A Call for Bush and Cheney to Resign Now sign now

A Petition from Citizens of the United States of America,

Calling for the RESIGNATIONS of President Bush and Vice President Cheney by the end of October 2007

To: George W. Bush, President of the United States

Richard Cheney, Vice President of the United States

We, the signers of this letter, call on both you, President Bush, and Vice President Cheney, to resign from your respective offices of President and Vice President of the United States by the end of October 2007..

Your conduct and policies in office have hurt the United States immensely on many levels, both with respect to our national political and social life and internationally. You have squandered the great name and reputation of the United States throughout most of the world and severely damaged damaged our strategic position militarily and politically around the world. Where we were once revered, we are now dismissed; where we where once regarded well for our global leadership, you have cost us our respect; where we were once both feared and respected by our enemies, now we are neither.

We believe firmly that the time has come for you to accept the political and moral reality that you have lost the trust and confidence of the vast majority of the adult citizens of the United States. The most patriotic thing you can now do for the nation is to accept the reality of the failure of your administration and resign.

We believe strongly that it would be far better for the nation for you to leave office now by voluntary resignation, rather than force the nation to (a) wait until the national presidential election in November 2008 or (b) for the Congress to struggle through with not one but two lengthy impeachment processes. We see nothing in this coming last years agenda that warrants your staying in office.

The nation needs to start the process of recovering from your administration this year, not in eighteen months. We need a new team in the White House to do this work, now.

Your tragically misbegotten war venture in Iraq is surely alone enough for you to see that it is time for you to leave office. Just as Donald Rumsfeld, having run out of ideas to repair his excrutiatingly bad judgments about how best to wage second phase of the war, the aftermath of the toppling Saddam, eventually recognized that was time for him to go. So too, you both have run out of ideas for doing anything helpful concerning the mess you have made. It is time to step out of the way and let others try to make some progress.

You grossly mislead Americans about the situation in Iraq with respect to Weapons of Mass Destruction. You chose to start a war of choice that held very dubious strategic value for our just, national interests. You have made our position vis a vis international terrorism worse, not better.

As bad as your misrepresentations were leading us into war, your prosecution of the war has proven to be a worse experience than even your supporters thought it could be when the decision to wage it was taken. You have made a horrible mess of the occupation phase of the war. You failed abjectly to plan well and provide needed resources for that phase of the war, including adequate troop levels. You dismissed grave concerns about how to handle the liklihood of severe difficulties after toppling Saddam Hussein's government. You stood by while looting and violence spread in the days and weeks after the military toppling. You were indifferent to this development at first, then paralyzed by your misjudgments. As everyone watched the insurgency grew in strength, you denied it and dismisssed it. You allowed militants such as Muqtada al-Sadr free reign to subvert our pale efforts at providing security until it was too late. For the last four years you have refused to admit major mistakes or to call upon bipartisan cooperation in changing course. For nearly four years you clung stubbornly to a militarily defeatist strategy that has played out horribly for everyone involved. Many lives had been squandered. The small, much too late, moderate success of "the surge" on a limited military/security front merely testifies to the wretched planning and decision making that took place starting before the invasion and in the critical months following the toppling of Saddam. It is now too late to salvage much of anything good from this monstrous folly.

Most greviously, you have never found any means of owning up to the non-military dimension of the situation, though that is in part because any real attention and wisdom in that direction would have augered against going to war with Saddams Iraq in the first place.

The Iraqi people are suffering horribly now, as are others in the region who must now attempt to deal with the displacements of millions of people.

Our international political and military interests have been damaged like never before in our nation's history. Millions of Americans, and thousands of our dead and wounded service men and women's families and friends, have had to endure this needless sacrifice to your folly. Our troops performed splendidly on the first mission to topple Saddam a capability that was never in doubt but which had nothing to do with the opposition to your strategy in this war. They did accomplish that mission. But, tragically, they have since then been stranded in a situation for which military action is only a secondary element. You have abandoned them to operate under-resourced and in a political context with no reason or winnable military objective.

The monetary price tag of your failed war policy and prosecution of it is the least important of the failures: for our nation's reputation and honor, the lives of our servicemen and women, as well as our good military and political strategic positioning are priceless. Still the monetary cost has been astronomical: the funds beyond the huge amounts required to support our troops, have been shamelessly squandered on cronyism in sham Iraqi reconstruction, and indeed, even on our enemies in Iraq and on outright idiotic projects such as our gargantuan new embassy in Baghdad. The funds used to support our forces have gone up in smoke for negative returns in our military and political strategic positioning in Iraq and the world. The money spent has been more than enough to have solved any of several of our nations largest budgetary challenges, including the so-called social security crisis.

Perhaps worst of all, you have besmirched the great name and reputation of the United States generally and of its military and intelligence forces in particular by sanctioning the use of torture as a legitimate tool in waging war. It was General George Washington who established our moral high ground in this regard in the first place, refusing to allow torture against the British. You have despoiled this pround, hope-filled heritage. This transgression of your administration is historic, reprehensible and unforgivable. It may be the hardest of your errors to repair. We, as a nation in the world's eyes, are suffering and will suffer from this moral folly for decades to come.

You have also scuttled key provisions of our nations great experiment in limited governmental authority over citizens by such acts as gutting the venerable legal principle of habeas corpus. You have attempted and partially succeeded in grabbing dictatorial powers under the propaganda of fear and and endless war on terror.

Domestically, you have worked to turn back decades of progress on so many fronts of good and just government and on the protection of our environment that it is difficult to list the pernicious actions you have taken. Mostly, you have replaced good citizens working in government positions, professionals who knew what they were doing on behalf of the American people, with special interest reactionaries, partisan hacks, incompetents, and ideologues.

You have lost completely the confidence and trust of the vast majority of Americans. We believe firmly that your resigning your offices now is the right thing for you to do. It is the moral, just and patriotic thing to do. We call on you to put the welfare of the nation above your personal interests and ambitions.

Do the right thing, by America: resign now. You will be surprised at how appreciative of this move most Americans will be. Resigning is the greatest single thing you can do now to retrieve a modicum of good regard from the American people.

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