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This petition is to ask 20th Century Fox to put a halt to the current production of X3, or X-Men 3. With this type of movie the serious fans are the ones who will take it from having an okay box office turn out to having a really great box office turn out. Fox and Tom Rothman Im asking you to please not make the mistake Warner Brothers made almost a decade ago. Their Batman franchise was damaged with the third installment and then totally ruined with the fourth. They took as many shortcuts as possible and began producing conveyer belt movies, rather than hand crafted finely tuned cinematic works and putting them out as fast as they could. The Batman franchise died and it took eight years for it to be resurrected, and it is a stunning success because they didnt focus on a watered down product in an attempt to satisfy as many as possible. When they tried that with Batman Forever and Batman and Robin, they were disasters and hopefully Batman Begins is proof that the studio has learned its lesson. So far the fan reaction to the direction that the third installment of the X-Men series appears to be going in has been completely negative. Honestly, some of the most die-hard fans will still see the movie even if it turns out horrible. But at the same time part of what made X-Men and X2 successful at the box office was the repeated viewings that these die-hard fans paid for. If this movie is horrible, watered down, and made as nothing more than franchise cash in, these repeated viewings will not take place, some people who liked X-Men and X2 will not even bother watching this movie. Here is a list of things that the undersigned do not agree with and would like to see changed in order for this movie to be a success:
- With filming to begin in August, a May 2006 opening is quite simply impossible. Filming, Editing, Scoring, CG, and a laundry list of other things will not be able to be completed successfully in this time frame. It just hasnt been done.
- Since the entire movie process, writing, filming, and all need to be pushed back, we want a more capable director. We DO NOT want Brett Ratner to direct X3!
- We dont want copied scenes from the previous movies. In other words, please no Beast running around in the White House!
- We do not want another, lets change mutants into humans or humans into mutants story line!
- Angels father should not be the main villain.
- Juggernaut should not be a brainless soldier.
- Mystique should not loose her powers, thus destroying her character permanently.
- We want to see Jean Grey return as The Phoenix but not to destroy Cyclops!
- We do not want to find out the Professor X blocked Jean Greys mind. Do not make Professor X a bad guy!
- Please not Wolverine/Storm love story!
- The death of Professor X and another main character are strong rumors. This is defiantly not what we want to see.
- Bring back Alan Cumming as Nightcrawler. Many fans felt Nightcrawlers inclusion in X2 was one of the best things about the movie, why have him suddenly disappear after a great introduction in the second film?

Please take these things into consideration and remember that the fans are the ones who willing give you our hard earned money and make you wealthy.

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