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Alaska Mechanical Contractors/Administrators for Regulation Change

Target: Department of Commerce, Community and Economic Development
Region: State of Alaska
To: Commissioner Susan Bell
RE: Regulation Changes to Mechanical Administrator and Construction Contractor Statutes and Regulations.

We, the undersigned, express our sincere concern regarding language in your regulations. There are two items, certification of applicants from outside the State of Alaska seeking an Alaska Mechanical Administrator Registration (license) and issuance of the Mechanical Contractor, Exempt registration.

Language regarding the issuance of Mechanical Administrator registration to people from out of state needs clarification in a manner which provides for equivalent qualifications as is required for Alaskans.

Repeal the Mechanical Contractor, Exempt license. Those persons obtaining the Mechanical Contractor, Exempt registration soon realize that there is not enough work to sustain a viable living by staying within a population area of 5000 or less, thus they are constantly working and submitting bids in areas for which their license is not allowed. Also, your department routinely issues these licenses in error. For example, a contractor was recently issued a Mechanical Contractor, Exempt registration in Kodiak to perform work according to the Uniform Solar Energy Code, which is part of the Plumbing Code (Sec. 18.60.705). Such work is required to be done by a Mechanical Contractor with the proper Mechanical Administrator registration with proper endorsement(s) as well as by journeyman plumbers. Kodiak has a population of 6130. Another example, for years the Municipality of Anchorage has been turning away persons with the Mechanical Contractor, Exempt registration attempting to obtain an Anchorage city contractor license.

Changes in either of these two regulations should not create an increase in cost to the State of Alaska for implementation. Changing language in certification of individuals from another state would not have an increased cost. Eliminating the Mechanical Contractor, Exempt license, would result in such persons to acquire a General Contractor-Limited Residential" registration. This change would not see a loss in revenue to the State, but would require the individual to increase bonding from $5,000 to $10,000. At least with a bonding increase the person employing such a contractor would have access to greater compensation for damages. Also, such a contractor would be legal to perform such "exempt work" as is permitted within "Sec. 08.40.390. Exclusions." in the higher populated areas as currently allowed by statute.

The following are recommended changes to regulation language:

REPEAL- 12 AAC 21.420 Mechanical Contractor, Exempt, located in the Construction Contractor Statutes and Regulations

Revision within the Mechanical Administrator Statutes and Regulations of 12 AAC 39.022(3) though (8) to read as follows:

(3) verification of a current, active license from another state, sent directly to the department by the other state, the identifies that the applicant meets all of the following criteria
(A) the experience or training requirements under which the applicant qualified for licensure must be equal to or greater than the category of license as required by this state;
(B) the applicant must have acquired the license in the verifying stated through an examination deemed equivalent to a mechanical administrator license in this state;
(C) at the time of application, the applicant must hold a valid equivalent license in the verifying state ad must have held that qualifying license continually for a period of not less than one calendar year before making application to this state: and
(D) at the time of application, the applicant qualifying license must be in good standing with no record of disciplinary, administrative, civil or criminal sanctions for the five year period preceding application to this state;
(4) official transcripts from any college, university, or trade school attended by the applicant that is nationally or regional accredited or approved the Alaska Commission on Postsecondary Education if the applicant is submitting proof of completed education to qualify for a license; official transcripts must be sent directly to the department by that college, university, or trade school;
(5) a complete resume detailing the applicants education and experience in the license category for which the applicant is applying; and
(6) repealed 11/26/94
(7) a notarized certificate in support of the applicants experience, skills, and qualifications for licensure as a mechanical administrator, sent directly to the department from each of three persons who
(A) are employed in the mechanical industry in any state; and
(B) have direct personal knowledge of the applicants work experience and qualifications.
(b) The department will, in its discretion, require additional documentation necessary to substantiate the experience and education claimed by an applicant before approving an applicant for licensure by credentials.
(c) For the purposes of this section, an equivalent license from a verifying state must require, at a minimum the same experience level as a mechanical administrator in this state for the category license being applied for.

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