Respected Sir/Madam
I am an Ex Indian Air force person. I have devoted my life to my country as served in air force for 21 years and secondly devoting my service to my handicapped daughter ’ARTI’ who is suffering from ”CEREBRAL PALSY WITH QUADRIPARESIS WITH ATHETSES” Whole body with degree of disability 65%. With all mighty blessing and my daughter hard work and our support paid us and You may be glad to know that now she is Post Graduate (MCA) from I. P. University as a regular student throughout.
I have a AIM in my life to see my daughter as self dependent but now I am feeling that if any obstrucle is present there to achieve my aim ,that is only my GOVERNMENT’s rules and laws. Our constitution gives equal right to every person. To bring up the handicaps in main stream government provide some preference and reservation to them through P W D Act.
My honorable authorities are not in the mood to study /observe the problems of Disability which is the result of mental illness. Otherwise they would have not thought of comparing and clubbing them in a group of orthopedic disability. Now practically they are clubbed as on today and I am trying to bring to their notice, since 2002 on wards that clubbing is unjustified and discriminatory in nature. Instead of giving them opportunity with the help of P W D Act they have opened the way for others to discriminate them under the shadow of P W D Act. To write this I have proof which I am going to present here.
Authorities should realize that a case of CEREBRAL PALSY is a case of multi natured disability, therefore these cases have orthopedic disability also, where as Orthopedic disability cannot be the case of cerebral palsy, so the disability due to CEREBRAL PALSY or brain related are of multi natured and rest all disabilities are of single natured. They have not considered this point while framing the rules, and even not considered while amending twice the same act. Moreover authorities did not make any attempt to know the difficulties of individual from individual and from their family. I insist that difficulties and pain can only be explained by the person who bears the pain of being disabled.
Here are few of our suffering in PAST and PRESENT year wise :-
1986 In air force stn I was not spared from morning duty when I was suppose to go for my daughter treatment/Physiotherapy to Pune M H which was 18 Km one way. I was allowed when I compensated by doing 18 hour’s duty at the one go and agreed on all holidays I will be performing morning duty. My duty hours use to :-
1300 hrs to Next day 0700 hrs (In evening other stn activity)
Next day 1300 hrs to 1900 hrs
Same cycle was carried out till I was posted out in 1987 on the recommendation of Air Force Golden jubilee school, Suberato park & spastic society of Northern India. I was posted to Delhi for her treatment and education in 1987.
1990 With the advice of Spastic society went to central School for her admission and was refused as Principal of School denied admission and told she is mentally retarded.
1991 She was screened in a documentary “NEEL GULAB” produced by Komal G B Singh.
1991 Again tried to get admission in central school again she was denied by the same Principle on the same ground that she is mentally retarded.
(a) Komal G B Singh approached to higher authorities and then she was given admission.
( Was this not a case of injustice & discrimination.)
(b) School Principle made it issue and imposed condition on us duly signed by me on court stamp paper :-
(1) One family member has to be on the school gate during school timing.
(2) No transport facility will be given to her.
(3) If she injured by any mean school will not be responsible.
( Was this act not to harsh us, demoralized us and discrimination to ward s me and my family. I was in charge of my section , and school authorities made me to ask for taking a cup of tea . A soldier who was ever ready to sacrifice his life, was mentally torched)
(4) After One year when there was no complain from any teacher or other children this condition was temporarily stopped.
1992 Once again I was posted to BARMER on request this posting was cancelled as such there was no treatment facility available.
1993 I was again posted to Air Force Stn Banglore. The hospital was 35 Km away one way, again I requested for cancellation of posting and urged to keep me at one place so that I can look after my daughter too, But due to rules and regulation Air force could not find the other way and solution was that I have to take discharge after completing 21 years of service.
Since then I am in Delhi leaving my native place DehraDun. Central School authority did help in school but they never made any effort to provide her proper sitting arrangement and she always stood and wrote whenever she has to write in class or while appearing in exams till class XII.
2000 She was to appear in class X CBSE Board exams, I wrote to C B S E Board that she writes using both the hand and due to disability her speech is faint therefore writer help is not worth for her and she is to be given minimum one hour extra to complete her paper but The Chairmen did not agree and stick to his book rule (NOTE: Where as he has given one hour extra to a student in 1999 who produce the evidence in High court of Delhi at the time of hearing.
Is this not a evidence of discrimination by a top authority of organization towards Disables?) And I was forced to approach to Delhi High Court and Thanks Madam REKH who filed the case without charging a single paisa for the case. The court gave the verdict on 01st march and her first paper was on 03rd march. Sir you can imagine the mental stress on us.
2002 She appeared in class XII examination and cleared it with 55.4% marks over all and in P C M 52.4%. She also passed the entrance exam of engineering college of Delhi and G G S I P University of Delhi, But both the university did not give her admission because
(1) I P university needs fitness certificate from vocational rehabilitation centre which they did not give stating that she cannot complete the computer course and one seat will be wasted , when this matter was brought to the notice of chief commissioner disability the authorities were called to the office partially they agree but added still she has to obtain fitness certificate from V R C and now this is October all admission processes is over therefore in next session she has to appear in competition again and then we will look into the matter.( I am being victim of order could not say because of their rules and ONE YEAR OF my daughter ruined.)
(2) Delhi engineering college did not give her admission as she has 52.4% marks in PCM.
Criteria for admission was 60% to general candidate,
50% to SC/ST candidate &
55% to Physically Challenge
(Sir, both categories are 100% fit and my daughter is 65% disabled whole body. Is this not discrimination with her.)
I wrote to all concerned ministries and Prime Minister and to Honorable President also but no one took any interest not even replied.
2003 Filed a writ petition in Delhi High court with the help of Delhi Legal Aid Service there were hearing.
2004 I personally met to Prime minister (Dr. Manmohan singh) along with my daughter on 17th Aug, but he too, has taken no interest in my daughter appeal.
Case was put into regular list and there was no hearing till feb 2009. This is best example from Judiciary Department that they to also did not think of a life of Handicapped Girl.
2006 She passed BSc Gen with computer science from Delhi University.
2009 In Feb there was hearing my advocate neither attended nor informed me because he was now not in the panel of Legal aid Service and the case was dismissed as no one was present in the court and more over the purpose of petition was defeated as “Delayed Justice is Denial of Justice”.
All the companies who came to college for placement ignored her due to her disability and in final semester when she has get practical training all other student were getting training and stiffen and my daughter paid Rs38,000/ to a private company to get training. She passed M C A (Master Of Computer applications) in first division scoring 70% marks.
My Government is claiming that lot is done for handicaps. My all suffering indicates what is done towards “CEREBRAL PALSY” cases may be on paper. I can prove that they are not offered job opportunities if at all they are offered job opportunities that are negligible in number.
(a) 2010 The information received through R T I is self explanatory about government actions. It very clearly shows that cases of Cerebral palsy are neglected /discriminated.
(I) R T I placed on 29th Aug 2010 still not replied by H R D ministry till today.
(II) Banks states that they do not have separate records for cerebral palsy as they are clubbed in Orthopedic group for the purpose of reservation, out of 22 banks replies only three bank admits that 9 case of cerebral palsy 3 in each bank are working in their banks which is in last fifteen years.
In banks competitions those who uses writer is offered 20 minute extra per hour for slow writing where as my daughter disable among disables writes using two hand i.e Holding pen/pencil in right hand supporting with left hand which results slow hand writing is not privileged extra time because authorities do not understand practically about cerebral palsy they simply copy the line from the act they have no concern about the welfare of these cases.
My daughter made appeal/ request to few of the bank that this data is essential for the purpose to bring to the notice of authorities that Cerebral Palsy cases are discriminated in their group itself and suggested that please circulate a circular in your bank branches to collect information that how many cases of cerebral palsy are working there. I am very sorry to say, all CPIO wrote back that as per law PIO has given the information therefore my appeal is dismissed because they follow the rules only when it applies to others with punctuality. ( A Chart of their reply in short is prepared by me can be produced if needed.)
(III) Ministry of information and technology states that there is no case of Cerebral Palsy case is serving in ministry.
(IV) Delhi government special employment exchange replies 83 candidates were offered job in last ten years but how many are of the cerebral palsy case that record they do not maintain as they are in the same group of orthopedic group but appointment number suggest there number in negligible. Delhi university gives the figure of four years for all group i.e. 2007-2008(177), 2008-2009(187), 2009-2010(185),2010-2011(262) they too also don’t have separate records ( But my daughter studied in Rajdhani college of Delhi university ) All others colleges of Delhi says no appointment or no admission in their institutes. All other offices also says there is no case of cerebral palsy working in their offices. I P University states they don’t hold records as handicapped candidates are forwarded by Vocational Rehabilitation centre. ( A Chart of their reply in short is prepared by me can be produced if needed .)
(V) Railway board has not given reply and reminder is sent to board by speed post.
(VI) U P S C
I hope From the above you can judge whether she/they are discriminated or not.
Authorities should also realizes that the cases of CEREBRAL PALSY are very less in number who becomes capable of doing something in their life span and they have very less number of field and limited to few profession to work while comparing to others.
My Government is offering them pension, unemployed allowances, free bus & rail passes etc and wanted that they should always be dependent on others and keep on begging from government and society. All organizations are hesitate to give them opportunity at this point they start comparing them with others and ask them to compete with others.
I have worked very hard with my daughter to see her on this position, I had sacrificed my job, my life charm keeping one thing in mind if she become professionally qualified then she will be treated by government and society in a respected manner and government and society will come forward to boost her/his hard work ,will be my reward but now for me every day has become a drop of poison when I see the discriminatory attitude of government and society towards them.
I would like to mention two incidents which have occurred within last three month.
My daughter applied in few private companies for job for the post of WEB DEVELOPER ,on calls when I explained them about her disability 50% told I will let you know and they did not call her for interview, rest I hope they called to see her and to make her to feel that she is inferior to us so what she did in interview was a fun for them and two company I have the name with proof but not mentioning their name the first company M D called me in his cabin and told that she is doing well and she should be encouraged therefore she is in, in my company but we are shifting to Noida and we don’t have transport facility can you arrange transport for her I replied give me few days to check the transport facility by private cabs, when I arranged and informed him about my arrangement he said O K this is fine we will let you know and there after he never spoke to me directly even I called him many times. You can imagin the feeling of my daughter after confirming the job she was neglected/rejected/ discriminated.
Second one is recently few days back Director of company told she did very good job and we should encourage her doing better but as her speed is slow I will give her long project where she does not have urgency of time, let me check up on which project she will work and confirmed from me when onward she can join. He did not call and when I spoke to him he told he is calling today but next day on ward her PA says that he is not in office.
You can judge or feel the mental state of my daughter.
Therefore my concerned points are
(1) They should not be clubbed with any other group because
(a) How can we keep multi natured disability along with the single nature disability?
(b) How can we compare 40% single nature disability to 65% multi nature disability.
(c) On the name of exams/competitions why they should be compared with others?
(d) Why Private sector is not bonded with government policies. Are they not the domains of our country?


(1) Who ever can perform must be given opportunity by any means because Cerebral Palsy cases may be more but there number who reaches up to this stage/or demands privileges are very less and they have very small area to work and limited to few profession, Which will inspires to other candidate and their family to work hard, because they will find good future ahead, indirectly it will reduce the burden of society and Government. ( I hope this option can be better rather than leaving them for begging)
(2) They should not be clubbed with any group because
(I) They are having multi natured disability which relates to brain no other disability relates to brain
(II) Cerabral Palsy case can be/are the case of Orthopedic case where as Orthopedic case can not be the case of Cerebral Palsy.
(III) If kept along with other group, will never get privilege to come up on behalf of them other will keep on enjoying.
Referring para (VI) Reservation in Government Employment section (b) of proposed amendments in the same manner 0.5 % should go to orthopedic and 0.5% to Cerebral Palsy and if case of cerebral palsy is not there, then it should go to O H.
(3) Percentage of disability must be kept in mind higher the percentage should be preferred first.
(4) In the era of computer data of all categories must be on one click. A website should be prepared where individual suffering from disability can register with government of India and those who are not able to use the technology can submit application in any office who can send by post to data centre in this regard state government can also work. (My daughter can prepare web site for this purpose if you wish and can show you her ability.)
(5) On large scale awareness program should be conducted so that they are not discriminated in anywhere.

(6) I am struggling and working very hard for my daughter to get her respectable and charming life in which she forgets her disability. I just succeeded partially in my aim but not able to convinced authorities that their thought are practically not helpful to the cases of cerebral palsy.
(7) I don’t feel shy to state that now I am mentally tired and depressed with the functioning of our government attitude, every day has become a drop of poison for me, and I cannot see my daughter with this qualification which she gained with lot of suffering and hard work begging to others for livelihood, therefore there should be justified solution for the cases of CEREBRAL PALSY.
(8) They have God gifted disability and we the person making their life many more times difficult with our laws and policies ,without giving them opportunities.
(9) If they have to be self dependent we have to provide them all opportunities for that we should take all measures with rules or without rules. (If rules are broken with a noble purpose then definitely should be broken.)We should be more emotional & sympathetic as they are our love ones by doing so we will help our self because then they will be self dependent and we ne not to distribute free railways passes, pension and many more gift to them.

Thanking you for your kind consideration and sympathetic action.

Yours faithfully,
(R K Sharma)
Ex J W O
R K Sharma
G-5/29, Sector- 15, Rohini New Delhi, 110089

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