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On March 6, 1961, President John F. Kennedy issued executive order 10925 which first mentioned the idea of affirmative action. The goal was to ensure that hiring and employment practices were free of racial bias.The Executive order was originally developed to correct years of racial discrimination by
giving minorities an advantage in the job market. However, favorable treatment of minorities causes more problems then it solves. How can we possibly expect to eliminate racism if race is a primary factor in consideration for employment positions?

The reasons affirmative action requires immediate elimination are as follows:

I. Affirmative action leads to reverse racism in the workplace. Racial or ethnic majorities who may work just as hard and/or are more qualified for positions are passed over for employment strictly because of rapid minority promotions, or new hires in order to meet racial quotas.

In a study conducted by the National Center for Policy Analysis, they found that in some cases, firms that follow affirmative action policies show a 20\% increase in minority employment while the probability of an ethnic majority being hired decreased 15 to 20\%.

II. Affirmative action leads to decreased employee performance standards. Employers recognize that workers need incentive or a motivational push in order for them to perform to their maximum capability. By setting lower standards for ethnic minorities, affirmative action is, in effect, lowing employee job accountability.

If we are to hold true to our American ideals, employers should reward those who are motivated and hard-working. They should not reward individuals because they are a certain race, nor should they look down upon those who are not.

III. Affirmative action is condescending to minorities and demeans minority accomplishment. When employers give favorable treatment to minorities, it gives the impression that the minority employees cannot achieve on their own. It is particularly insulting to say that minorities cannot achieve their goals through their own merits.

At the same time, true minority advancement, those who are doctors, lawyers, or other important positions, are more likely to be demeaned by those who believe preferential treatment alone put them into their positions.

For the reasons stated above, ending affirmative action is the most plausible course of action. Since the beginning of the civil rights movement, America has attempted to become a color-blind society, free from all racial bias. However, policies such as affirmative action draw us away from that ideal. Scientifically, there is no association between skin color, and intelligence/performance/etc, but still we draw attention to race by granting preferential treatment. Isnt this the exact opposite of what our country wants? Stopping affirmative action will move us one step closer to a society where everyone is treated equally and fairly, regardless of skin color or ethnicity.

Please help support this position by signing your name below. In the most recent years, two states have attempted to abolish affirmative action within their borders (California in 1997, and Washington in 1998). These states have already taken action, and with your help, we can put a stop to this policy gone horribly wrong, and establish a nation free of racial bias.

Kyle Rose
Jenny Wagoner
Leanne Miller


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