Nature Warming

Today in the world we see different kinds of warming, Global Warming, Temperature warning, Water Warming, Ice warming, consolidatingly, nature warming. The nature warming mainly consists of many factors, which we are going to discuss over here. First of all Nature Warming consists of the basic human temperament warming too which is occurring today all over the world

This happens by the impulging of Anger Greed etc. into the human behavior and life therefore resulting in the outcome of the overall natural warming with the human playing a really important warm role in it. Nature Warming is quite dangerous and can therefore also lead this whole world to the apocalypse one or the other time, this is one of the few things that people dont want to even think about in world. But actually this is the only solid truth, that yes, the apocalypse is going to happen and that too because of the nature Warming. If the question is why the next paragraph will explain

Actually taking part in the apocalypse the future can be predicted while the human himself becoming the cause of the slaughter of everyone in and under his area of coverage. The more the person is angrier the more his surroundings will be affected, looking this through the glass of knowledge, one can also say that such behavior of human being will result therefore in total chaos of the world which of course wont be digestible to everyone and instead it would be a painful experience for everyone around the world

This will happen because of the anger temperament of the person which is called human being and this is happening because of the increasing mental tensions of the world as well as selfishness and anger, greed and jealousy and other things of the kind found in the basic human nature, because of the existence of the fact that the human being must also control over himself, such control is only possible if the human being follow the basic principles of the human life which he has currently forgotten over the past years, therefore he needs to get that thing back in his mind.

Some people have already fallen prey to such a thing; some of these people are like George bush etc. Such of the people have already lost the control over their own mind and therefore are considered in the world as mentally improper therefore the human must take some educations from examples like these and therefore do apply the Gandharv Therapies for cure of such. But that is another topic; here we are discussing why this is happening

Because of the increasing Burdens, Self Pressure, Lack of Motivation, Lack of Idol, Lie, Lack of Truth etc. Such things are happening in the current human scenario, which need to not happen therefore to avoid any misconception of any sort in such things

This also ads to the warming factor of the nature because a person sees that the world is not progressing as per his requirement and therefore he tries his level best to persuade the problems but fails, but instead he pollutes the environment surrounding him, which therefore results in him not being an ideal to the therefore society, rather a spoiler, and the people who are spoiled also go on to spoil the others in the same way therefore such no happiness of the mind starts to prevail over the whole world

The other causes of the nature warming are also associated with the same human being who has been giving reality to global warming through other methods specified above. The other things more that are thereby associated with this are - also, the global warming of the world, the melting of the ice caps of the world and the over pollution factor associated with the world, such thing is also happening today just because of the dreaded human being existing in the world. He is the cause of the actual generation of the pollution of all over the world, and therefore the people in the world are responsible for it. The pollution is associated also with the technological development of the world, not saying that people should not develop technologically, but the way the human has being doing it lately is a very stupid way of technologically advancing for the sake of his own life he is promoting in the field of technology

Nature also punishes the human being, in very different kinds of situations too, and it depends on; the amount of the evil the man does, like the US attacked Iraq and then the whole Hurricanes came to the western giant and spoiled everything for them just because of the existence of the fact that they had ruined the Iraq and its whole assets as well as the peacefulness of the country. The Nature did not kept quite on it and therefore punished George Bush and his country with this Hurricane of a Tragedy. This just goes on to show that nature does react, and there really is someone who exists for a reason, to comment the world, to look over such things, the Nature Spirit.

Therefore we can also see that the world will go towards a big problem sponsored by the nature if the people continue to commend on the other people through the inhumane methods. Therefore such is the cause why the nature will punish the human being. Because nature is always towards the right section of life and supports the good. In Case one does not do nature warming but instead goes on to do whatever he wants, this is the result.

The human being of this era of the world has been becoming very puzzled within his life as well as nature, he must therefore decide that in which way should he progress in the world, in the way of the nature, or in the way of the technology, although nature is more important than anything because of the fact that the nature is the base of the existence of the human or any of his works and if the nature becomes angry then there is n way the man can ever escape

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