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This is a joint request from all Dish TV viewers, who are loyal Indian viewers of KBS World. As you know, KBS World was shown on two DTH service providers, which are Dish TV and Sun Direct DTH, through DD Direct Plus. Firstly, as part of Doordarshan, which is a state run service, owned by our Government of India, we would highly apologize to you.
There are currently 6 DTH services, namely Big TV of Reliance, Digital TV owned by Airtel, Tata Sky DTH jointly owned by Tata and Sky television, Sun Direct DTH owned by Sun television A South Indian Channel, Dish TV owned by Zee telefilms and finally DD Direct owned by Prasar Bharati under Ministry of Broadcasting and Information, Govt. of India. As DD DTH Plus is a government owned channel and is a free DD DTH service, and all its channels are Free TO AIR (FTA) channels so it is carried out by all other 5 private DTH service providers.
However, Sun Direct DTH and Dish TV only broadcasted KBS WORLD.
TATA Sky, BIG TV and Digital TV didnt showed KBS WORLD, as they dont show all Free TO AIR channels of DD DTH Plus, naturally their viewers dont have the idea of KBS WORLD channel, especially how KBS WORLD provides and deep insight of Korean culture and lifestyle, and how deeply this channel provides a full view of Korean culture.
Among the two DTH service providers Sun Direct DTH and Dish TV, who broadcasted KBS WORLD, Dish TV is the biggest DTH service provider, and is also the largest among all the 6 DTH providers in India including DD Direct Plus, moreover they are currently celebrating the 25 million viewership customer in India and currently holds the record of having most customers in India till now. And also the mails that were sent to the email ID of [email protected] were all by the customers of Dish TV. In those mails you gave each a reply, mentioning that, KBS promised to re-start KBS World broadcast as soon as possible via another DTH platform, hopefully within this April.
We are relieved to hear such assurance however, in the same time we got scared too. As we do not know which DTH service you going to choose to make a comeback to India.
Please consider coming to Dish TV, if you have to leave DD Direct Plus, as if you choose even Sun Direct DTH Plus, you will lose all the loyal viewers of KBS World from Dish TV because Dish TV is seen mostly by viewers from all parts of India while Sun TV mostly from Southern part of India.
We, the viewers of Dish TV, comprise the largest guaranteed viewership of KBS World. KBS World has become an integral part of our life and daily schedule. We miss all KBS World programs, especially Music Bank, Boys over Flowers, Open concert, My Precious You, Emperor of the Sea, the Iron Empress, the Road Home, Vitamin, Documentary programs etc Please, bring our favorite programs back!!! We miss you a lot. If you do not choose Dish TV or DD DTH plus, to comeback to India, by choosing other DTH service, then we the customers of Dish TV will never be able to see you again, ever.
KBS World is our favorite TV station as; it comes with all genres of programs along with English subtitles, which is perfect for us. As different languages are spoken around in India, and even national language Hindi is not spoken by many people in India, so English subtitles is the best for all of us. So KBS World is a perfect channel for us.
This petition is also signed by many viewers; each representing thousand of viewers themselves, as many customers of Dish TV does not have Internet Access. We personally contacted viewers of Dish TV who are neighbors or relatives of Dish TV and KBS World community members in Orkut - a social networking website.
Moreover if you comeback to India, can you also show the programs schedules in the television as per India timings as, it used to be shown as per schedule timings of Malaysia or France, but not in Indian timings. Can you also show the schedule of timings of programs according to Indian Time? .As mentioned, earlier, many customers of Dish TV do not have Internet Access, and thus they cannot go to your website of KBS World to check out their favorite programs according to Indian timings. It would also be a great help for us too, who have the internet access as well.
So, please consider coming back to India by Dish TV. Hope you can understand the emotions of Dish TV Viewers, involved in KBS World. We hope you will listen to our plea, and consider something favorable for us, for the sake of us, your loyal viewers.
We, the viewers of Dish TV are waiting for you!!!

Thanking you.
The loyal viewers of KBS world of Dish TV

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  • 10 abril 2020652. Devanshi Prajapati (unverified)
    I support this petition
  • 22 abril 2018651. Roshni Yadav
    I support this petition
  • 20 diciembre 2015650. Saurav J
    You entertainment program are the best, and the true meaning of what sitom is, we learnt from you
  • 20 diciembre 2015649. Manish P
    I support this petition
  • 19 diciembre 2015648. Jagmit S
    make kbs availaible! it is best channel on dth!
  • 19 diciembre 2015647. Subhadeep D
    We miss KBS World a lot
  • 18 diciembre 2015646. Debasish G
    Please reconsider for your decision and Please decide in favor of Viewers like us, who are from DISH TV
  • 18 diciembre 2015645. Ratnadeep G
    Will you comeback to India, under Dish TV, please?
  • 17 diciembre 2015644. Parveen K
    please com back kbs world
  • 17 diciembre 2015643. Shayone P
    Please consider your ever loyal viewers, as they no where else to go, bu to ask you think about your viewers
  • 17 diciembre 2015642. Raj C
    I support this petition
  • 17 diciembre 2015641. Mahesh S
    I love KBS World
  • 16 diciembre 2015640. Rohini J
    I support this petition
  • 15 diciembre 2015639. Vijayn Christian
    please resume kbe
  • 15 diciembre 2015638. Suny Hoffman
    kbs please.we r wting 4 u
  • 14 diciembre 2015637. Saumya Brewer
    want you back KBS WORLD
  • 13 diciembre 2015636. Rani S
    Please reconsider coming to India, we cannot live without you
  • 13 diciembre 2015635. Mohammad Ziaulh
    For your loyal viewers, you should think about them, in order to come inntheir favor.
  • 13 diciembre 2015634. Kranti E
    As being member of Parsi (Zoroastrian) community or followers of Zoroast religion, we beg you to come to India. As we Zoroastrian who come from Iran, as we were driven away from Iran (Persia), as us Zoroastrian has no place in Iran, as Iran is a Muslim Re
  • 13 diciembre 2015633. Ashwin Kumarc
    We cannot live without KBS World
  • 12 diciembre 2015632. Akash A
    Please come to India soon, so that we can you again, we can't wait to see you soon.
  • 12 diciembre 2015631. Jimmy Petty
    please com bck
  • 12 diciembre 2015630. Akanksha Sheppard
  • 11 diciembre 2015629. Priya Ibarra
    please resume kbs
  • 10 diciembre 2015628. Nageshiko S
    나는 인도를 일해 일본 전국 대회의 한살이고, 당신이 알기 때문에 당신의 텔레비전 채널은 인도에서 가정에 있는 아주 대중적인 뒤, 이다. 이 인기는 또한 인도 사람 중, 당연히 이 청원 당신이 인도에 올 것을 요구하도록 편성되었다 또한 따라잡고 있다. 인도에 있는 당신의 구경꾼을 생각하십시오. 당신의 문제를 한쪽으로 치워 그들의 요구사항을 승인해야 하는 당신의 구경꾼이 당신을 원하기 때문에, 이 구경꾼 없이 것과 같이, NHK 세계가 인도의 사이에서 아
  • 10 diciembre 2015627. Sonila Stark
    I support this petition
  • 10 diciembre 2015626. Ghanshyam Avery
    We want KBS in any case

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