Beware When Bishops Do Science: An Appeal for Scientific Literacy on the RH Bill sign now

As academics, we have been repeatedly called upon to present the science of the RH Bill. Again and again we have presented information on matters as diverse as: the method of action of contraceptives; the public health effects of the RH Bill; the use of survey and other research methods; the sentiments of women and their families on contraception and their overall well-being. Yet the CBCP and its mandated organizations have refused to listen to the expert opinion of the mainstream scientific community.

As academics we are appalled that the CBCP would contribute to the scientific ignorance of our people in order to push a political agenda that has no scientific basis. In addition it is acting in a morally questionable way when it ignores the overwhelming desire of Filipinos for the passage of this bill. It also shows an appalling insensitivity to the suffering and death of Filipino women.

Today we make yet another appeal to our people to be critical of what they read in the newspapers. The figures presented by the CBCP to the media have been generated through questionable methods of research. Their numbers are based on hearsay reports of what are likely to be biased interviews. A more reliable count based on actual interviews with the legislators themselves or their office staff reveals that we have 143 members of the House of Representatives voting in our favor while 33 remain neutral. When numbers don't match, please choose the numbers generated by reliable research methods.

We also appeal to our legislators to be statesmen and stateswomen at this time. This is not the time for the politics of convenience or self interest. Base your decision on the mainstream expert opinion of the academic community which reflects scientifically the lived experiences of our people. Vote, not based on political expediency but for the enlightened social legislation that your constituents want.

Today, August1, 2012 in UP Diliman, we begin our 7 days of lighting candles to counteract the deplorable campaign of misinformation around the RH Bill. We enjoin all other schools and universities to light their own candles or to join their candles to ours.


1. Prof. Zelda Zablan
2. Prof. Mary Racelis. Ateneo de Manila
3. Virginia Dandan, Former Dean, College of Fine Arts, UP Diliman
4. Dean Rosalinda Ofreneo , UP College of Social Work and Community Development
5. Dean Carolyn Sobritchea, UP Asian Center
6. Dean Dina Ocampo, UP College of Education
7. Associate Dean Fidel Nemenzo, UP College of Sciences
8. Former Chair Peachy Mendoza of UP Department of Psychology
9. Professor Emeritus Thelma Kintanar, UP College of Arts and Letters
10. Prof. Elizabeth Pangalangan, UP College of Law Institute of Human Rights
11. Prof. Florin Hilbay, UP College of Law Institute of Governance and Law Reform
12. Prof. Marvic Raquiza, National College of Public Administration and Governance
13. Prof. Natsy Verceles, UP CSWCD
14. Dr. Sylvia Estrada Claudio, Director of the UP Center for Women's Studies
15. Dr. Theresa Ujano Batangan, Deputy Director of the UP Center for Women’s Studies and Associate Dean of UP College of Social Sciences and Philosophy
16. Prof. Eric Manalastas, Deputy Director of the UP CWS and Faculty, UP Department of Psychology
17. Lorina Y. Calingasan, UP College of Education
18. Greg T. Dawilem, UP College of Education
19. Amelia Fajardo, UP College of Education
20. Lourdes R. Baetiong, UP College of Education
21. Maria Hazelle P. Ongtengco, UP College of Education
22. Ana Maria Margarita S. Salvador, UP College of Education
23. Leonor Diaz, UP College of Education
24. Therese Bustos, UP College of Education
25. Myra Tuntonan-Tantengco, UP College of Education
26. Rosanelia T. Yangco, UP College of Education
27. Virgilio U. Manzano, UP College of Education
28. Reynaldo J. Icabon, UP College of Education
29. Romylyn A. Metila, UP College of Education
30. Vanessa L. Oyzon, UP College of Education
31. Jaclyn Marie L. Cauyan, UP College of Education
32. Wympha Joaquin, UP College of Education
33. Marie Grace A. Gomez, UP College of Education
34. Marie Mercedes Arzadon, UP College of Education
35. Felicitas E. Pado, UP College of Education

Please sign with your full name and school/university/college. Thank you.

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