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Scared of Police and Underworld – Chennai

We have a very good chief minister and I consider her as my mother but still she is under pressure from frustrated police. I am writing this in a final desperate attempt to save myself because I have been receiving a complete social injustice in spite of my several petitions people around me are treating me like a insane or mentally affected individual as a matter of fact they are even considering me as a law breaker a criminal. I have not done anything to deserve this because I have always been a law abiding citizen respecting elderly and other members of our society. I have been noticing several comments against me on the road even though I kept quiet no one is treating me well. When I wanted to travel across to Mumbai everyone in airport were acting weird and when I went to my sister’s house they treated me worst than a street dog trying to enter their residence. I always loved my family and society and always wanted to do good for people living around and everyone took my soft nature as an advantage and started playing games like hacking into my account and broadcasting it across the country making me look like a joker I accepted it because I like to see people laugh and I understand that everyone has stress and need relief but this went a little more than my expectations because people now started passing on comments like psychopath,terrorist,drug dealer and so on which destroyed my image and respect. In my office I was asked to leave in spite of performing upto standard I had to forcefully resign since my manger could not stand as he was under pressure from above and was asked to make me forcefully resign or else I will face termination and other consequences. I gave my up all my habits and I took things very casually because I believed it was police who was hacking my laptop and I did not see a reason for them to do anything wrong against me but I was wrong these evil men in khakis wanted to frame a case against me and finish me off with their fake encounters and whenever I filed a case they would ignore me to a great extent. There is no one to support me which put my career and social status at stake. I gave all my salary to my parents yet they did not give me a penny in return which really disappointed me. I am feeling so insecure because as you all know that police is linked in a way to underworld. I started using fake underworld language to gain some respect from police but still they made me even more fun of me and spread rumors that I was mad. I still took hold my ground and kept my patience and was trying to socialize now when I tried doing it they hacked my face book account and I am not sure what they would frame me for. I am really scared to live in Chennai because I not only lost my career but also my job my money and even my own blood relations wanted to get rid of me for their own selfish needs. I have nowhere to run or hide because by now I am sure they would have given Information across India and labeled me as something which I am not. I have attached herewith Petitions filed. Is there anyone out there who can help me get a decent job and earn my living my dream was such that I wanted to earn 1 lakhs a month and marry now it seems I can’t even earn a rupee at present condition. I wanted to write this letter as my final attempt to seek help because I am surrounded by my enemies and I have nowhere to run or hide because I am sure these mean thugs would search for me and destroy me and they will not rest till they finish me off. I have enormous faith in our religion Hinduism and I believe in Lord Shiva who looks after me like his son. I have powerful intuition which guided me in dark hours like these to sort out everything. But I am literally scared because everyone out there are talking to me in sweet language yet they want frame something on me and want to get rid of me. I hope you understood my trouble and I hope someone out there will help me to achieve my dream and settle down before it’s too late.

I look forward for your help

Best Regards,

My emails and face book accounts list which were hacked:                                                                                                                                      ,,,




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