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We, the undersigned, would like Activision to include Canadian Soldiers and battles in the next Call of Duty game. We feel that Canadians played a major role in World War 2, but are very under represented in World War II themed first person shooters. We would like to see Canadian soldiers in the next Call of Duty game.

We feel that adding Canaidan Soldiers into the next Call of Duty game will a) spark more interest in the game for possible Canadian gamers b) Help people better recognize that Canada answered the call to duty.

Here is some historical information:
Canada entered the 1939-1945 War on 10th September 1939. Within two months the first contingents of Canadian troops arrived in the United Kingdom to supplement the British Expeditionary Forces (BEF). Forestalled by the evacuation of the British Army from Dunkirk and the Channel ports, Canada's role became one of defence of the British Isles. Far across the globe a small force of Canadians arrived in Hong Kong in time to meet the Japanese invasion, and fought with the British, Indian and Hong Kong forces in defence of the colony until the surrender on Christmas Day 1941.

On l9th August 1942 troops of the Canadian 2nd Division formed the bulk of the Dieppe Raid. Of the 5,000 Canadians who took part, only about 2,000 returned to England: nearly 1,000 had been killed and 2,000 taken prisoner. A further 500 Canadians lost their lives when they landed in Sicily as part of the Eighth Army on 10th July 1943.

-The Cost of Battle
On 3rd September a combined Canadian, British and American force made the first full-scale invasion of mainland Europe, attacking on the 'toe' of Italy and reaching Naples on 1st October. Canadian troops fought at Ortona and Monte Cassino and in May 1944 took part in the costly, but successful, attack on the Hitler line: the first major operation by a Canadian corps in the 1939-1945 War. The battle northwards through Italy continued to the war's end and ultimately cost the lives of nearly 6,000 Canadians.

Landing in Normandy on 6th June 1944 as part of the Allied invasion force, the Canadians played an important role in the battle to take Caen. They then advanced along the French seacoast to the Pas-de-Calais and took Dieppe on 1st September. Canadians fought with British soldiers in the freeing of the Scheldt Estuary and success here enabled the first Allied convoy to arrive in Antwerp in November 1944.

-Contributions on Land
Some Canadian units played a prominent part in the liberation of the Netherlands while others went on to participate in the Battle of Germany. In February 1945 the Canadian First Army attacked in the Reichswald Forest, and helped drive the Germans back across the Rhine; the German forces surrendered to General Montgomery on Luneburg Heath on 5th May 1945. From D-Day to VE Day 12,500 Canadians died.

-Contributions on the Sea
During the 1939-1945 War the Royal Canadian Navy (RCN) grew to a strength of nearly 100,000 personnel and nearly 400 vessels. Their main duty was to act as convoy escorts across the Atlantic, in the Mediterranean and to Murmansk in the USSR. They also hunted submarines, and supported amphibious landings in Sicily, Italy and Normandy. In all the RCN lost nearly 2,000 sailors.

-Contributions in the Air
Although a major task of the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) based at home was the hunting of U-Boats in the North Atlantic, its most important area of operations was Europe, where 48 Canadian squadrons served. The scale of their contribution was recognized on 1st January 1943 by the formation of No. 6 Group, an RCAF formation within Bomber Command. Canadian airmen fought in the Battle of Britain, North Africa, Italy and the Normandy invasion. About 17,000 died, the great majority while serving with Bomber Command.

Canadian's took part in key battles in World War 2 --- some of the major battles that could be included in Call of Duty 2 could be:

---Hong Kong (Pacific Theatre):
In WWII Canadian soldiers were among the first ground troops to fight the Japanese, in Hong Kong. As part of the defending force, two thousand Canadians, in two battalions, held out on Hong Kong Island against impossible odds for 17 days. 300 were killed and 500 wounded before the surrender.

After the fall of Hong Kong, the Canadians were imprisoned in horrid conditions. Of the Canadian POW's (Prisoners of War), 250 died of malnutrition, maltreatment and disease in Japanese prison camps before the end of the war.

---Dieppe Raid:
The Dieppe Raid in 1942 was the first large scale attack on Hitler's Fortress Europe, and it was 5000 Canadian troops who made up 85\% of the force. The attack had little chance of success from the outset. Only 2000 Canadians returned. 1000 were killed and 2000 were taken prisoner after a single day of fighting.

(The raid was billed as a 'test' of the German defenses, but it was poorly conceived. Lord Louis Mountbatten, who was in charge of the operation, put a bold face on it, but it is thought by some that he should bear the blame for the fiasco. Instead he received another medal.)

---Battle of Malta:
In the Battle of Malta, where the Luftwaffe and the Italian Regia Aeronautica were fought to a standstill, 25\% of the defending pilots were Canadians. George 'Buzz' Beurling, Canada's top ace with 32 kills, fought there.

---Italy (Battle of Ortona)
In the invasion of Sicily and Italy, Canada had 76,000 troops, and lost 10,000 as casualties, 2000 of them fatal. Details of the Battles of Ortona and Monte Cassino will yield more information on the quality of the Canadian fighting man.

The Hitler Line in central Italy was first ruptured by tanks of the Canadian 5th Armoured Division.

---Swift Sea Strikes:
Better-known are Canada's destroyers and corvettes, but small, fast attack boats were also important. Canada had two flotillas of motor torpedo boats (MTB's) and motor gun boats (MGB's) in the English Channel. They fought German E-boats (torpedo boats) and flak ships, disrupted enemy coastal convoys, cleared mines, and landed supplies for agents on German-occupied islands.

---D-Day (Juno Beach):
Before dawn on D-Day, 230 heavy bombers from RCAF No.6 Group pounded German shore batteries with 860 tons of bombs. And in the daylight hours, RCAF fighter squadrons flew top cover for the invasion beaches.

Fifty Canadian destroyers, frigates and corvettes assisted in covering the invasion, providing anti-submarine escort and bombarding shore targets.

On D-Day, 14,000 Canadians stormed ashore on Juno Beach and were the only force to capture all their initial objectives that day, at a cost of 1000 casualties

---Normandy and the Low Countries:
The Battle of Caen and Falaise Gap, the Rhineland Campaign, all saw large-scale participation by Canadian infantry and armour.

---The Battle of the Atlantic:
In 1943 Canada took over naval control of the north-west Atlantic, and by war's end, 80\% of the convoys across the North Atlantic were protected by Canadian escort vessels.

The Royal Canadian Navy operated 373 mostly Canadian-built escort vessels on convoy duty in the North Atlantic, CORVETTES and destroyers for the most part, and sank 27 U-Boats. (Canadian aircraft sank another 25.)

---The Bomber Offensive:
The first Canadian bomber mission over Europe was on June 12, 1941. A year later 68 RCAF bombers took part in the first 1000 bomber raid. By 1944, the RCAF was regularly sending out more than 200 heavy bombers a night on single raids.


For the next installment of an already excellent series, we ask that the developers and producers of the next Call of Duty game consider including Canadian soldiers and missions.

Thank you for your time


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