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Shri R S Butola
Indian Oil Corporation Ltd,
3079/3,J B Tito Marg,
Sadiq Nagar,
New Delhi 110049

Shri. R. K. Singh
Chairman & Managing Director
Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd.
Bharat Bhavan-1, 4 and 6 Currimbhoy road
Ballard Estate,
Mumbai-400 001

Mr. S. Roy Choudhury
Chairman & Managing Director
Petroleum House,
17, Jamshedji Tata Road,
Mumbai ,Mumbai ,Maharashtra-400020

Dear Sirs,

I would like to invite you kind attention to the issue of delivering right quantity of petroleum products to your customers i.e., Petroleum Dealers of three Public Sector Oil Companies(PSOC)

At present all three PSOCs are delivering the petroleum products to Retail Outlets by transport tankers. Present ensuring method of delivery of right quantity of products into the underground tanks at the RO s has become a meaningless ritual as the method is very age old/ outdated and tankers are pilfering the products enroute to the ROs. We have many clinching evidences including the master key being available to be used by the Oil mafia and Transport tanker drivers. Some of the news items and videos and photos of evidence is provided hereunder for your ready reference.




The theft of petroleum products by tanker Lorries during transit has become common and it is breeding the oil mafia at national level. The three Oil PSUs are squarely to be blamed for such theft consequences because they do not follow the prescribed procedure in the filling and transport of petroleum products. The public sector companies do not own up to their responsibility to prevent the occurrence of theft at the supply point and in transit by their failure to abide by their legal obligation to follow prescribed rules and standards as per international agreements signed by the Government of India. If the public sector oil companies scrupulously followed the prescribed procedures the theft of petroleum products in transit would be next to impossible. As per rules prescribed by Organisation de Internationale Metrolgie Legale (OIML) in OIML R-117 loading and unloading of liquids is to be done only by means of flow meters that measure the volume of liquid at a base temperature of 15 degrees centigrade (as per ISO 5024). OIML R-117 takes into account the variation of liquid volume with temperatures and hence it normalizes the volume to a common base temperature of 15 degrees centigrade at both the supply and delivery points. The use of flow meters at both the supply and delivery points ensures accurate measurement of volume at both the points. If this procedure under OIML R-117 is strictly followed theft of oil in transit can be totally eliminated. All the countries except India are seriously implementing OIML R-117.

It is very evident that the disgraceful evasion of responsibility and negligence of PSOCs are causing recurring loss to petroleum dealers besides feeding and encouraging thiefs like Popat Shinde to take violent extreme step to kill honest officer like Yashwant Sonawane.

The latest being the killing of an your Engineering Officer reportedly by Oil Mafia in the Panipat plant of IOC. Please go through the following link to learn the details.

PSOCs Failure to abide by rules and standards would amount to violation of Section 2(1)(r)(1)(i) of the Consumer Protection Act, 1969 for the under delivery of the petroleum product to the retail outlets.

And PSOCs Failure to check tanker pilferage and encouraging thieves would amount to abetment of theft under Section 107 of the Indian Penal Code, 1860.

Let me put some simple questions to all of you. Please do not get offended.

Are you aware that the potable water charges being paid at your home is calculated on the basis of a flow meter reading?

After all, when water, a natural resource in our country is measured and charged by local panchayats & municipalities by means of flow meters, why cant the imported, precious high cost petroleum products supplied by three Global Fortune 500 companies to its customers i.e. the Dealers by using flow meters?

If not, it is not only that the delivery mechanism of three PSOCs is not at all meeting the international standards as per OIML R-117, their business practices are also not meeting the prescribed mandatory business practices of Global Fortune 500 standards. This implies that PSOCs have acquired the Global Fortune 500 status by improper means and providing false information to SEBI and to your shareholders., i.e.,The President and to the people of India.

Will you accept if some number/volume of item of goods in your domestic Provision list falls short during delivery @ your home after you making payment for the same beforehand at the store?

If you find answer to this question you will fix flow meters to all retails outlets.

Hence, On behalf of all affected Dealers, I most humbly request all of you to take immediate steps to fix flow meters @ the delivery points of the Retail Outlets and ensure right quantity of delivery to your customers.

By implementing this, the PSOCs are not only going to deliver right quantity of products to the Retail Outlets but will almost eradicate the oil mafia of the nation just by executing the lawbound,judicious responsibility.

Thanking you,

Respectfully yours,
For Nanjappa Enterprises
BPCL Dealers
Trichy Road
[email protected]

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    Hardwork will leed to success
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    This is our humble request for implementation which will be beneficial for us dealers.
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    Fixing is of flow meters is should be taken up on priority basis and it is need of the hour.
  • 23 July 2015138. Chandrakanth Rose
    its a good way for a fight for the quantity delivered by the tanker lorry
  • 21 July 2015137. Vradhakrishnan Gilbert
    Eighteenth century technology in the twenty first century certainly needs update.
  • 14 July 2015136. Loomba Services
    If a driver is caught in a theft case a FIR must be lodged against him and Depot Officials must be involved, because Such practice is done with the support of some corrupt company officials only
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    I support this petition
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    it good action
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    a very good idea. Not only me but all three dealers of my town support this idea strongly.
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    Please Fix good quality Flow meters at the earliest @ the Retail Outlet for Unloading Purpose
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