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We the undersigned request a special meeting of the Members of the Curtis Pond Owners Association be held. The agenda will request the Board of Directors of the Curtis Pond Owners Association answer the following questions publicly. At the conclusion of the Board of Directors responses the floor will be open for additional questions and discussion. If the membership feels a vote for new Directors is warranted a motion from the floor will be acknowledged and a vote will take place at that time as long as a quorum is in attendance in person or by proxy.

The signatures will be kept private and the Board of Directors may verify all/some signatures. This petition will be submitted to the Board of Directors after the required count of 10\% of the membership per NCGS 47F (27 members) is accumulated.

Questions to the Board of Directors to be answered at a special meeting:

Why are members charged an additional fee to use the amenities which are paid for with our dues?

Why isn't the Board publishing monthly minutes within 30 days of a board meeting?

Why aren't the Board meetings announced prior to a meeting?

How much is the estimate to fix the kiddy pool?

How much is the estimate to refinish the main pool?

How many members have not paid dues in 2009 and how many in 2010?

Why won't the HOA pay the Capital Gains fee sitting in the reserve account to the appropriate homeowners who paid it?

Why hasn't the board filed a correction to the CCR's amendment for the Capital Gains Fee?

How much was the water bill April, May, June, July of 2010?

How much has the HOA spent on legal and collection fee's for members who have not paid in 2009 and 2010?

Has the HOA filed any foreclosures for late assessments?

Why would you tell the community that you would have to re-negotiate the pool contract for extended guest passes when you wouldn't?

Who is the currently attorney of record for the HOA?

Why did the Board think it was a good idea to contract another Board member to with no experience, equipment or insurance for the landscaping contract?

Will the Board file trespassing charges against anyone who is not accompanied by a member in good standing?

How many CCR's violation letters were sent each month Jan, Feb, March, April, May, June, July 2010?

What is the total figure owed to the HOA for past dues and late fee's?

Estimate how much will the HOA write off in bad debt for in 2010?

Who are the members of the ARC committee?

How much has been spent in 2009 and 2010 on Security for the Pool area?

What is currently in place for security for the Pool area and does it function properly?

How much is in the reserves fund after subtracting for the Capital Gains fee's which need to be returned?

What are the chances that the Board will take over or award the management contract to another Board Member or Member of the community?

How much is currently in the working capital account for the balance of the year?

Will the HOA be able to meet all financial commitments this year without dipping into the reserve fund?

Why was it acceptable to sell guest passes to the pool in 2009 but not in 2010?

What is the Board position on the fact that the HOA has not filed any documents to void the annexation documents currently on file with the county to include phase 234?

Why did the Board feel it necessary to publish their response to a personal inquiry about extended pool passes, ask for additional input from the community when the Board has already decided their position on the matter?

Will the pool be drained and re-finished this fall?

How much has been spent on tables and chairs this year?

Is the Board considering hiring a new management company?

How many active committee members does the HOA currently have?

Now that the pool has been open longer than 5 days what is the average attendance during the peak hours and what are those hours?

How would you rank from 1 to 10 each Board members skills in the following areas:
1. Effective Leadership
2. Effective Communication
3. Organization of priorities
4. Ability for equal and fair treatment of each member

Did any of the Board members vote in favor for extend pool passes if so which ones?

How much will it cost to fix the pool gate? Will it be fixed this year?

When will the new web site be up? How much did it cost?

What was the total cost of the damage to the kitchen area?

Who was contracted to repair the damage to the kitchen area and are they a member or personal friend of a Board member?

What is the current status and integrity of the dam at the pond?

List any goals the Board wishes to accomplish before the end of the year?

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