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Abolishing the Federal Reserve System

"All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing."- Edmund Burke

The Federal Reserve System was supposedly created to stabilize the economy. It sprang to being from the panic of 1907, with its alarming epidemic of bank failures. Since its inception, it has presided over the crashes of 1921 and 1929; the Great Depression of 1929 to 1939; recessions in `53, `57, `69, `75 and `81; a stock market "Black Monday" in `87; and a 1000\% inflation which has destroyed 90\% of the dollars purchasing power.

By 1990, an annual income of $10,000 was required to buy what took only $1.000 in 1914. That incredible loss in value was quietly transferred to the federal government in the form of hidden taxation, and the Federal Reserve System was the mechanism by which it was accomplished.

The consequences of wealth confiscation by the Federal Reserve mechanism are now upon us. In the current decade, corporate debt is soaring; personal debt is greater that ever; both business and personal bankruptcies are at an all time high. Interest on the national debt is consuming half of our tax dollars and we are facing an international trade deficit for the first time in history.

Fraudulent concealment: The hiding and/or suppression of facts that would significantly change the cost or risk of an alleged agreement. To mislead the borrower as to which party supplied the capital to fund the bank loan check. In or out of court, misleading or hindering the acquisition of information disclosing a right or transaction in an alleged contract or agreement. Planning to escape investigation, suppressing the truth or preventing inquiry to the truth.

According to Federal Reserve Publications and Generally Accepted Accounting Principles, which nearly all banks must follow, banks create money out of nothing. You are charged interest on this fiat money and are working for the bankers for free. These types of transaction create the economics similar to steeling, counterfeiting and swindling. The bookkeeping entries will prove that at the time someone signs a bank loan agreement a promissory note is created out of thin air, this note has cash value to the bank equal to the amount of the loan. The banks assets increase offset by an equal liability. If their assets increased you funded the money for the loan and if you default on your bank loan the banks have the power to repossess your house or car, without the banks risking any of their own money. The entire loan process is misleading, and the banks breach the contract because they did not disclose this material fact to you. We are slaves to the banking system.

The American dream is to own a home, invest money in the stock market and hopefully live long enough to enjoy the fruits of our labor. But did you know that even though your house is paid for it still belongs to the government. They own the original title to every home, business, motorcycle, boat, and car, you will only receive a certificate when these items are paid for. All these things are a pledge to pay off the national debt.

The international bankers have influence over just about everything, because they create and control the money supply. The IMF has a major influence over the media, judges, law enforcement, stock market, schools, churches, lawyers, political officials and ultimately the American people, because we are manipulated to believe that wars are good for the economy and that the currency we call money is money. The IMF has so much money and power that they even control whom will become president.

The FEDS scorecard
It is not unreasonable to conclude, therefore, that the System has failed, not because it needs a new set of rules or more intelligent directors, but because it is incapable of achieving its stated objective. If an institution is incapable of achieving its objectives, there is no reason to preserve it, unless it can be altered in some way to change its capability. That leads to the question: why is the System incapable of achieving its stated objective? The painful answer is - those were never its true objective.

References and web sites
The Creature from Jekyll Island - A second look at the Federal Reserve System by Edward Griffin http://www.realityzone.com

Americas Hope - Canceling bank loans without going to court by Tom Schauf http://www.bankfreedom.com

Truth radio - Live broadcast on several topics-with John Bryant

Sound waves 2000 - Live broadcast on a variety of topics - with Clay Douglas http://www.soundwaves2000.com

Info wars live broadcast on a variety of topics and lots of links, with Alex Jones http://www.infowars.com

Masters of the Universe -The secret birth of the Federal Reserve, hosted by Dean Stockwell, videotape. http://www.freeamerican.com

USA vs. US http://www.gemworld.com/USAvsUS.htm

Corruption in Government and the New World Order - http://www.nationaldebt.com/homepage/index.html

The information enclosed in this petition are documented and are mainly from two sources, one is the Creature from Jekyll Island and the other is Americas Hope, which are listed as two of my references. I have given you enough information and references for you to do your own research and come to your own conclusions. Take the time to review the materials, if you are a skeptic there is enough evidence to make a believer out of you and it may even cause your blood to boil. The deeper you research the more information you will find, there is no end to the deception. My goal is to have at least 10,000 signatures by July 4th 2002. All it takes if for good men and women to take a stand and spread the word, so take that first step and sign for the future of this country. Thank you.

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    putting american in the hand of its rightful owners!!
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    How Long will it take to abolish the federal reserve system?
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    It's illegal & it is criminal & tyrannical to not have our nation control our nations currency..PERIOD!!
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    Ron Paul 2008
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    Not Constitutional
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    Its about time we stopped the fool fodder of printing money out of thin air that an instution thats independent of the government gets to do
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    Our founding fathers warned us that a centralized bank is a bigger threat to our liberties than any standing army. They were right.
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    stop this fraud!
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    FED UP
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    Those who support the robbery and treachery of the Federal Reserve are Traitors to the Constitution, American Freedom/Spiritual Freedom

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