Action against Khoja Jamaat of Mumbai and Mirza Athar for their oppression on Zakira Tahera Jaffar sign now

This petitions is against the atrocities done on Zakira Tahera Jaffar in Mumbai By the Mumbai Khoja Jamaat , Maulana Mirza Atthar and Maulana Jafar Abbas. Please read the detailed account below .

This petition demands the following

1. Resignation of the Vice President Safdar Karmali for his brutal and harsh behaviour against Zakari TAhera Jaffar

2. Total Bann on Recitation of Majalis by Maulana Mirza Mohammed Athar in Khoja Shia and other Shia centers for the insults done in meetings and from pulpit on the Zakira and insult the Marjae Taqleed.

3. Request to Website to not to host the lectures of Mirza Mohammed Athar, not just for this crime, but also for his brutal and dirty language used on the Caliphs of Muslims resulting into more hatred towards Shias and hence Shia Killings.

4. Request to Website to not to host Lectures of Maulana Jafar Abbas

If the below information is not enough, Visit this Sipahe Sahaba site, and View the Video Lecture of this trouble maker Zakir who was the cause behind fueling the oppression against Zakira Tahera Jaffar

In this lecure, he prooves the use filthy badwords for Caliphs is permitted through Quran, and then he goes ahead and expresses the Hazrat Umar had illegitimate relations with his mother, and since he had, so using such a language against him is permissible. SSP uses this lecture to proove that Shias are Kaafir.

How many Shia Killings are we going to bear just due to such Zakirs who whereever they go cause discord and problems.

Protest against those centers who host such Zakirs, against those Websites who host their lectures.

I also make a humble request to the World Federation to exhert heavy pressure on Mumbai Jamaat in order to fulfill these demands.

The Following Websites are the prime hosts of the lectures of Maulana Mirza Mohammed Athar

Notes on background of what transpired in Mumbai
Compiled by Ahmed A. M. Jaffer , Mombasa , Kenya dd: 27 February, 2005 .


At the invitation of the Khoja Shia Isna Asheri Jamaat of Mumbai extended four years in advance through Ms.Mehrubai and Ms. Kheirubai (the well known elderly heads of the active ladies social workers of the Jamaat) with the knowledge of Alhaj Mohibali Roshanali Dawood Haji Nasser, Mrs. Tahera Ahmed Jaffer of Mombasa, Kenya, planned her visit to India in order to recite two Majalis a day during Ashra-e-Muharram 1426 A.H. in Mumbai and thereafter to recite Majalis in Bangalore, Mysore, Sangli and other places as per invitations received by her directly or through Ms. Kheirubai and Ms. Mehrubai. The planned visit was for a period of about four weeks with the departure from Mombasa – Kenya on 8th of February 2005 and returning to Mombasa 8th of March 2005. She landed at the Mumbai airport on 9th of February 2005 where she was welcomed by few ladies.

As planned, she started reciting Majalis from 1st of Mahe Muharram at Mehfil-e-Khatoon-e-Jannat in the morning and at the Khoja Masjid in the afternoon – both situated in the Dongri area of Mumbai.

As per her usual style, she started reciting Majalis by first presenting few Fiqhi Masael and answering questions received by her related to socio-religious issues and then delivering lectures on the topics of “Aurat ki Azmat” (Status of Woman) and “Ta’alimat-e – Quran – Tafseer & Tadabbur”. She also entertained sensitive questions asked by the youngsters related to sex, music, matrimonial life management, domestic issues, ills of society, etc which were answered by her either from the Minber or by having personal meetings with the youngsters. For Mumbai-walas, the contents and style of her presentations were quite new and appeared to be different from presentations made by the traditional Zakireen in Mumbai.

During the course of her stay in Mumbai till cancellation of her visa on 22nd February 2005, she delivered twentyone Majalis (of which two were at the Khoja Masjid, seventeen were at Mehfil-e- Khatoon-e-Jannat and two at Bandra – one at the residence of Mr. Amirali Merchant and one at a Mehfil in the house of a Rizvi Syed). The twenty-second Majlis at Mehfil-e-Khatoone-Jannat on 22nd February 2005 which was supposed to be held in the form of a questions/answers session, was abruptly terminated few minutes after the commencement. Straight from the Mehfil, she was driven to the airport in a Police van (having quite a number of male and female members of the Police force in it) to be repatriated back to Kenya branded as a “deportee”. None of the members of the community were permitted to accompany her.

According to the reports conveyed to her whilst she was reciting Majalis, it was said that about 95% of the members of the audience appreciated her renderings. The remaining 5% raised serious objections on the grounds that:

- from the minber she uttered the word “Ghusl” and presented masaels related to the “Signs of Bulugh of the Boys” which were considered to be inappropriate and not befitting to be uttered from the minber in order to upkeep the dignity of the minber.

- she clarified that from the fiqhi point of view no offence is committed if a lady touches alam and zarih during the menstruation period.

- she clarified during the questions and answers session that the rivayat of the wedding of Shah Kasim on the day of Ashura was incorrect and upon being asked about the custom of taking out “Mehendi” on the seventh night and day of Muharram, she stated that the custom of taking out “Mehendi” should continue on the understanding that although the wedding of Shah Kassim had not taken place, his mother would surely have nursed the desire of witnessing the wedding of his son had he remained alive.

- she stated during the questions and answers session that instead of putting the ‘Chadtars’ in the form of the images of eyes, ears and other body parts made of gold and silver, it would be prudent to put the equivalent value of the same in cash as ‘Chadtars’ so that the same could readily be utilized for noble causes by the management as the realizable value of the images if sold in the market would be much less than the original value and resultantly the community would stand to lose and the noble causes would consequently suffer.

- she clarified during the questions and answers session that if a person sees an Alam in a dream, it is not a hujjat upon him to prepare an Alam.

- She emphasized during the course of her Majalis that during the month of Mahe Ramadhan, it would be advisable to have sessions of Translation, Tafseer and Tadabbur of the Holy Quran on the alternative days so that the children and the youngsters could develop the habit of pondering over the verses of the Holy Quran. Upon being asked as to how the Khitma of the Quran could then be completed during the Holy month because of the time factor thus affected, she advised that certain teachers be asked undertake to recite the thirty Siparas of the Holy Quran thus achieving the thawab of recitation and also of the tafaseer of the Holy Quran.

All this did not go well with the hardcore traditionalists as she had upset the comfort zone of many who started propagating that she was against Azadari and trying to put an end to the age old tradition of having Khatmul Quran during the month of Mahe Ramadhan. Quite a number of people however started examining their customs and traditions by discussing amongst themselves. The thinking process had started amongst the cross section of the community especially amongst the youngsters.

She was repeatedly requested, asked, coaxed and even threatened to put an end to her Majalis. Despite all the pressure from this Section of the said 5% of the community, she refused to budge and she categorically declared that she could not do injustice to the said remaining 95% of the community members who were keen to listen to her. Her firmness to continue enabled her to pull a sizeable crowd.

On the third day of Mahe Muharram she was asked not to recite Majlis at the Khoja Masjid as objections had been received for what she had recited on the second day of Muharram which needed to be clarified. Another Zakira was instead appointed to recite Majlis on the day in mention.

The Khoja Shia Isna Asheri Jamaat of Mumbai convened a meeting of the Masjid Trust on the fourth day of Mahe Muharram at about 1:00 p.m. to consider the objections received. At the said meeting, Maulana Mirza Mohamed Athar, Maulana Syed Anisul Hassan, Maulana Shaikh Nassiri (the Shar’ee Vakeel of Ayatulla Sistani), Alhaj Sultan Delhiwala – the President of the Jamaat, Alhaj Safder Kermalli – the Vice President of the Jamaat, Alhaj Lakhani,, Alhaj Mohibali Roshanali Dawood Haji Nasser, Mrs. Tahera Ahmed Jaffer, Ms. Kheirubai, Ms. Sabera (Zakerah) and other Office Bearers and Trustees of the Jamaat were present.

Discussions ensued on the aforementioned objections. Based upon the explanations given at the meeting by Mrs. Tahera, Maulana Shaikh Nassiri (the Shar’ee Vakeel of Ayatulla Sistani) endorsed what Mrs. Tahera had preached so far. Later on after the meeting he informed Alhaj Mohibali Dawood Haji Nasser that having listened to the cassette of the Majlis which has been objected to, he would not hesitate to certify that whatever she had presented so far was correct and not objectionable. Maulana Mirza Mohamed Athar however expressed his serious reservations and stated that he had in the past opposed Malana Ghulam Askari and Maulana Sadiq Hassan when they presented Fiqhi masaels in Majalis and permitted ladies in the state of Haiz (najasat) to touch Alam and Zarih. He insisted that he had serious objections related to the same even when it was pointed out that the Maraja-e-Taqleed have given permission.

When somebody opined that Ashra-e-Muharram is not the period during which Fiqhi masaels should be presented as in doing so the purpose of Azadari is relegated, Mrs. Tahera responded by saying that since large crowds are available only during the Ashra-e-Muharram, it is the most opportune moment to educate the masses. Maulana Shaikh Nassiri (the Shar’ee Vakeel of Ayatulla Sistani) concurred with her opinion. Maulana Mirza Mohamed Athar and the Vice President of the Jamaat Alhaj Safder Kermalli however strongly differed on the issue.

Alhaj Mohibali Roshanali Dawood Haji Nasser questioned Mrs. Tahera as to whether she was against Alam and Niyaz. In response to which she replied that she was in absolute favour of Alam as it is the main insignia which was used in the battle of Badr, went on and on, was carried by Hazrat Abbas in Kerbala and our 12th Imam will reappear with Alam. As regards to Niyaz, she said how could she possibly go against the Sunnate-Rasool as it was the Holy Prophet (sa.w.s.) who first introduced it at Da’awat-e-Dhul Ashira in order to invite people towards the right path. She added that Niyaz should be encouraged since it is the best means for attracting people towards listening to the message Imam Husein (a.s.). She stressed that all forms of Azadari should be encouraged as she fully subscribed to the views of the Maraja-e-Taqleed and Ulema that Azadari should be encouraged and carried out with full force. Maulana Mirza Mohamed Athar intonated by saying that she has misguided people by saying that “if a person sees an Alam in a dream, it is not a hujjat upon him to prepare an Alam” as he strongly believed that it is a hujjat.

Whilst trying to throw light on the subject of other objections received and explain the misinterpretations related thereto, she was repeatedly interrupted by Maulana Mirza Mohamed Athar who prevented her from giving full explanations. When told that this form of interruption was unfair, Maulana Mirza Mohamed Athar replied that he would not desist from doing so. It is contended by Mrs. Tahera that she was not given a fair hearing at the said meeting.

Mrs. Tahera pointed out at the meeting that having traveled to various cities and towns throughout the world, she reckoned that the state of Jahalat (lack of awareness) in the matter of Fiqhi masaels appears to be very high and alarming in Mumbai based upon the type of questions being asked by the ladies. (This opinion was formed by her from the questions being asked innocently by the ladies - e.g, several ladies of about forty years of age and over had heard about Sajda-e-Sahv for the first time and quite a number of ladies could not distinguish between Haiz and Istehaza and some were doing ghusl in the state of qaleela). The Vice President of the Jamaat Mr. Safder Kermalli took an extremely strong exception to her remark and shouted at the top of his voice that the Jamaat was doing needful to educate the ladies.

Towards the end of the meeting, (Zakerah) Ms. Sabera asked as to whether Mrs. Tahera could now continue with her Majalis at the Khoja Masjid, the Vice President of the Jamaat Alhaj Safder Kermali shouted and said that she was banned from reciting Majlis at the Khoja Masjid. Alhaj Mohibali objected to the word ‘banned’ used by the Vice President. It appears that the decision had already been taken not to allow Mrs. Tahera to recite Majlis at the Khoja Masjid. The purpose of the meeting in mention as such appears to be a mystery.

When the Jamaat openly declared that Mrs. Tahera would not be allowed to recite Majalis at the Khoja Masjid, she requested that other arrangements be made to enable her to recite Majalis at other places. She finally sought permission to recite two Majalis a day at Mehfil-e-Khatoon-e-Jannat and other places which permission was granted and as such in all she was able to recite twentyone Majalis during her stay in Mumbai.

When the Maulanas left the meeting, Alhaj Lakhani apologized to Mrs. Tahera for the inconveniences caused to her.

During the whole episode, it has been reported that Maulana Mirza Mohamed Athar repeatedly preached against her renderings in the Majalis recited by him at night during the Ashra-e-Muharram. Alhaj Safder Kermalli – the Vice President of the Mumbai Jamaat and others played leading roles in provoking, instigating and threatening members of the public in their own peculiar ways.

In fact, Mr. Safder Kermalli – the Vice President of the Jamaat made it quite obvious that he was the one who engineered, maneuvered and arranged the deportation of Mrs. Tahera by bringing the Police in person to the Mehfil, shouting at Ms. Mehrubai and ordering her to hand over the Passport and Tickets of Mrs. Tahera to him and asking the Police to take Mrs. Tahera to the airport in the Police van. It was baffling to note that in an advanced country like India , the Police took instructions from an individual ignoring all forms of fairness, justice and decency.

The argument now being advanced by Mr. Safder Kermalli that in order to control the restless crowd he was compelled to take this harsh action does not hold water. Surely the Indian police is not that impotent as to not being able to control an unruly mob if at all there was one!

It is now argued by Mr. Safder Kermalli that since Mrs. Tahera came on tourist visa, the Indian Police had the right to cancel the visa as she had violated the visa regulations by reciting Majalis.

It should be borne in mind that since she was proceeding to Mumbai to address the public gatherings, the visit was not secret or clandestine and she could not possibly have hidden the fact. When a person went to Indian Consulate in Mombasa - Kenya to obtain visa for her, he requested that a six-month visa be issued to her. When questioned why, he was informed that she is a renowned lecturer proceeding to India to recite Majalis. The Indian Consulate obliged and issued a Tourist Visa for six months. Had there been any other form of visa to be obtained, then surely the Indian Consul would have issued that type of visa accordingly.

It should also be noted that Alhaj Mohibali Roshanali Dawood Haji Nasser (who was in Dubai at the time when she was being deported to Kenya) talked with Mrs. Tahera at Dubai airport and stated that such a harsh step taken by the Vice President of the Jamaat Mr. Safder Kermalli would have not taken place had he been in Mumbai on the day she was made to leave the country. Had the visa been inappropriate, he would not have made such a comment as he was aware of the type of visa carried by her since he always acted as her guardian as and when Mrs. Tahera visited India .

Furthermore, it is in the public’s knowledge throughout the globe that Mrs. Tahera never takes Hadiya (remuneration) nor does she accept gifts wherever she goes to recite Majalis. The theory of violating visa regulation is a misnomer and has been advanced to hoodwink the general public.

It must however be recorded that the President of Jamaat - Mr. Sultan Delhiwala appears to be not involved in the least. When he heard about the deportation of Mrs. Tahera, he rushed to the Airport with a number of ladies of the community and profusely apologized to her for what had transpired with tears in his eyes. But by that time the harm had been done.

It has also been reported that in the past, leading local and visiting Ulema have been mistreated and subjected to humiliation in Mumbai by the same or similar groups of people thus harming the cause of bringing about awareness in the community. Inaction on the part of Mumbai Jamaat is causing great harm to the community in Mumbai and other parts of the world. Mumbai Jamaat cannot remain oblivious to the situation and has to take stern actions to redress the prevalent situation and also undo the damage done.

The ill treatment of Mrs. Tahera in Mumbai, the cancellation of her visa and her subsequent deportation can in no way be condoned nor can the overall involvement of the Khoja Shia Isna Asheri Jamaat of Mumbai in the whole episode be ignored. The damage done by the Mumbai Jamaat has to be redressed and until such time this is done, the Mumbai Jamaat stands to be accountable and cannot be pardoned by the international community.

Wassalamun Alaykum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuhu – Sgd: Ahmed Jaffer, Mombasa , Kenya .


Dear Brothers / Sisters

Salamun Alaykum

I am a member of Khoja Shia Jamat (Bombay) and today I am shameful to call myself a member of the jamat. The reason behind this is the recent incidents that have taken place this mohurram.

I want that all the shias around the world should be aware as to how a zarkera of Imam Hussain (as) was treated in Bombay for doing Amr bil Maroof & Nahi anil munkar.

A zakera named Tahera Jaffar who is originally from Africa and was invited by the Khuja Shia Jamat (Bombay) for reciting majlis this mohurram. She was to recite two majlis everyday. (1st in Mehfil –e- khatoon –e- Jannat at 11am & 2nd in Khoja Masjid at 4pm)

On 2nd Mohurram in the evening majlis she spoke about some rasam which are common among khoja community and those rasams are to be taken as Islamic Rasams. She told that these acts have nothing to do with islam and are all innovations. She also said about wedding of J. Qasim (as) that no reliable historians have said that any wedding have taken place in Karbala.

These words created a wave among the ill-literates and they started raising objection and demanded to ban the zakera. Jamat also gave full support to the demand and baaned her from reciting the majlis in masjid. On 3rd Mohurram Zakera Tahera Jaffar was not allowed to recite majlis and instead Anjum Sharif (Daughter in-law of Alamdar Sharif ESecrectary of Jamat) recited the majlis.

When the ladies came to know that Zakera Tahera Jafar is not reciting majlis they started shouting “V want Tahera AapaEand at that time 3 men (Rosu {Partner of AL MEHDI TOURS}, Shahid Panjwani, & Shabbir Lakdawala {Husband of Zakera Zainab & Brother of Zakera Sabira})came into the ladies section and started talking in abusive language and it is said that Rosu also threatened to hit one of the ladies when she was arguing with him. And some say that he hit the lady. (Allah knows the best)

From next day i.e. 4th mohurram ladies organized another majlis of Tahera Jafar in the evening at 5pm at Mehfil –e- Khatoon –e- Jannat. As a result of this majority of the ladies stopped going to Masjid and started attending Zakera Tahera Jafar’s majlis in the mehfil. When the volunteers saw that there are very few ladies coming to the masjid they demanded that Zakera Tahera Jafar should not be allowed to recite in Mehfil also. But this could not happen and the majlis continued.

A meeting of Alims was arranged at Habib hospital and there Mau. Nasiri who is the representative of Aya. Sistani said that this lady has done a work that men could not do. What she has said in the majils is correct. Mau Athar was also present in the meeting.

Mau Jaffar Abbas who recites majlis in Mehfil –e- Khorasan started reciting majlis against the Zakera and said many things which were meant to arowse anger among the public. Then mau Athar also joined him and from 6th Mohurram onwards he also started speaking against her in Majils he recited in khoja majlis (you can listen to the majlis on

Then the mehfil authorities started getting threat calls. On 6th Mohurram a lady stood up and said that she had asked a question on some site named madinatul baabulilm and had got the answer which confirmed that what the zakera had said as correct. The same day in the evening 2 ladies with full face covered came to the mehfil and distributed a pamphlet in the name of pairwan-e-aaza or pasban-e-aaza which condemned baabulilm for the answer. When ladies told them to remove their naqab and show their face they went away.

On 9th Mohurram a lady came after the majils and threatened the Zakera to kill her and then threw stones on her car.

All this was happening and the jamat who had invited her was silent.

On 12th Mohurram a question answer session was organized in the mahfil. Some boys geathered near the house where the Zakera was staying. And on the same day a group had made a complain with the Dongri Police station that this lady is doing vulgor talks in the mehfil and is showing blue films there. They gave a cassette of the Zakera in which she had answered questions during a family councelling session.

Around 150 ladies supporting the Zakera went to the police station to deny the allegation. There men from the opposition group had also geathered and were talking in abusive language. At the police station some ladies told that Safdar Karmali (vice president of Jamat) had told them to come to the police station to lodge the complain against the Zakera and the the police station Safdar Karmali was pretending that he has come the support the Zakera. It is known to all that he has a good control over the Dongri Police Station.

There the ladies were telling that only 2 people have that kind of dirty mind that can put such a false and defaming accusitaion on the zakera. 1st is Safdar Karmali & 2nd is Rafiq Meghani (Partner of Al Mehdi Tours)

I have never met Rafiq Meghani personally so I cannot comment on him. What I have written here is what I have heard from other ladies. But as far as Safder Karmali is concerned I have heard him talk and any one who might have spoken with him know very well what kind of dirty tongue he has. Only that thing comes on tongue that is ones mind. So it is a big possibility that Safdar Karmali’s dirty mind and tongue has given birth to this accusitation.

I would ask that is educating our young girls about sex haram. If it is wrong then why do all Mujtahid write on topics related to sex in their Tawzi ul Masael. Then we should baan the books like Tehzeebul Islam and other books written on this topic by Mau Mohammed Rizvi. When Islam has laid some rules for sex then who will teach these rules to the girls. We cannot expect our girls to go to male alims and ask these questions.

Then the ladies returned to the Mehfil. A mob of around 200 men geathered near the Mehfil and started shouting. As there was no lecture or question and answer going on ladies started leaving. In the end only 15 ladies and the zakara were in the Mehfil few men went on the first floor of the building where the mehfil is located and started banging the door and tried to break it with the intention of harming the zakera and ladies inside. The ladies came out in the window and shouted for help. Then the police came and dispersed the crowd.

They took the zakera in their protection when some ladies requested that they should be allowed to go with the zakera, Safdar Karmali did not let them go with her. The police took her straight to the airport and was deported back to her country the same night.

Let me point out that Zakera Sabera & Zakera Kaniz has also played a big role in fueling the fire. They both have changed their stand every now and then. In front of the zakera they favoured her and behind her they said against her. You can get this claim confirmed from anyone who has attended their majlis recently.

Is this a way a Zakera of Imam Hussain (as) who said the truth is to be treated ?

Even if we say that what she said is wrong is this the way a alone lady has to be treated ? Is there no single man in full Bombay who could stand and support the alone lady ?

Is there no Alim in Bombay who has the courage to stand up and object to what has happened ?

I would request the authorities of to put the majlis of Zakera Tahera Jafar on their site so that all can listen to what she has said and judge if it is right or wrong. When you can put majlis of Mau Athar on your site why can’t you put these majlis ?

I would also request the members of Khoja Shia Jamat Bombay to give Ladies to vote. If ladies get the right to vote atleast a person like Safdar Karmali will not be elected the vice president. I don’t understand how can such a characterless person be sitting on such a post ?

These inhuman people tell them selves azadar of Imam Hussain (as) and followers of Imam Hussain (as) who is the saviour of humanity. They are not even humans then how can they be followers of the saviour of humanity.

I will end my letter with one request that from now onwards when ever you recite ziyarat and when you recite the following verces keep this in mind

LANALLAHO UMMATTAN ZALAMATKA (O allah send Lanat on the zalims which include the authorities of Jamat, Mau Athat, Mau Jaffar Abbas who gave fule to the fire and were the master mind behind all this)

LaNALLAHO UMMATTAN KATALATKA (O allah send Lanat on the killers which include the Al Mehdi Tour Group and specially Rosu, Shabbir Lakdawala who attacked the ladies)

LANALLAHO UMMATTAN UMMATAN ZALEKA LE FARIZIYAT BE (O allah send Lanat on those who heard but remained silent. This includes the alims of Bombay who know what the truth is and remain silent and also the men of Bombay who did not take any action and are still not taking any action against the wrong)


Sister in Islam

Sakina Mukadam

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