against a film that mocks jesus christ sign now

Dear all:

A disgusting film is set to appear in America later this year
which depicts Jesus and his disciples as homosexuals! As a play, this
has already been in theaters for a while. It's called "Corpus
which means "The Christ Body." It's a revolting mockery of our
can make a difference. That's why I am sending this e-mail to you
Will you please add your name to the bottom of the list at the end of
this e-mail? If you do, we will be able to prevent this film from
in America. Apparently, some regions in Europe have already banned
film .All we need is a lot of signatures! Remember, Jesus
said, "Deny
on earth and I'll deny you before my Father". Please don't just
forward it!! Please copy this message. Paste the text in a new e-
then add your name to the list and send it to all your friends. < BR>When the list you sign reaches 500 names, please send it to: And then start again........

Thank You!

01.Mechaiel Farag, Perth, WA, Australia
02. John Rizkallah, Perth, WA, Australia
03.StewartRizkallah, Perth, WA, Australia
04. Michael Salib, Perth, Wa, Australia
05. Mark Nour,Melbourne, VIC, Australia
06. Marco Attia, Melbourne, VIC, Australia
07. Emil Sidra, Malbourne, VIc, Australia
09.RobertGundi, Vic, Australia
10.AmirMalek, Victoria, Australia
11. Margaret Malek, Victoria,A ustralia
12. Mohab Shukr
13. Rebecca Micallef, Sydney Australia
14. Stacey Moore, Sydney Australia
15. Sandy Sahyoun, Australia
16. Rebecca Sahyoun, Australia
17. Karolina Tipura, Sydney Australia
18. Tanya Likic, Sydney Australia
19. Tina Likic, Sydney Australia
20. Sima Mihaljevic, Sydney Australia
21. Joanna Mataic, Sydney Australia
22. Angela Music, Sydney Australia
23. Tereza Likic, Sydney Australia
24. Damir Music, Sydney Australia
25. Suzi Music, Sydney Australia
26. Linda Kraljevic, Sydney Australia
27. Ana Sarac, Sydney Australia
28. Charley Martinez, Sydney Australia
29. Louisa Nelson, SYDNEY AUSTRALIA
30. Ernst Nelson, SYDNEY AUSTRALIA
32. Elisa Jay To, Sydney Australia
33. Li-Ming Jay To, Sydney Australia
34. Jul ie Vaigafa, Sydney Australia
35. Nigel Vaigafa, Sydney Australia
36. Joy Magele, Sydney Australia
37. Yvonne Feleti, Auckland New Zealand
38. Tala Feleti Auckland New Zealand
39. Henry Feleti, Auckland New Zealand
40. Sharlene Feleti, Auckland New Zealand
41. Samuel Feleti, Auckland New Zealand
42. Hayley Davis, Auckland New Zealand
43. Breta Lemana, Auckland New Zealand
44.theresa peni, Sydney Australia "...E*V*E..."
...South Auckland
45. Daniela Tramonte, Sydney New South Wales
46. Ayanthi Christopher, sydney, Australia
47. kimberley booth, sydney , australia
48.stephanie cirillo,sydney,australia
49. Sam Maxted, canberra, australia
50.Samara Patch, canberra, Australia
51. Beth M. canberra, australia
52. Jessica N. canberra, australia
53. Lisa M. canberra, australia
54. Owen S. forbes creek, NSW, australia
55. Kathryn Mckinnon, S.A, Australia
56. Amos Bergstrom, New Zealand
57. Hannah Bergström, Maraetotara, New Zealand
58. Sarani Blackwell, QLD, Australia
59. Suzanne Batten, Te Kuiti, New Zealand
60. Phill Brandt, New Zealand
61. Justin Brandt, New Zealand
62. Chris Runciman, New Zealand
63. Jacqui Eames, Qld Australia
64. David Eames, Qld Australia
65. Emma Carey, QLD Australia
66. Dani Arnold, QLD Australia
67. Matthew Hasdell, QLD Australia
68. Piers Kwan, QLD Australia
69. Monique QLD Australia
70.. Joline QLD Australia
71. Allyce QLD Australia
72. Amanda Holmes. QLD Australia
73. Celeste Jackson. QLD Australia
74. Paullie Finch. QLD Australia
75. Lisa Poole, QLD, Australia
76. Stephen H, Wellington, New Zealand
77. Jessica Bishop, Queensland Australia
78. steph holmes, Australia
79. Josiah Kelly, Australia
80.Kortney Johnson,Nebraska
81. David Belousov, America
82.Andrey Belousov, America
83.David Belousov,America
84.Britz Bower
85.Jessica Shank, America
86.Frank Shank, America
87.Jean Shank, America
88.Amanda Shank, America
89.Heather Shank, America
90.Megan Shank, America
91. Rachel Gurnavage, Florida, America
92. andrea, virgnia, usa
93. Rebecca Rhodes, Virgina
94.Audrey Knicely, Virginia
95.Polly Showalter, Virginia
96. Alex Lambert, West Virginia
97.kelly Griffiths,England
98. Sophie Franklin, England
99. Hannah Franklin, ENGLAND
100. Laura Blacow, ENGLAND
101. Luke Allen, England
102. John Lewis, Cheshire, ENGLAND
103. Rob Wills, England
104. Renan "Bike" Oliveira, Brazil
105. Kristen Ellison, California
106. Carissa Rodriguez, Mount Shasta, CA
107. Destiny Ribb, Mt Shasta, CA
108. Ryan Freudenburg, Yreka, CA USA
109. Conrad Simas, Yreka, CA
110.Elissa H. Moser, Saugus, CA
111: Katie Lawler, CA
112. Emily Lawler, Saugus, Ca, America
113. Rachel Jao, Saugus, CA, USA
114. Melanie Y. CA
115. Rachelle H. Burbank, CA, USA
116. Rebecca R. Tujunga, CA USA
117. Anna R. Tujunga, CA USA
118. Bill R. Tujunga, CA USA
119. Sam R. Tujunga, CA USA
121. Sammy Rios, CA USA
122. Angela Davis, WA USA
123. Brady Rye, WA USA
124. Jeremiah Lefor, WA. USA
125. Justin Turner, WA USA
127. Nathan Crawford, WA USA
128. David Foreman, WA USA
129. Jennifer Cupp, WA USA
130. Sara Jenisch, WA USA
131. Tina Trinh, OR USA
132. Lisa Gierke, OR USA
133. Emilee Timmons, OR USA
134. Hailey Vann, OR USA
135. Mitchell Moore, OR, USA
136. David Reman, OR, USA
137. Amber, WA, USA
138. Alicia, WA, USA
139. Christina Craig, WA, America
140. Janae Green, WA, USA
141. Zack Hatcher OR, USA
142.Matt Hatcher OR, USA
143. Harry Flanagan OR, USA
144. David Fooks OR, USA
145. Cheri Law OR, USA
146. James Sutherland, C OSTA RICA
147. Cathy Perepchuk, Oregon, USA
148. Lisa Poulsen, Florida, USA
149. Desiree Taylor, Oregon, USA
150. Shelley Peters, Oregon, USA
151. Kimberly Newton, Oregon, USA
152. Rhonda Tracy, Springfield, MO USA
153. Nicki Gray Sloan,IA USA
154.Alice Bruns, Sioux City, IA USA
155. Brian Bruns, Sioux City, IA, USA
156. Molly Gordon, Sioux City, IA, USA
157. Cary Gordon, Sioux City, IA, USA
158. Greg Squires, St. Cloud, FL, USA
159. Brandi Squires, St. Cloud, FL, USA
160. Micah Squires, St. Cloud, FL, USA
161. Arthur J. Lee
162. Debra A. Lee
163. Don Gray
164. Leslie A. Gray
165. Summer Dawn Gray
166 La Vetta Williams, Chicago, IL, USA 167. Ernestine Smith,
Chicago, IL
168. Stacy Jackson, Chicago, IL USA
169. Madora D. Bond, IL USA
170. Casondria L. Echols, IL USA
171. Grace Miranda
172 . Aline Bell Brigham Cousins
173. Deborah Franco
174. Milta Iris Meyendorff
175. Desiree Badillo, SI ,NY
176. David Badillo SI, NY
177. William Rodriguez SI, NY
178. Lisa Masella SI, NY
179. Anthony Guddemi SI, NY
180. George Ippolito SI, NY
181. Lexi
182. Bridgette Burch, WA, US
182. Kayla Chalifoux,WA, US
183. Davina Logan ,SU,UK
184.Jennelle Junker, WA,US
185.Trent, earth
187.Tia, Port Orchard, WA,USA
188. Jaclyn Shorter, Ravensdale, WA, USA
189.Christine Neuner, Maple Valley, WA, USA

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Latest Signatures

  • 16 April 20108. Angel
  • 12 April 20107. Allie
    That disgusts me........Jesus christ is our savor
  • 07 March 20106. Eric
    thats messed up
  • 07 March 20105. Ray
    Stop defamation
  • 06 March 20104. Charlotte
  • 04 March 20103. Geoff
    We can't have this mockery of Jesus. It's blasphemous. It needs to stop now!
  • 03 March 20102. Emily
  • 03 March 20101. Beth
    that is just disgusting. I hope this helps!


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