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We the interested parties of the Samuel Scheck Hillel Community Day School agree and sign this petition to demand a board meeting to have our voice and address the recent events taking place at our community school..

We are deeply saddened by the entire process and the attitude of the board. Additionally, it should be noted that board representation is merely based upon ability to financial support the school through philanthropy with no balance of power between those who have financial means and those who work hard to pay the high tuition to provide an outstanding Jewish and Secular education to their children.

It would stand to reason that Hillel has been around more than 35 years. Our founding fathers must be rolling in their graves. Thousands of students have graduated and gone on to attend Ivy League and other well respected Colleges and Universities in the United States and around the world. People who send their children to the Samuel Scheck Hillel Community Day school do so because they believe in the quality education bestowed upon the students. The children who go to Hillel are happy to go to school.

For those individual who do not approve of the amount of Judaic and Hebraic studies, they are clearly in the wrong place. They should stop trying to change a proven commodity and take their unhappiness and children to a school that better meets their needs. There is much competition and many other choices in the area. They should stop trying to change what is and focus on what is best for their children and go someplace that meets their need. For those who want a Pinecrest education, go to Pinecrest, go to Ransom, Posnak, University School, Miami Country Day - - -dont stay at Hillel - - - we dont need your anti-religious and Jewish sentiment.

Hillel was established to be a traditional community based Jewish day school built on Orthodox Jewish values with emphasis on an outstanding Secular education. Our teachers have always been considered an integral part of that structure and family and give of themselves each and everyday to our children. Clearly, this is a labor of love, especially considering the salaries paid. The teachers are not being treated with dignity or respect. They are being verbally threatened by the current administration not to share their dissatisfaction with the parent body in an effort to create Secrecy. Secrecy is different from privacy in that Secrecy is an action with the intention to hide a wrong doing. Privacy on the other hand is something that is personal.

Our warm, loving teachers are working in fear of losing their jobs. They have banded together to support each other. Is this the environment that fosters good teaching and learning for our teachers and students? I DONT THINK SO. These individuals should be treated with the utmost respect and admiration!

It is at this time the board better wake up before it is too late. Wake up before we lose the very foundation on which this institution was built.

Other parents, teachers, and students are encouraged to partake in this website www.savehillel.com. Speak loudly so your voices may be heard. If you sit by and do not take action then dont complain about the results afterwards.

For the sake of our children and the teachers who give of themselves each and everyday, we are expressing my complete dissatisfaction with the current board and their lack of intestinal fortitude to buck the current administration and question these very unwarranted actions related to the non-renewal of the high school teachers contracts.

Let us not forget that there are other divisions affected by this leadership. The board should truly examine the reasons the outstanding principal of the elementary school resigned. Further examination should be implemented to determine the true lack of expertise in curriculum and elementary school governance of the newly appointed replacement principal for the elementary school for next year. She is highly credentialed by education but possesses no expertise within an elementary school environment. Why arent these things questioned? Is it the boards intention to sit idly by and watch the dismantling of an entire school?

That decision is left to you all. It is up to all individuals who have the time to read this site to make the time and undertake the effort to make their voices heard.

The school has had serious issues in cultivating philanthropy - - this current issue is certain to exacerbate this issue.

I implore and challenge everyone to take action - - - for the sake of our children, our teachers, our school and ourselves.

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