots available have an absolutely frightening array of features. Many jRo bot farmers would run massive farms, of 30-40 accounts. These farmers could designate certain bots to tank other bots, work in teams, support each other, automatically move to and from thier leveling zone, automatically meet up at certain times to transfer items to thier vendor account, etc. TU Priest bots at chivalry 2, Wizard bots at clocktower 3, ME Priest bots at niflheim were some of the more amazing feats of botting I have witnessed. It may sound by this description that jRo GM team was completely ignoring the situation. But the truth is that the GM team would ban roughly 2000-4000 accounts a month for botting. But the nature of RMT kept them coming back for more.

At the core of almost all botting on jRo is RMT, or Real Money Trade. Gungho did thier best to fight botting at the source, by banning RMT sources, but Gungho was powerless to stop these sites because existing laws prevented them from shutting these pages down. They tried to catch the RMT characters in game, but with very limited success. The thing that made botting such an epidemic was the fact that they could not discourage botters by banning them. Ragnarok Online costs 1500yen in japan (Roughly $13US). The average price of ingame zenny on RMT is roughly 200yen for 1m zenny. It would be damn easy for a botter to replace an account should he be banned. Consider this with the following examples of in game prices for jRo Baldur server.

Skel Worker Card: 3m

Soldier Skeleton Card: 3m

s1 Buckler: 700k

s1 Boots: 1.2m

OBB: 500k (No OBB Quest on jRO)

OVB: 2m (Mimics)

OCA: 7m

Wind Ghost card: 15m

Khalitzberg Card: 32m

Penomena Card: 40m

Baby Leopard Card: 85m (Due to timed spawn and a stupid amount of ks'ing bots)

As you can easily presume, a bot account running solid for under a month could easily cover its own cost and more. The biggest forces in botting on the server could run 30-50 bots at the same time, farming the most lucrative cards and rares. Having several account banned only temporarially slows botters. They make more than enough money to cover for the loss of an account or two.

The War against Hax

The situation on jRo has been constantly escalating over a long time. Tools and bots have been on jRo since the very beginning, over 3 years ago, but they used to be limited. Tools have hit the scene and generally have been mostly accepted for 2 or so years. Bots have been going strong for about that long, but thier numbers started quite small. Bots were constantly escalating though, till early 2005 the RMT scene and mass botting just exploded. Bots started spilling over from little hunted maps to popular maps such as TI, minos, etc. The open public release of high profile bots fueled the explosion. The primary bot programs used on jRo became open source, and very user friendly.

The fan community was not happy with the state of RO. A massive movement and large group of RO customers mailed the business bureau of Japan, complaining on the situation. Bombarded by complaints, they put out a press release on the current situation. The media took the bait. Early May, on 5pm NHK news, there was a 10 minute segement on botting in online games. While RO was not *directly* mentioned in the article, all videos showed ragnarok online.

This did not please Gungho. Thier sit and wait policy seemed to have failed, and as Japan's largest MMORPG, such massive negative publicity did not please them. And Gungho took actions.

The following Tuesday, durring maitenance, the servers were down for a total of 10 hours. When the servers finally restored, all tools and bots broke. At the time, all tools broke, and bots were unable to connect. It seems at the time that Gungho had made large changes to the RO client, and drastically changed the memory management of RO (killing any program hooks) and introduced packet encryption, destroying bots.

Tool programmers were quick to adapt however. Within 4-5 days, ROAddr based tools were regaining thier functionality. In client jRo bots managed to regain thier connection after about 6 days. Stand alone bots did not get on that week. It was sure that bots were going to come back though, but a matter of when.

Gungho made an interesting decision, and each week, they cycled the encryption on thier exe. This once again killed bots, and all ROAddr based tools required an update in order to function. They managed to get going quickly however, this time being gone for just 2 days. Stand alone bots were also reported working, but they were just private applications. Reports say that a working bot program at this stage were selling for nearly $200US.

It didn't really last long though. Within a couple weeks, tools were working, just requiring a small update each maitenance. Bots had adapted even better and were able to automatically gain the proper encryption from the new RO exe itself, resulting in almost no downtime. The new working bots were slowly spreading into the public, and they were starting to make a comeback.

Things were generally better for quite some time though. Bot population was down for the next 3-4 months. Unfortunately, they were constantly on the rise. Rebirth bots were beginning to pop up... bot farmers would have 10-30 lvl 99 bots. They began to spread back into popular leveling areas, as if mocking players, and the GM team.

By fall 2005, the problem hit an alltime low. The bots being distributed were defaulting to KS mode. Sniper/Clown/Gypsie/Stalker bots that wouldn't think twice of owning your monsters and jacking your rares were everywhere. Stings had easily two bots per sting. Same thing at sphinx 2. Wild roses were almost twice as bad as that. GH church and mids 2 were literally packed to the wall with KS stealing rogue bots. In konron dungeon, you would be lucky if you could even kill a tree withoug getting ks'ed without someone to pneuma the tress for you.

And media coverage came again. This time, the press specifically discussed ragnarok, and had interviews with RO management and GM team. Gungho promised they were working on a solution, and to give them time. October and November were a dark time... the game was degrading to a point where it was hard to play. Market prices were falling apart, and the only way to make any money was to make it big as an mvper... because there was no way you could compete with the bots for the other rares. MVP'ing hence became hell on jRo. Its not rare to have 20-40 people at any particular boss spawn. Even relatively unhunted bosses such as bapho/snakelord/taogunka/pharaoh had mobs of champions and snipers chasing them. It was ugly.

But then, Gungho finally released thier promised system. A custom solution built by the combination of nProtect Gameguard, some special exe modifications, and a contracted tool known as RagDefender. The warning signs were out for weeks before, and bot/tool users began to panic.

And so on December 21st, nPro and RagDefender were implimented in jRo. nProtect was a relatively harmless piece of anti-hacking software, the same as they use on kRo. The real workhouse was RagDefender. RagDefender was a fabulous piece of work. RagDefencer (henceforth RODef) scanned the RO folder for any dll hooks, It seriously encrypted the login process, and monitored ro from memory modifications.

It only took a few days for them to correctly get tools to hook back into the exe. Bots were still dead cause they couldn't figure out the current login process. But then something very unexpected happened. RODef updated in the middle of a day, and everything broke. Anytime you had anything try to hook into RO, it would simply fail, and report the failed attempt. Everything went down.

Durring this situation, several bot programs were released that supposedly would work with the patch, but instead "emulated" the bot, as in looked like it was working, and actually uploaded thier username/password to a public annonymous forum. There were hundreds, even thousands of bot user logins leaked.

The first proven attempts to get bots working seemed to come early january. By then, AreTool and ROFX managed to get themselves integrated back into the RO client using an alternate hooking method. Bots were beginning to successfully emulate the new client, although none of the working bots were ever publically released. But it only took a couple of days, and the client would update itself, and all the current methods to make tools work, and bots login, were dead yet again.

Tools have ultimately lost the battle against RagDefender. ROFX author officially ended his project, and AreTool developers were beginning to admit defeat. The creators of RagDefender were smart, and were using the official public forums of these tool and bot developers to learn how they were working, and to break them.

To this date, all tools are officially broken, no one can get anything substancial into the ragnarok exe. Bots have had scattered success however. RagDefender seems to be updating steadily enough that bots are still only able to login about 20\%-30\% of a week before they get broken again by gungho's efforts. Will thier steady attacks make the bot community fall appart? It seems to be working so far.

The statistics are startling. 3 days after the initial implimentation of nProtect and RagDefender, the average game population had dropped by 38\% durring peak gaming times, and dropped by roughly 70\% durring offpeak game times. That is quite sad really. Lately the death of bots have brought back a fair number of players, and the server populations are back on the rise.

Its not all good however. RagDefender is very active about blocking hooks. Any application that attempts to hook will not work. This also will prevent any recording tools such as FRAPS to not even launch. RO won't launch while FRAPS is open. XFire doesn't crash, but it does error out pretty nicely. Also, the RO login screen now owns up system resources nastily. On my Athlon 64 3000+ my login screen lags nastily. Its so bad the loginscreen music cracks up. Its generally ok once you get past the login screen though.

And thats the end of my story to date, and is the current situation on jRo. I'm sure there will be more to the story soon enough though.


Now, I have made this petition in order to get Gravity LLC [international RO's company] to get hold of this RagDefender program and implement it on iRO :)

Also, I really must say this:




Please sign this petition if you'd like to see RagDefender, or a similar working program/add-on be implemented on iRO [internation ragnarok online]

Thank You~

Ext. [name change soon]

Ext! [my blacksmith
iRO, Loki.

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