America on Guard Protest Muslim Day March 10 Tallahassee, FL sign now

America on Guard Protest Muslim Day March 10 Tallahassee, FL

Dear Honorable Florida Legislators, Cabinet Officials and Staff:
On March 11, 2010, United Voices for America (UVA), led by Ahmed Bedier, former Executive Director of CAIR Tampa, with known radical Islamist ties to the extremist Muslim Brotherhood, will hold its second annual Muslim Capitol Day in Tallahassee. Like the first event in 2009 it is a thinly veiled attempt to deceive Florida legislators, cabinet members and staff into believing that UVA is simply a human rights organization that seeks to represent disenfranchised minorities and immigrants. In fact, UVAs real agenda is to further the goals of the Muslim Brotherhood, which ultimately means the replacement of the US and State Constitutions with Islamic Sharia law. In Florida this would be achieved through the infiltration of State Government as well as other local and public institutions.
UVA has every right to come to Tallahassee and request a meeting with you, a Florida elected official. By the same account, you have every right to know that the person sitting across from you is part of a group led by someone who has a set of beliefs that is completely inconsistent with American Democracy and potentially destructive to the State of Florida.

Do not let the patriotic name of UVA fool you. The UVA was founded by Ahmed Bedier, a known Muslim Brotherhood extremist with well documented ties to terrorist groups and terrorist supporters.

The President of United Voices for America (UVA) is Ahmed Bedier.

Up until May of 2008, Mr. Bedier was the Executive Director of the Tampa chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR). Prior to that, he served as the Communications Director for CAIR-Florida.

CAIR was created by operatives from HAMAS, a Foreign Terrorist Organization listed in Section 219 of the American Immigration and Nationality Act. CAIR was named as an unindicted co-conspirator by the Justice Department in the Holy Land Foundation (HLF) Federal trials, which took place in Dallas, Texas. The trials resulted in the conviction of the HLF founders who were given life sentences for "funneling $12 million to Hamas." Because of this connection to Hamas, the FBI issued a directive in 2009 to all of its field offices stating that none of them were to hold meetings with CAIR or any of the groups local chapters around the country. Thus, to engage in state lobbying, the UVA was founded by Bedier, the ex-Tampa CAIR chapter director, to work around the FBI ban involving CAIR chapters.

Bedier joined CAIR in February of 2003, the same month that University of South Florida (USF) professor Sami Al-Arian was taken into custody by the FBI for his leadership role in Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ). This was no mere coincidence. Through CAIR, Bedier became Al-Arians unofficial spokesman in the media. He held press conferences for Al-Arian, he attended rallies for Al-Arian, and he used a radio show that he co-hosts to provide a forum for Al-Arians PIJ colleagues.

Bediers radio show hasnt just been associated with PIJ. In July of 2006, an entire show was devoted to lauding Hezbollah. All three of his guests heaped praise on Hezbollah, one even describing the group as heroic. Another guest warned, You cant just keep shutting it [Hezbollah] away, because its always gonna rise again.

In addition to his support for terrorist-related organizations and individuals, Bediers own statements are disturbing. In May of 2004, he told Congresswoman Ginny Brown-Waite, Catholic priests pose more of a terrorism threat by having sex with young altar boys than those who flew planes into the World Trade Center. In December of 2005, when asked by a Tampa TV talk show hostess if it was immoral to associate with PIJ, he replied, To a certain degree. Now, before 1995 there was nothing immoral about it. And in April of 2007, he told a crowd at USF, People, when you corner them [Muslims], when you keep attacking them and demonizing them and treating them like animals, guess what? Theyre gonna snap. And one point, somebodys gonna retaliate, and then all hells gonna break loose.
In September of 2007, Bediers YouTube account was shut down for a Terms of Use violation. On it, he had produced a video which included an individual stating to a cheering crowd, "What we pray all the time is that the state of Israel be dismantled, totally dismantled..."
Watch this riveting Progressive Islam video on America on Guard Against Muslim Capitol Day 2010.

This video connects the dots between the grand jihad plans of the Muslim Brotherhood and front groups like Ahmed Bediers UVA, CAIR, and others here in America. These groups promote adoption of supremacist Sharia to replace the US and State Constitutions. Many of them were unindicted co-conspirators identified by federal prosecutors in the federal HLF trial of 2009.
While the majority of the Muslim community in our state are productive citizens and do not get involved in extremist causes, United Voices for America and its leader are not representative of those Muslims.
Ultimately, the UAV agenda will do harm to life in Florida and America.

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