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Alipore Zoo Aquariums has degraded badly over years. We could write on and on how the fishes and other aquatic animals are being literally tortured there. Lets give you some examples.

1. Most fishes are diseased. Literally gasping in agony for various kind of skin infections and Ich. Some of them are very big and prize sized. Cloudy eyes and torn fin are common for almost all fishes which is a symptom of very bad health. Also various kind of gill infections and intestinal diseases.

2. 2 Full grown Ghost Knife fishes are kept in a tiny aquarium where they cant even move freely. Fishes are swimmers, not like birds who can sit at one place if no place for flying. These fishes need bigger rooms. Ghost Knife fishes are just an example here. Most Big fishes are kept here in this condition.

3. The light used over their head are unscientific and too powerful. Most of the fishes prefer dim lights which don't burn their eyes and some fishes need shades to thrive. Treating everything like a dog does not work in aquatic lifeforms.

4. Most fishes have sunken bellies which directly implies that they are suffering from malnutrition.

5. Incompatible fishes are kept together and they are fighting constantly. Do you think you could have a tiger and a deer in the same cage? I have seen many incompatible African Cichlids together without any shades or caves for protection of the weak.

6. Most nameplates are wrong misguiding visitors.

7. The tanks they are kept in does not have any resemblance of the place they belong. Only mosaic tiles and glittering bed thats all they have to call home. Creating a habitat for any fish is of utmost importance. Tiger can live long in cage happily but fishes cant. They need to feel they are safe.

8. The water is most unconditioned. Different type of fish needs different types of water parameters. While Cichlids need hard water, Discus needs very soft water. Some prefer very low pH(most tetra, Discus, rainbow) where most Cichlids prefer higher pH. There is no regard for any of those in there. All are kept in same water parameter and the water is foul too.

9. I doubt If the filtration system works even if it actually exists. Most of the Tanks are using only air bubble filtration which even home aquariums don't use these days.

10. The aquarium needs a fish Biologist. Who can look about and treat them. I don't know if that essential person is assigned or not. Even if he is assigned it seems he is not doing his job seeing all the diseased fishes there.

The condition the Aquariums are in is unspeakable. The more care Zoo gets the Aquarium gets neglected even more. Its a cordial request to you from my side to either maintain it properly or just shut it off.. There is no reason behind torturing these little animals. If you don't believe me then find out the mortality rates of the fishes there, If the employees give correct figures to you. We, The hobbyists circle of West Bengal curse this zoo for its condition. Many people in WB donates their big sized fishes to Zoo in hope of getting a better home for their fishes there. But in reality they find their death there soon.

We don't believe the Govt is unable to renovate or maintain it properly but due to lack of interests it is in such terrible state. While we hobbyists dream about visiting London Aquariums spending our life's earning but we are not willings to go to Alipore Zoo even for Rs.5. Can't this be changed? If you want Experienced hobbyist circles to help you we are ready for it. But for heaven's sake don't just ignore it anymore. Making a bridge between Alipore Zoo and Aquarium wont increase the visitor count. But making a beautiful Aquarium will surely will.

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Latest Signatures

  • 30 December 2015100. Soumya G
    please take some steps
  • 27 December 201599. Prateek D
    Both The Alipore zoo & the aquarium are in a pathetic state both in terms of mantenaince & asthetics. While the CZA has now woken up to the sorry state of affairs in the zoo after the marmosets theft, the aquarium has still not received the much n
  • 21 December 201598. Abhinaba D
    The authorities need to take care of the animals. Thats what they are paid for.
  • 10 December 201597. Swarnaditya D
    I support the petition
  • 08 December 201596. Manesh Mcintyre
    shut it down
  • 04 December 201595. Saurav M
    they are living beings too and we should see that they are provided with the best conditions to live in.
  • 20 November 201594. Rajib L
    The fishes deserve proper living conditions.
  • 17 November 201593. Koustav B
    whatever is said in this petition is truly supported by me
  • 15 November 201592. Avin D
    This should not be happening. The Aquarium should take expert advise from prominent ichthyologists and good hobbyists and maintain a decent aquarium even if it means cutting down number of tanks or fishess. The Bangalore Aquarium, though not perfect, is a
  • 04 November 201591. Avishek Guhat
    Save the Fishes
  • 19 October 201590. Asishdey Harding
    the animals deserve better than what alipore zoo gives them.....
  • 11 October 201589. Hariharan Newman
    i feel it againts nature if u cant keep them happy just close it dont make the living things as show object
  • 05 October 201588. Shubhadeep D
  • 25 September 201587. Nirav S
  • 27 August 201586. Manish Rosario
    Govt hud involve in ths kinds of activities & shud take gud initiatives in order to save da beautiful species!
  • 16 August 201585. Krishnendu M
    The Zoo authority should look after the issue raised as early as possible.
  • 16 July 201584. Syamantak C
    lets make it better.......
  • 12 July 201583. Aninda N
    It is really pathetic. Please do something to improve the condition.
  • 10 July 201582. Mriganka S
    fishes definitely deserve a better treatment!!
  • 10 July 201581. Charan R
    I whole heartedly support the cause
  • 26 June 201580. Debanjan D
    very poor maintenance
  • 20 June 201579. Ashish K
    Do it!
  • 15 June 201578. Dr Aritras
    Please care for those fishes.....
  • 05 June 201577. Bibaswan House
    yet to see
  • 21 May 201576. Teresa P
    Treat the animals as you want to be treated...
  • 19 May 201575. Sujan Nixon
    Plz close the Aquatic Facility in Alipore zoo and transfer its inhabitants to better conditioned aquarium centres
  • 12 May 201574. Dr Kuntalroyc
    not only that the pets r being tortured over there ,these people r setting wrong examples for the newbies.

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Central Zoo Authority, India


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