RHODES and co of 22, Angel Street

Ask that people who stalk parents of missing children should be asked to stop in the strongest possible terms, then locked up

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Latest Signatures

  • 30 December 2015100. Big Boytonyb
    I hate the Mc's. One day I will bring them down with my STALKING One day I WILL be FAMOUS One day I WILL be RICH One day I WILL RULE the WORLD. And then I will be able to do what the hell I like in Leverton
  • 17 November 201599. Stevo Themedicale
    I don't mean to sound pompous or anything, but all of you oinks know nothing compared to what I know! I read that medical disctionary 40 times to come up with those 40 threads I started to take the piis out of a missing kid so don't diss me right?
  • 06 November 201598. Chocolate S
    I'm hearing you choc
  • 03 November 201597. Dave Vega
    NO MORE!
  • 31 October 201596. Grenville Eatsm
    It is not true that my local MP thinks I and my fellow vigilantes are mad old fools who don't want this child Maddie to be found
  • 17 August 201595. Jabba Theh
    Is it true that the pretendy solicitor has 14 samples of his hair on the DNA data base after one of his arrests?
  • 12 July 201594. Chinagirl Peterson
    Well Said Deuce!
  • 22 June 201593. Iam As
    please send me more money I need some new glasses because the ones I currently wear can't tell the difference between fact and fiction, and they almost got me into a spot of bother when I sat down behind Gerry McCann when I thought it was Batttymore I was
  • 06 April 201592. Laffin A
    I am a perv i cant help meself. I am a bully i cant help meself
  • 04 April 201591. Jackiec Chambers
    Why did I get personal attention???? Because you are a STALKER JackieC my dear.
  • 26 February 201590. Bren Nicholson
    i steal money off you all
  • 12 February 201589. Supposed Onthed
    have all of these 100\% correct alerts been backed up with forensic evidence? (otherwise they aren't of much use really are they?) Not in this case for a start.........................
  • 05 February 201588. Disgusted Oftunbridgew
    I think online petitions should be banned, as they encourage stalking by unlicenced solicitors.
  • 11 January 201587. Yukky Bernard
    Close down 3a now
  • 02 January 201586. Bren Todd
    There was no other way to politely tell you Tone.
  • 28 December 201485. A Mm
    I agree, stop the stalker!
  • 20 November 201484. Tony B
    I did nothing wrong in the Leverton loo's Honest. It was all a mistake. The Police got it all wrong.
  • 17 October 201483. Luzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Collier
    our journos are better than what yours are so shut th place where your mouths is on your faces
  • 06 July 201482. Abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz B
    I support this petition 1000000\%. And that goes double for the comb over.
  • 29 May 201481. Tony Q
    This one is the funniest I've seen on there: 122. william churchspire unfortunately for Mr bennett, the replies he has had from the mps are not corresponding with what the same mps are saying elsewhere, he is on a sticky wicket to be honest and it might j
  • 24 May 201480. Brokenbraes Newestexm
    I'm not a bitter old power hungry woman any more, oh noooooo. Come to the blog that guy who pimped out your personal messages and the database to who has set me up with my own webspace.
  • 18 February 201479. Sillycat Yates
    Very Well Sais Holly's mum
  • 23 December 201378. Dogs Dontl
    eddie and keela know what happned in may of 2007
  • 30 September 201377. Brenda Archer
    I am also a stalker please show me the error of my ways. I need HELP NOW QUICK
  • 29 September 201376. Poor T
    poor TOne, another one of his stunts falls flat on its face and his petition now has 100\% backing from a bunch of nut jobs that Channel 4 already knows about. JOB DONE LADIES AND GENTS....next!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • 11 September 201375. Thentherewerefour Vega
    Can I vote at least twice?
  • 08 May 201374. Tigger Willis
    if you want to get anywhere with getting the people who hurt Maddie to court, then you have to stick to the facts, saying Maddlie cried for 70 minutes isn't accurate

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