A Petition for the removal of Mr. Nandkumar Kakirde from the post of Secretary of Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, sign now

A Petition for the removal of Mr. Nandkumar Kakirde from the post of Secretary of Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan,
Pune Kendra.

The Managing Committee of Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan (Pune Kendra) and Bhavans Intenational Mumbai.

This a public petition authored by parents of students and ex students of Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Sulochana Natu Vidya Mandir. This is penned with the best interest of the school and its students in mind.

It is unfortunate to say that Mr. Nandkumar Kakirde is solely responsible for the gradual but consistent downfall of the school. All the three important components of the school, Students, Teachers, and Management have been systematically degraded, and the only gainer has been Mr. Kakirde himself.

Let us look at the sequence of events of last few years.

1. The departure of Mrs. Bhavani Raghuraman from the school. There is not a single person associated with the school right from the sweeper to the chairman who will dispute the fact that в Mrs. Bhavani made the reputation of the school from Zero to Hero with her consistent hard work and dedication to the schoolв. Why then would she suddenly want to leave the schoolв..? в The baby that she was so fond of в. Well, it is a known fact that she has given personal family and health reasons for leaving. But it is equally true that she has confided in her friends that her decision to leave was made easier by the politics in the management. Well, who is the management? Mr. Kakirde of course. As he is the sole member of the management who deals with the school on the daily basis. So long as Mr. Rairikar was the secretary, there was no problem. All problems have started after his departure. Mrs. Bhavani Raghuramans departure was the biggest blow to the future of the school and the success for Mr. Kakirde.

2. The reason why he wanted to see the back of Mrs. Bhavani was that he wanted to have more and more say in the matters of the school. Actually it is not the function of the secretary of Bhavans to run the school. This is the function of the principal, but the power hungry Kakirde wanted to have a say in the running of the school, more so the admissions (slurp). The strong principal Mrs. Bhavani was not allowing this.

3. After the departure of Mrs. Bhavani, Kakirde started playing the games to reach his goal. в Complete control of the schoolв. He knew that Mrs. Ujwala Dabak was senior most and Mr. Milind Shitole was next. His aim was to make Shitole the principal. But putting a PT instructor in as principal after the illustrious Mrs. Bhavani, would have been too unpalatable even to the very pliable management. So he put in Mrs. Dabak as Principal. This move faced expected resistance from concerned parents. At the meeting of parents that time, he pacified the parents by telling them that he would be conducting interviews for a new principal, and that Mrs. Dabak was only a temporary principal. The parents naturally believed him without knowing what his actual intentions were.

4. His intentions were to appoint Shitole, and through him, to take control of the school. He knew that Shitole was most unpopular in the school. Also that he was most pliable, and a perfect puppy to put in the seat of principal. This was the master plan to take charge of the school. Especially the admission process. Due to the unpopularity of Shitole, he first started working on the management. He presented the seniority issue and asked them for the solution. The management was presented with a no go scenario, instead of options or solutions. Sahasrubudhe was too weak to oppose, and the rest of the members were totally unaware of the total unpopularity of shitole, and the dubious intentions of Kakirde. They were presented with no options by the evil Kakirde. Even if they had any thoughts on the issue, they were scared off into believing that the school would loose recognition, and would be attacked by goons.

5. His next hurdle was the parents. His master plan for this was to keep them in the dark as far as possible. So he did not inform them till the last meeting . That too he informed them at the end of the last item of the meeting. This was because he was too scared to face the wrath of the parents. He knew that the parents would be a tough case, and that they would not be so easy to handle as the management.

6. The parents were naturally furious as he was playing with the lives of their 2000 children, only for his personal ambitions. But he needed to pacify them. When they asked for a meeting with the management, he asked sahasrabudhe not to attend, he asked shitole not to attend, and attended the meeting himself hoping to be able to sweet talk them into submission. He wove a tale of lies. He promised parents that all parents would be informed about the new choice of principal. Then he started selling the вqualitiesв of the new principal to the parents. He assured them that the new principal would learn English very soon, that he had asked shitole to read the economic times every day and report the news to him (hahahahaha..) . So desperate was he to вsellв the principal to the parents, that he even took a guarantee on behalf of the principal, that he would be a very good principal ( hahahaha ). However in his desperation to portray shitole as the right candidate, he showed out his real intentions. He told the parents not to worry as there would be team of supervisors under him, and that Kakirde would himself look into all matters of importance regarding the running of the school. This itself showed out the true colours of Kakirde. (Actually his position as secretary of BVB does not allow him to interfere with the working of the school at all). The parents who were most annoyed by this opposed him in no uncertain terms. At last he pacified everybody by declaring that the matter would be discussed with the committee and a final result would be given on the 26th April, the day of the report.

7. Of course, this also was a lie. He did not call any committee meeting. He gave biased and incomplete information of the proceedings of the meeting to sahasrabudhe. He complained about the вbehaviorв of the parents to Sahasrabudhe. Sahasrabudhe being a simple man, believed all that he was вfedв.
Kakirde also fed the same information to Mr. Dastoor at Bhavans head office, Mumbai. He selectively informed committee members, pieces of information. He kept every body in the dark about the real character of Milind Shitole, and the reasons for his unpopularity in the entire school .

8. At the meeting of the parents on 26th April, he pre prepared the committee members and they came to the meeting just as a formality. After hearing the heartfelt pleas of the parents, sahasrabudhe just repeated the sentences that Kakirde had instructed him. Kakirde then gleefully declared the meeting closed and all the вdignitariesв walked off the stage in line, with Kakirde leading from the front.

9. so this is the story of how Kakirde managed to get control of the great school BVB. He is like a parasiteв or actually like the hyenas who feed off the kills of lions. The lioness was Mrs. Bhavani, who built this glorious institution that we are proud of, and Kakirde and Shitole are the hyenas who are feeding on the leftovers as the proud lioness has left.

Okay, now answer a few questions.
Do you think a person of the level of shitole would have the guts to even think up the post of the principal , unless he was strongly supported by someone from the management.?
Do you think kakirde has taken any вeffortsв to find another alternative?
Do you think that kakirde would have had the guts to do this fantastic manouvre if the committee was made up of members of strength and courage.?
Do you think Mrs. Bhavani would have really left the school, which she loved if she had a supporting management ? do you think that kakirde and sahasrabudhe would have even once asked her to reconsider her decision and stay on ?
Where do you think the school will go to from here?
Do you believe that a person like Mr. Nandkumar Kakirde should be removed from this once glorious institution, The Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan (Pune Kendra) and the Sulochana Natu Vidya Mandir ?

Please register your vote and comments. Inform as many people as you can. Everyones participation is crucial to save the school.

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